Marge Greene is off and running today. Her mouth hasn’t stopped. She is on a total tear about how the riot wasn’t “real” it’s all a “fake” “They have to bring in a Hollywood producer to make it look real.”

No, Marge. Consulting with a film professional on production values is not “making something look real.”

I listen to Marge rant several times a week, sometimes several times a day and I have to say, this is one of her whackiest ones yet. She is simply beside herself over these hearings tonight. This is a lot more than just her following a GOP talking point.

She’s nothing but a movie. But here’s where it gets comical.

Newsmax wants to outdo Fox and this is an attempt to do that. That’s tonight’s sideshow. There will be legitimate commentary and then Newsmax commentary.

And then Trump may do some counter programming and appear somewhere to make a statement or rebut what’s happening at the hearings.

At the very least Greene is upset that her name will be revealed as part of the planners and I don’t want to even speculate about the pipe bomber issue. I have no information on that beyond what has already been shared. But I think it’s safe to say that her name and those of other Freedom Caucus members will be shared in connection with the planning.




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  1. It’s called “free speech” and “public interest”, Marge. You’re too young to remember the Watergate hearings, or you’d know that this is absolutely possible.

  2. All I can see in my head is MTG trying to.imitate the scene in Jurassic World where Claire ties her shirt around her waist and bridges at Owen Grady. It ain’t working, dear. You aren’t as appealing as Blythe Dallas Howard or as talented or, crucially, as smart. I hope they can prove she and Bimboebert gave tours to.the planners. I desperately want the Qunts gone

  3. I am 100% sure that MTG was the ‘unknown bomber’ on January 6th. Also, Lauren Boebert is a hologram created by 3M and Ted Cruz is the Zodiac killer. See, we can do this crap too. ?

  4. Threatening to sue? And whose money will she use for that? Try explaining that to your election committee? What a TOTAL buffoon!


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