This is a perfect example of why I take almost anything I get from a pundit, talking head, or media expert with a cow lick size grain of salt. About 7 weeks ago, when Putin invaded the Ukraine, most pundits and expert analysts said that the conflict was Putin’s to lose. After all, the Russians had the advantage in manpower, armor, aircraft, artillery, and tanks. Many predicted the fall of Kyiv within a week. The only question was how much of Ukraine Putin elected to hold.

What a difference a few weeks makes, huh? Most of the pundits, and many of the military analysts are now saying that the war is Ukraine’s to lose. It turned out that they totally underestimated just how shitty , ill equipped, and unmotivated the Russians were, totally underestimated how motivated and battle tested the Ukrainians were, and they sure as shit underestimated how far and fast the US/NATO were willing to go to equip and support the Ukrainians. And here we are.

Longtime Putin dissident Gary Kasparov  Put it perfectly today on MSNBC. He said that Putin’s announcement that the Russian army was reorganizing and retooling to continue the offensive in the Donbas region was a tacit admission of failure. Even he realizes that he will never conquer Ukraine. And Kasparov went further, saying that Putin realizes that he may not even be able to hold the Donbas region, with the US support for Ukraine.

Which means that Putin is now looking for a PR off ramp to declare victory. Kasparov Kasparov says that if Putin loses again, he’ll go in front of Russian media and claim that the special military operation in Ukraine was a resounding success! The glorious Russian army had succeeded in de-Nazifying the Ukraine government and military, had neutralized anti Russian factions, and were withdrawing voluntarily in glory and victory.

Which is going to be a kind of a problem for FUX News. For seven weeks now, they have had a prime time lineup of Fucker Carlson, The Manatee, and Cruella de Ingraham, who have been extolling Putin as the Savior of Ukraine, rescuing Russian ethnics in Ukraine, and expelling a corrupt political regime. And of course, their ratings have soared.

But FUX News has a problem. While Putin has complete control of the Russian media, and what is seen and not seen. The same isn’t true here in the US. Because, while the majority of FUX news viewers get their news from the network, a large portion of viewers also get their news from online sources and searches. And when they search for content, they are being bombarded with results that show the butchery of Bucha, the carpet bombing of Mariupol, and report of mass graves around Kyiv. True, they may flee to the comfortable familiarity of conservative links, but those images are kind of hard to get out of your mind. And they undermine the FUX News message.

Let’s just say the the Ukrainians boot Ruaaia from their borders, hell, they’ve done it once already. If Russian troops enter the Donbas region, then it becomes an active military target, and all bets are off. Ukraine may not only expel the Russians, but the Russian friendly separatists from the region as well.

How does FUX News spin that? After all, they touted Putn as the savior of Ukraine, releasing the people from a corrupt and unjust government. And now, not only haven’t they taken Ukraine, but they’ve lost the Russian separatists region that has been fighting Ukraine for 8 years. How in the hell do you square that circle?

As I said, Putin has an escape hatch, he controls the state media. FUX News has independent news outlets and social media outlets to battle. And it will be interesting to hear what Traitor Tot has to say about Vlad the Imp if he scurries away with his tail between his legs. Right now, American support is roundly behind Ukraine, and if they finish the job, Americans are highly unlikely to look kindly upon Putin collaborators. Don’t touch that dial.


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  1. I suspect traitor tot will merely parrot what his hero Putin has to say about the end result. Remember, he doesn’t have the smarts or imagination to come up with his own ideas.

  2. Thanks! It never occurred to me that Putin’s out would be to simply use Russian news to proclaim victory…I was waiting for the coward bully to implode in shame and defeat and kill the world with a nuclear bomb. Kind of like the domestic abuser who kills his spouse, kids and himself. Hope you’re right!


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