To introduce March, the Furkids ordered a big helping of happy affection with loads of hugs and cuddles. Since this week marked the anniversary of the late great Harry Belafonte’s birthday on March 1, 1927, I suggested I Do Adore Her, a favourite song from my long-ago childhood.

The Furkids loved the melody but, they said, the words weren’t quite right so they set about “fixing” them. I did manage to talk them into keeping most of the original lyrics but then encountered an unexpected image discrepancy, i.e. the image I thought the opening words conveyed was not at all the image the Furkids had in mind.

Let me explain. Their Aunt Marti, of whom they are very fond, has a black furkid of the feline persuasion who arrived in her life with the name of Shadow. The song opens with the words “When shadows fall and stars appear” which, according to Furkids’ logic, is actually  “When Shadows fall (note the capital S) and stars appear (think cartoon stars indicating mild concussion after a fall)”.

Uh-huh. That meant we needed an illustration depicting at least two Shadows falling since it is obviously plural so we have their Aunt Marti’s Shadow with a second feline of that name to help out plus a third Shadow suffering the cartoon after-effects of the afore-mentioned fall.

We’re all set now and the jukebox is full of Calypso coins provided to the cause by the Caribbean Flamingos. So sit back, relax, press play and hum along with the la-la-la intro. Then scroll down to the illustrated lyrics and sing along!

Furkids love the frothy milkshakes at They want you to know they love licking up their frothy moustaches! You can treat them to their favourite frothies for $3/€3/£3. All proceeds go towards the new second-hand desk fund. The new computer is up and running – yay!  Our heartfelt thanks to all contributors. 💝 💖 💝


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  1. 🥰 So many cute faces and I felt each hug! I also felt the song and I thank you for getting me up dancing…my hips and feet could not be stilled!! 🤗

    • I wasn’t able to send out any Twitter notifications because the program where I keep all my lists has shut down on me. Will be ringing my computer doc this morning in hopes that he can fix it!

      Love to you and the clowder. 🤗💖Barbara💖🤗
      🤗💖Cloud, Freddie, Bobbie and Rennie💖🤗

  2. Michelle, I love this. I haven’t heard this song in a long time.
    When I got to the smiling lizard, I smiled so big. So cute.



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