It is probably a good idea to start off by noting to everyone that A&W’s post about “Rooty” the Bear was a joke. I don’t mean to say that they may not be changing up their Rooty Bear look, but the message was clearly a joke:

Oh, well – it would’ve gotten me as at least somewhat true and – if true, somewhat funny. In these “polarizing…” But I will tell you something that it wouldn’t have done. It would not trigger me into a rage. Nope, not going to happen. Indeed, it’s somewhat creepy to have a guy standing up wearing a sweater but no pants.

Whoever runs the A&W Twitter account has a sense of humor. Their home page simply says, “Yes, we’re still here.” (They are everywhere in Canada, you’re just as likely to run into A&W as a Mcdonald’s, and A&W serves real hamburgers. McDonald’s serves McDonalds. I’m sure you know what I mean by the difference. Not better or worse, but you don’t go to McDonald’s for “burgers,” you go for “McDonald’s.”

Where was I?

Ah, yes, the Fox Thought Police. Right now, FREAKOUT! OMG they’re putting pants on a bear, maybe, or whatever! From Mediaite:

Fox News got duped into taking an obvious joke about a root beer company’s beloved mascot and turning it into fodder for the endless culture war. A Fox Business article bore the headline “A&W Root Beer puts pants on ‘polarizing’ mascot bear Rooty after M&Ms ‘pauses’ spokescandies.”

Fox News also promoted the article on social media by describing A&W as “the latest company bowing to ‘woke’” On Fox Business program Mornings With Maria Wednesday, Cheryl Casone expressed outrage over the A&W statement.

“First it was MAnd th&M’s, now a bear has to wear pants,” she exclaimed. “This is the woke police. Cancel culture has gone ridiculous.” “Quit your crying!” Maria Bartiromo told the root beer company.

And the Fox News video above had some really good responses.

Outsmartedly by an “unbearably cute” mascot and all the free advertising that comes with it! Yes, they are still here, especially in Canada, where one often needs a decent burger or McDonalds.



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  1. For fks sake! Fox can’t report on the real issues bringing this country to its knees so they have to deflect and turn attention to something so idiotically stupid. Mr. Potato Head, A&W, M&Ms don’t have the right to change their product logo? I’m certain anyone who loves M&Ms or A&W, regardless of their political position, will continue to eat them no matter what’s on the sign or packaging.
    How is pants on a cartoon bear “woke” anyway? I would have that it was evangelicals who would object to a pantsless bear, not an old hippy like me. How is it the left’s fault? I’ve never heard any of my friends and acquaintances complain about any of this crap. The people who listen to this shite and get inflamed by it must have very empty lives.

  2. They are morons. Truthfully it’s worse than that. Stupid people, cult members, and the GOP(guns over people) party have no ability to understand humor. That’s a bar too high for them.

  3. Dimwittted people who can’t tell a cartoon character from reality. And get mad at every opportunity. When did we start letting one-year-olds run anything?

  4. I’m a senior citizen, and all my life I’ve know about Smokey the Bear – all those “Only You Can Prevent Forest Fires” posters and other public awareness campaign stuff. It’s an iconic character. And guess what? Smokey the Bear wears PANTS! Maybe someone should point that out to Faux Nooz and conservatives in general. After reminding them how stupid they were to fall for a marketing ploy by A&W that was a joke. Man has A&W gotten all kinds of attention, and manufactured outrage from conservative talking heads notwithstanding their sales have jumped!

  5. From what I’ve read on the M&Ms situation, Mars (the company that owns M&Ms) said their reason for putting the spokescandies on “pause” was largely due to criticisms of “wokeness” led by one Tucker Carlson and his horde of rabid (and all-too easily-duped) viewers.

    So, it’s kind of funny that Fox News would be the ones raging at this joke by A&W. It’s almost like they can’t decide which side of the “War on Woke” they want to be on.

    (For what it’s worth, on the M&Ms front, I’ve seen a lot of skeptics who think the whole “pausing” the spokescandies is just part of a marketing ploy that will be revealed during the Super Bowl through a “clever ad.”)


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