The Fox/Trump divorce proceeds apace. Sunday morning was quite the wonder. If you didn’t know that you were watching Fox News, if you closed your eyes and didn’t see the logo, only heard the interview, you might think that this was a normal news outlet. I confess, it stuns me to hear this kind of thing coming from over there.

The Mar-a-Lago search warrant dominated all of the Sunday shows today. Fox News got right to the heart of the issue by having on a former intelligence officer, Rebekah Koffler, who came right out and said that Vladimir Putin might have obtained Top Secret information from Mar-a-Lago.

It must be time to call Sean Hannity and see what’s going on.

“The truth is the United States is the top target for KGB operative Putin and his spy services. And Mar-a-Lago, former President Trump’s estate, is a counterintelligence nightmare, meaning that spies from all over the world, Russia, China and beyond are always on the hunt to lay their hands on top secret information, especially something that is related to nuclear warfare doctrine.”

You knew it was a zoo down there, did you have any idea it was this bad? Or, if it was, that Fox News would report on it?

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  1. We’ll see if this permeates the rest of Faux. Chris Wallace used to do some decent reporting when he anchored the Sunday show, but it never interfered with the “opinion” (propoganda) programs.

  2. Money talks…bullshit walks. How’s that Dominion lawsuit going you nazi loving cockroaches? Scared now that the lights are on? Watch the vermin scatter!

    • Hey you un-American douche you must be a real idiot to trust our DOJ and FBI forget must you are to support Democrats period were you raised with zero morals your party is pure slime with what there doing to my country ..

      • So you call attacking our democracy because some dumbass narcissist is a very sore loser patriotic? Do you have any idea what would happen if classified documents, especially above secret got into the hands of Putin or any other authoritarian state? You obviously never served in our military. In just the first week they teach you about the UCMJ(look it up, dumb fuck). And handling of classified material is a very serious matter, especially documents labeled ts or ts/sic. Look that one up, too, if you can read better than Traitor Tot. Military members go through a rigorous background check before being approved for whatever classified clearance is required for each member’s job title. You likely have no idea what I’m talking about, because you’re too much of a dip shit to serve. Now you can take all the time required to brush and thoss that one tooth that remains in your face. You MAGA fakes really don’t know what you are fighting for. Just another cult flunkies that can’t think for yourself, so you listen to a narcissistic piece of shit with orange skin and fake hampster hair. Soon he’ll be sporting a brand new orange jumpsuit to compliment his tangerine face. PS. If you feel the need to visit me for my remarks, I can only say, bring it on, because I am very pro 2nd amendment rights, and I am very much locked and loaded.

      • Mind translating your word salad dumb-ass?

        However, IF I am translating your gibberish properly, Id’ say the one you OUGHT to be worrying about having zero morals is your ex prez. I’ve never seen the like and I’ve lived in the south, you know, where the ku kluckers live.

      • It’s both parties you IDIOT that are destroying this country and the people who believe everything those A__ hole Republicans say!!!!!!

    • Hey you un-American douche you must be a real idiot to trust our DOJ and FBI forget must you are to support Democrats period were you raised with zero morals your party is pure slime with what there doing to my country ..

          • He did not declassified anything, there is a procedure to declassified, he didn’t use it. Declassification is not verbal!

            No President has the military or scientific knowledge to declass documents without opinion and guidance of all the agencies involved with class info.
            He had no legal reason or authority to retain that information. The only use I can see that he wanted to use them to dole out for financial gain. That is called “Traitor”.

          • Yes, there is a process so listen up ass (as in MAGA) hats. To declassify information even a President contacts the agency/authority that issued the classification. They will review whatever has been requested to be declassified and make a determination on whether doing so would harm the national security and if so to what degree. It’s common for (even with a President or high ranking officials) for there to be some back and forth, such as partial declassification and redactions. In the end yes, a President can override the experts. But he (and someday she) can’t just say “It’s declassified” and make it legally so. Even Presidents have to follow the law and the procedures developed in the application of laws regarding the handling of classified materials. There is NO indication Trump followed a single one. In fact, it’s been publicly stated he just issued a “blanket” I can take whatever I want no matter the classification to the residence, the dining room, one of my resorts etc. and share it with whomever I please and where any old dickhead or, sadly foreign intelligence operative can have access to it. That is NOT how the law works on this. Not even for a President.

          • Only if they actually declassify said docs. There are no magic wands and absconding with boxes of docs does not equal declassification. If you would examine Article II of the Constitution you will not find “automatic declassification of docs whenever said prez feels like it” anywhere. In fact, declassifying docs is a “power” if you will given to the prez under a law created by Congress. As such, there are procedures THAT MUST BE FOLLOWED. Legally the prez cannot just take classified docs out of protected spaces because he wants to do so. It does not work that way, never has, never will (unless the law, not constitution, is changed).

            Simply put, former guy did not go thru the declassification process, the docs in question are not declassified, and former guy broke the law when he removed the docs from secured spaces.

      • Two year old name calling is silly. You disrespect US institutions and project demented republican behavior onto truth loving Democrats. Stop regurgitating others lying words. Get some information on your own. Please.

    • IMO, doesn’t matter if RT is lying or not. They said it. Now it’s up to 45 to prove it didn’t happen. IMO, again, he can’t.

    • I’d say they were doing a variation on KellyAnne Conway’s “alternative facts” routine – and their schtick was “enhanced facts.”

      Sadly I have little doubt there was a measure of truth to what they said. I’m not nearly as certain that even if Trump gave Pootie the keys to the kingdom ole Vlad would let them (and us) know just how much he got. Maybe, just maybe because he knew Trump had held back stuff as “just in case” leverage, or to keep “Pootie and the Oligarchs” demands for repayment of all that money from pressing too hard. Trump DID after all leave the WH knowing he was facing some serious balloon payments on various debts that we actually know about and it seemed likely he’d have trouble meeting those obligations. A cash flow type of thing. It’s one thing to have assets in the form of properties as part of net worth and quite another to have actual cash on hand to keep his little (criminal) enterprise running. Like a bank in trouble, investors getting a whiff of trouble start demanding their money NOW and if word spreads (even quietly) then all of a sudden it’s a fire sale on assets and losing a lot of money selling them to stave off financial ruin.

      And again, it’s almost certain there is big money Trump owes we DON’T know about. He might not be smart but he might have still retained some con-man savvy and teased his financiers with what he would provide IF they “carried” him a while longer. He probably even let them see bits and pieces of some highly classified stuff, say the first page of a nice, thick document to prove he had the goods.

      Now? Oops. Even if Trump or one of his minions was smart enough to scan that stuff onto flash drives it’s a new ball game. And I’m certain a damage assessment of what he did was started in the National Security spaces in the WH the day Biden took office. It’s theoretically possible, but practically impossible to cover tracks on who access certain files and when. The final costs of mitigating the damage are incalculable of course, but now Russia (and others) know that we’ve been on to Trump’s treasonous behavior for a very long time now, and that what they have while still valuable is no longer the gold mine they once had, or anticipated having.

      If Trump is getting increasingly unhinged, it’s probably not Garland scaring the shit out of him so much as Putin, or even Jared’s pal MBS. They’ve shelled out big money, huge even for them and not getting what they’ve paid for isn’t something they will simply write off as a loss. Nope. Trump likes to think of himself as someone who if punched punches back harder. But HE has spent a lifetime being able to almost always punch DOWN. Now HE is the one on the receiving end of people who punch down, and they have proven willing and capable to throw literally lethal punches!

      I suspect Trump smells not of burnt steak and “hamberder” farts, but pure fear these days. No wonder he doesn’t like dogs. Even a tiny one would have instincts kick in and tear him to pieces!

    • Do they have to deliver accurate info? They do not to their citizens certainly so why would or should they be truthful to the world at large and the U.S. in particular? It makes no difference really if they lie or tell the truth: either scenario will cause disruptions.

  3. One thing I am hoping for is that former guy did not know, really know, what he stole when he was kicked out of the W.H. I’m hoping the boxes were by and large moldering somewhere out of sight and out of mind. IF anything was removed from those boxes, I understand a safe was searched, it was by someone who DID know what the fuck was in them and had dip shit put the more important shit in his safe.

    It is a slim hope and the only reason I have it is because of how fucking stupid former guy truly is. He would understand absolutely nothing in those boxes. In fact, we could have been looking at the moron throwing the docs out. I seriously doubt he knew the value of what we stole which makes me wonder: who helped him? He sure as shit does not have the sense to do this on his own.

  4. He’s a career criminal who doesn’t know his ass from a hole in the ground. But he’s a traitor, and the biggest liar I’ve ever seen, he’s a pussy and a pig, I think he should be executed for treason

  5. You & I think alike when it comes to Nat’l Security, 2nd amendment, assholes trying to overthrow our government & the Malignant Mandarin Orange Mussolini-like Paranoid Schizo Psychopathic Megalomaniacal Narcissist Abomination named FORMER President. This story has legs that go all the way back to the week before he left office, he was told then that he couldn’t take those materials. Then, last January, we’re made aware that he has all those boxes still, when he gives up 15 of them. Archives says a month or 2 later that he still has more, which he denies, so then, because Archives has no enforcement arm, the enlist DOJ who starts negotiating with Trump lawyers, who negotiate in bad faith. So DoJ sends out a subpoena, which the arrogant bastard ignores. So they go down & Trump gives up 11 more boxes saying that’s all. Which DOJ says there’s more, Trump shows them where they are, in an unsecured room for crap’s sake. DOJ says put a lock on it. Then they subpoena the security camera tapes & see that people & boxes come & go out of that room like a lending library. So they get alarmed & go back with a warrant & get, what we hope, is the last of it. No telling how much has been sold to overseas foreign players, the orange scumbag needs a new pair of shoes. These numb nuts keep saying why didn’t they just ask for the boxes of papers, & I ask where have you been Mr. Stop the Steal for the past 6 or 7 months? Do events move so fast you can’t keep up or you can only follow 1 news story each year? He’s lied every step of the way on this issue, 2nd nature to him, & obfuscated, obstructed justice & probably sold us out to Rooting Tooting Putin. Mr. KGB himself. Actually, that’s now FSB–Fat Stupid Bastards. These people are gonna tear this country apart & put an authoritarian dictatorship in its place; that’ll asolve the immigration problem, nobody will wanna be here then!

  6. You know what!! I have read several of these message’s let’s just see what happens. For god sake he hasn’t even been formally charged and we really don’t know if he had nuclear information or not.. So it is wise not to assume anything yet!! However I do not trust our D.O.J nor do I trust many other top officials. Let me be clear we have a lot more well Joe,Nancy,ect……that are criminals and need to go! Get rid of one get rid of all !!!

    • Let’s start with that walking pile of dogshit who stood by the nazis AFTER they killed a girl in Virginia. Who said Hitler did some good things. Who sucked off the Saudis AFTER bone sawing a journalist & American citizen who went to get a marriage license. Crawl back in your hole you lover of child killers.


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