In a rare meeting of minds, the Funday Furkids team were unanimous in which song they wanted for this week. Instead of the usual cacophony of mooing, baaing, trumpeting and general gruffing, huffing and puffing that usually characterize the weekly discussions, someone mentioned this song and there was instant agreement!

I must say I was surprised by their choice and asked them: why this particular song? After the mass eye roll — a gesture unmistakably meaning stoopy hoomin! — they explained it was because this song mentions Halloween and it’s Halloween week.

I ran the lyrics through my head, frowned and pointed out that the song actually says “no Halloween” so… Mass eye roll again — and I have to say, the cows are particularly good at eye-rolling — followed by “the song wouldn’t mention Hallowe’en if it wasn’t about Hallowe’en.”

This sounds logical, yet… “But the lyrics are saying that it isn’t about any celebration,” this stoopy hoomin persisted.

“Oh” they exclaimed en masse, “it isn’t about any one celebration it’s really about all celebrations because that’s what love is: all celebrations rolled into one happy life every day you’re loved.”

Stoopy hoomin nodded… can’t argue with that. For once their unpeckable logic is impeccable!

The burrowers in the team found enough coins behind the couch cushions for the jukebox so just hit play then scroll down through the lyrics and sing along!

You can buy the Furkids a frothy kofi for $3 or €3 at All proceeds go to the Furkids’ computer repair fund – we’re halfway there already! The Furkids want you to know they choose oat milk and love licking up their frothy moustaches! Our heartfelt thanks to all contributors.

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  1. {{{Michelle}}} You and the Furkids did really good. Right now taking the time to call & say I love you is very important. Holding you in my heart. Healing Energy and skritches and {{{HUGS}}} as appropriate.


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