Summer in the tropics is called The Wet for good reason. It’s been raining here since Wednesday and the forecast for the next few days is for thunderstorms followed by steady rainfall with intermittent periods of light rain. Hence today’s theme is rain.


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    • It’s still raining here too. At least it’s cooling us down whereas I’m guessing it’s pretty cold where you are. I’m looking forward to Winter and The Dry!


  1. {{{Michelle}}} LOL. Better cats and dogs than pitchforks and hoe handles. Those could hurt somebody. CA is getting clobbered – which is good, they need it – but today it’s sunny and dry. At least at the moment. Thank the Furkids for this fun look at rainy weather. Skritches, Healing Energy, and moar {{{HUGS}}} all around, as appropriate.

  2. We’re getting clobbered too, with monsoonal rains! But it’s actually stopped this morning, yay! It’s overcast and the forecast is for more which is fine because we need it but the break in precipitation is nice for now.

    with slightly damp hugs 🤗💦🌈💙🌈💦🤗Barbara🤗💦🌈💙🌈💦🤗

    and scritches for ❤️Charlie💛Cloud💚Freddie💙Bobbie💛Rennie❤️


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