Mark your calendars because the days of Teflon Don are numbered, 18 days to be precise. Thursday a judge ruled that Donald Trump, and his eldest son and daughter have 21 days to sit for a deposition with respect to the New York attorney general’s investigation. Tomorrow is Monday and that will be day 17 and things are going to start to move fast now.

This was no ordinary day in court. George Conway writes, ‘”The judge’s opinion brutally rejected Trump’s arguments for blocking the depositions: It would have been ‘blatant dereliction of duty’ for the attorney general not to take the testimony, the judge explained, because prosecutors have unearthed ‘copious evidence of possible financial fraud’ in Trump’s business.'”

Indeed they have. And by walking out the door when they did, Trump’s very own accountants made it plain that they had no intention of running afoul of the attorney general’s office themselves.

Make no mistake, the Mazars letter was a major blow and it may be remembered in history as the coup de grace that brought down the previously indestructable Donald Trump. Washington Post:

Translated from legal-accountingese, the letter was an unmitigated disaster for Trump, far beyond his possibly having to file late returns. By saying the statements “should no longer be relied upon,” the accountants effectively announcedYou misled us. By “totality of the circumstances,” they likely meant, The prosecutors investigating you, and the case they’re making, are serious.

By pronouncing “a non-waivable conflict of interest,” they were all but saying, We’re on team A.G. — or we might have to join someday soon. And by saying no “new work product” and quitting, they essentially declared, We don’t trust you — and we’re certainly not going to jail for you.

All this could threaten Trump’s livelihood — his all-important mogulhood — in a way no setback ever has before. Even a guilty verdict in a Senate impeachment trial would have affected only his entitlement to temporary government housing. And when he ran into financial trouble in the 1980s and ’90s, he had legions of lawyers and accountants to help him work things out with the banks and the courts.

Now the man who long has had trouble finding decent legal representation might find it all but impossible to find new auditors and tax preparers. It’s hard to imagine that any reputable accounting firm will touch his tax returns, let alone fix and bless his financials for a decade or more.

Even if lenders don’t exercise any rights they might have to call in their loans, Trump apparently still needs to refinance hundreds of millions’ worth of them soon. As Trump biographer Timothy L. O’Brien of Bloomberg Opinion puts it, “Good luck refinancing your debt when the accountants” — who have just declared a decade of your financials utterly worthless — have “just walked out the door.”

So Trump would face a heap of problems even if the New York attorney general (and the Manhattan district attorney she’s working with) closed up shop tomorrow. No wonder Trump’s son Eric was all but crying when he mentioned the prosecutors this week on Fox News.

And of course they’re not closing up shop tomorrow. Their work is grinding right along. And Trump is desperate for cash. You’ve read the latest on how he’s getting back in bed with the Saudis so they can pump money his way by using his golf courses for their tournaments, and that’s assuming that club members don’t leave in droves. That is yet to be seen.

The saga of Donald Trump has always been straight out of Greek tragedy, where the fate of the main character is determined by his own shortcomings as a person. I don’t expect Trump to tear his eyes out of his head, or even the last shreds of his bizarro hair, he’s too vain for that, but it’s guaranteed that when he shows up to testify before the attorney general that he’s going to be a complete wreck.

Maybe he’ll take the 5th Amendment copiously, or maybe he’ll slip up and lie and perjure himself. That’s something we’ll find out when we watch the next act — or episode, since this is Mr. TV that we’re talking about. Stay tuned.

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  1. I honestly don’t see his uber wealthy golf club members ending their relationship because of the Saudis. They’ve stuck with him through 5 years of lies, crimes and treason so why would they care if Saudis are sponsoring a tournament? Rubbing shoulders with other uber wealthy folks is part of the allure and Saudis are UBER wealthy.

    • BUT…if the Saudis leave (which they will if they have no further use for him), then he’s screwed anyway. And those rich folks ALWAYS care about image. One of the unforgivable sins of that crowd is to be broke. So when–not if–he loses it all, he’s out of the club.

      • If the Saudis leave he defaults on Trump International Hotel &.l Whatever on Columbus Circle as its most owned by the Saudis.

        His time is up and I am not sorry, this man has brought all this on himself.

        • He has weaseled himself into one hell of a cage that he cannot escape from. No one is lending him nor any of his children a bone. All of their schemes of fraud and bullshit is finally coming to ahead. None of his name calling and publicity is gonna help him get out of this one. They could actually face real jail time like any other American that would try and get over on Uncle Sam. This will be so grand to see this on national television. With all of them actually being honest for once in their life. Cuz unlike any other lawsuits he has been in, both of these suit cases the criminal and financial one ties in together. They may actually be wearing that orange color jumpsuit that many in our country has been waiting to see. A must see tv indeed

        • Maybe the Saudis will do to Trump what he allowed them to do the newspaper reporter none of them liked. I was just hoping someone would feed him to the hogs and auction the pig off to the highest bidder. Now that would be justice for Trump.

      • With Saudi’s no longer renting whole floors of DC hotel, he needs to sell it but. Congress looking to cancel his lease. The grifter in chief will soon face the music

    • You could be right. On the other hand, it is always a goal of high society to appear to be taking the moral high road and if anybody did quit, it would very likely be because they wanted to make the right appearance.

    • Trump’s name is going to be dirt. His connection with the Saudi’s will hurt recruitment, not help it. Doing business with Trump, is a sure way to disaster, now

      • I used to love golf. I became enchanted by the game when very young (long story) even though it shat on me over and over again. I lost that love for the game in recent years. Yes, Trump and so many people I once thought well of speaking up on his behalf did the real damage but the game took hits in my eyes starting decades ago as most top pros bitched about their taxes and were openly supportive of the GOP because of the issue.

        The proposed Saudi venture was it seems predicated on getting numerous top players, in fact many of the top stars (and draws) of the PGA Tour signed up. A lot of them looked at the money being guaranteed and were tempted as hell. Fewer events, fewer (PGA Tour) rules and luxury treatment on a scale people, even most rich people only dream of. I have a feeling taxes for many (not just Americans) was one thing the Saudi’s couldn’t protect them from but there’s a larger point. Even with insane amounts of money it’s tough to establish a new pro sports league and that’s even more the case when there is a long-term successful entity that fans have generational comfort with. It’s also worth bearing in mind that while some players would go over there for an event or two (for a lot of guaranteed money) they took some PR hits for doing so – the kind of thing their sponsors (which is where the biggest names make most of their money) paid attention to. Stick a pin in that.

        The Saudis assumed that by throwing millions upon millions in appearance fees they could build a tour of their own. However, for American players in particular SOME international appearances were ok but having their life here but playing most of the time in far flung places didn’t hold much appeal. Being away from the U.S. so much, and without a guaranteed long term TV deal to ensure visibility in American markets would make sponsors rework their deals and they even lose some of them. THAT, which I just mentioned made them worry and when you add in the tax thing and the difficulty of hiding income these days I always felt this was an iffy thing for a bona fide American or European star to sign a deal with if it meant losing a PGA or European tour card.

        This weekend we have had statements from TWO of the biggest names the Saudis were courting – Dustin Johnson and Byron DeChambeau who were widely assumed to be ready to jump ship from the PGA. Both made it clear they aren’t going anywhere, and if you don’t follow golf that’s a gut punch to the Saudi Tour. Other stars have expressed doubts as well, or flat-out said they were sticking with the PGA. Sadly, one of the formerly most well liked (by fans – not as much his fellow pros but not for reasons you might think) gave an interview last November where he got way the fuck out over the tips of his skis an that too hit the news in recent days. “Lefty” (Phil Mickelson) wasn’t Arnold Palmer popular but he was as close as there’s been since the days of “Arnie’s Army” all those decades ago and in addition to more success than most on the course he really cleaned up in endorsements. He visibly enjoyed interacting with fans both on the course and off, and one reason other players dislike him (aside from his trash talk during practice rounds which he usually backed up) was his spending an hour or sometimes two at almost every event signing autographs. Tour venues tend to be in nice places but getting there often involves going through regular people territory. Seeing kids running one of those makeshift lemonade stands he’d usually stop and grab a drink – and drop a hundred dollar bill on the table. Without introducing himself. So yeah, other players didn’t like him. They were also pretty hypocritical when after that disastrous Ryder Cup at Glenneagles he voiced what they all were thinking at that press conference. There was blowback and they were content to let him take it, and even though it produced needed change and gave them ALL a greater voice in the event most stood back (and still do) and let him take the heat.

        Last November, when the Saudi thing seemed to have enough juice to actually sign up a half dozen or more of the biggest names Phil misread the room. I think he also was probably truthful about being intrigued but, and this is a big but noting that despite the deplorable human rights record the possibility of losing big names including him might force the PGA to take various (some legitimate) complaints from players more seriously. That it was a bargaining chip. Of course it hasn’t played that way and it was precisely his (truthfully) pointing out that players really were considering setting aside the human rights abuses of the Saudis for what they were offering.

        He spent decades building up a reputation, and though he did a few things that cracked the armor of his image he remained popular with fans at least. However, as I said he misread the room. Both the locker room (as in how seriously some of his fellow stars were considering jumping ship), the board room (as in those who would deal with the logistics of setting up and running the new tour and their having enough events to make it viable AND pay out the kind of money they were promising) and most importantly the room(s) in which he and his agent negotiated sponsorship deals.

        He’s fucked himself and his legacy both at home and abroad. So the Saudis might not even want him anymore! But the main thing is that while it appeared for a time they were gathering momentum sort of behind the scenes to steal some of the PGA and European tours biggest stars their venture is starting to resemble one of Trump’s media ventures. A lot of hype for something that even if it starts up will crash and burn before people even realize it ever started.

        • I like your comment. I was tempted to argue that horseracing has been established there by just throwing a shit ton of cash at the horse owners to bring their best horses there as Dubai did but that is not a full season and most pro golfers are entitlled men who are terrified of losing standing and money by not being over here for the full season and unlike horses they wont play 365 .

  2. The Saudis and the Trump supporters in the Golf world will save Trump. They are just as greedy and entitled as the Orange One and, more importantly, they have lots of cash and few morals.

  3. I seriously doubt that anyone who belongs to a Trump club could reasonably be branded as “high society.” They’re the same kind of disreputable grifters as Trump, and would be scorned and spurned by anyone even lose to being upper class. The magnificent Groucho put it best: “I would not care to join any club that would have me as a member.”

    • Monied people do accept other monied people, even if they’re jerks. This I have seen. But you’re right about the real high society. The people who put on the Met Gala every year, those folks, are not going to welcome Trump back and they’re damn well not welcoming the Saudis.

      • I have to agree, even out here in the farm country of Iowa, a pure red, screwed up mess of Republicans, are heated up to mess up voting rights, cancel any good works for the people …

        The two biggest wastes of pure oxygen, Grassley and Ernst, are always doing the right things for Republicans and have supported Trump through many of his absurd, criminal and clueless statements that should have cancelled his ticket to stardom years ago …

        Above and beyond our normal reality in Iowa, the highest levels of wealth and self promotions, belong to the social elite … The same ones that provide funding occasionally for large $2000. per plate closed dinners for Tux and Gown people, drinking from delicate stemmed glasses, hobnobbing about the latest rise or fall in the stock market, being sure to write off the dinners for tax purposes … they don’t really have any use for Trump antics … his history, well documented, shows his huge failings at anything, but the grift and lies he continues to emote are a troublesome anchor tied to both Trump’s ankles …

        This class of people have CPA’s on their own personal accounts, actually DO provide funding to non-profits and educational promotions, NOT their own pockets … I’m going into my final radiation treatment tomorrow, in a building bearing the name of one of the biggest donors in Cedar Rapids, Iowa … The Hall family was always generous to a fault with their millions, building one of the finest cancer treatment centers in Iowa … to save on driving/time, I opted to get my treatment there, instead of driving down to Iowa city every day for 15 minute doses from the ray guns …

        The University of Iowa team was well aware of the capabilities of the Hall-Perrine center, the Hall’s legacy has been supporting that place for years and now, I’m wondering what wonderful system or place has actually been supported by Trump and his family … 🙂

        The world’s biggest losers will make a splashdown of considerable cavitation, I plan to celebrate my own way out here in the Republican wilderness, it might consist of several bowls of buttered popcorn, but my hoot-and-hollering, will for sure prevail as the main signs of my pleasure at the decent of everything Trump …

  4. I wish it would be only eighteen days until the clock strikes midnight on him but this is Trump an among his few skills is the ability to milk every second on the clock. In the last hour before the deadline his lawyer will file an appeal. It will be poorly written with bullshit legal reasoning but it will be enough to delay things. Judges CAN move with speed when they choose to but this kind thing, where they can posture for a while in the limelight and pretend that there might be legal merit to the appeal is something most of them live for. To them, hearing his appeal within a month will be claimed by legal analysts to be fast. I call bullshit.

    Yes, I know federal dockets are crowded but Trump has been playing and getting away with this shit for decades. The appellate courts (and he will appeal to the NCY Supreme Court and then file in federal court) CAN move this to the head of the line. But they won’t. They should, but only if we’re lucky will we see any of the Trumps sitting for depositions before summer at the earliest and perhaps even the fall. And if he can bulldoze his way into federal court (where he will take it all the way to SCOTUS) not until over a year from now.

    • These are “depositions” not Court Hearings, they will have to show up, or suddenly come down with Covid … the Judge has made his Ruling, his Courtroom or any other isn’t needed …. it will be interesting to see what BS Drama they come up with for not showing up.

  5. The tragedy is that Trump and company have the ability to skirt direct legal justice–just as the “too big to fail” banks–due to the fallacy that society would not accept, nor survive, an impartial judicial accounting of elite members of the political and/or financial structure. The decision by Mazars USA fractured the myth of Trump’s financial stability but his political standing as an ex-president–though grafting, corrupt, and mercurial–is still supported by the fiction that “only banana republics hold corrupt leaders to justice.” This paradox maintains the facade of a two tiered justice system in which inequality before the law is the norm–contrary to expressed Constitution and social propaganda. It is passed time for the political apparatchiks consisting of AGs and the DOJ to understand that democratic institutions only survive by holding all participants to the same standard of justice.

    • I gave you a thumbs up well actually listen what you was about to say and after listening to what you was about to say you just as crazy as the rest of them

  6. This changing all the subject. When this is over I would like you all to check Bidens
    Polose and her followers 10 year tax returns, plus Clintons and Obama.
    Those are the ones need checking now.

    • In keeping with practice that started after Nixon both Biden and Obama have released those ten years (and more) of their tax returns. Until that toxic fuckward you’d rather worship than your Jeebes we know as FORMER President Trump all Presidential candidates did. He promised he would too but of course just as he’s promised checks were in the mail or not cumming in women’s mouths he lied through his teeth. And of course made excuses – being under audit being his go-to line of bullshit. Of course, there is nothing in either the law or the custom of candidates/Presidents releasing their returns that prevented Trump from doing so. He simply knew it would be bad for him both politically and legally. He’s not worth and never has been (according to Forbes – as in STEVE “flat tax” Forbes who ain’t exactly a bastion of liberal thinking and his magazine’s research on rich people for his annual lists of the riches people is awfully damned good) worth ten billion. At most only half that. Trump is quite sensitive to his financial image. Hell, when he had his roast like every “roastee” he had the chance to set conditions for any off limit topics/jokes which most have done) and Trump had only one condition – NO questioning his wealth/net worth or hinting that it might be less than what he claimed. Make fun of his infidelities, his family and associates all they wanted but don’t DARE suggest he’s not every bit as rich as he claimed! The other thing is legal exposure. Like many a high end real estate person in a large city there is shady stuff in his dealings but swimming in a sea of that shit it was typically possible to stave off any serious scrutiny from prosecutors. However the glare of the Presidential spotlight is greater than any he ever faced and unblinking and he knew his financial crap wouldn’t bear scrutiny. As we are finally seeing.

      My point however is that if you want to see Biden’s or Obama’s tax returns you can access them online if you take the time.

      As for Speaker Pelosi she’s not required by law or custom to release her taxes. She long ago said that if she’d run for President she’d do so like any other candidate but that office has never been her goal. She does file the standard financial disclosures every Congress Critter is required to file each year. Her husband is a businessman and investor who’d done pretty well, and contrary to right wing memes most of their estimated (by neutral parties) 965-100 million net worth was acquired by her husband and his business before she became a top leader in the Democratic caucus.

      So, take you bullshit somewhere else. Or better yet stop drinking toxic orange Kool Aid.

    • For a certain group of people of every party, politics has become the pathway to wealth and power. Democrats are not immune nor will be any new party that is created.

  7. WOW!! I am loling at the Trump hate comments…
    Y’all are fools if you think for a second that they find anything- all wishful thinking and a waste of time.
    The only place Trump is going is back to his rightful place as president… We need him desperately, before we don’t have a country anymore!!!

  8. He has weaseled himself into one hell of a cage that he cannot escape from. No one is lending him nor any of his children a bone. All of their schemes of fraud and bullshit is finally coming to ahead. None of his name calling and publicity is gonna help him get out of this one. They could actually face real jail time like any other American that would try and get over on Uncle Sam. This will be so grand to see this on national television. With all of them actually being honest for once in their life. Cuz unlike any other lawsuits he has been in, both of these suit cases the criminal and financial one ties in together. They may actually be wearing that orange color jumpsuit that many in our country has been waiting to see. A must see tv indeed

  9. What it means is Donnie will have to do everything legal. At least in his business. And with all the investigations going on he can’t do any money laundering. He’s going to have to have a sale on his properties just to float the rest. I would say that the Saudis will soon own a stake in trump world.


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