Fox News Analysts: Democrats ‘Sure Don’t Love’ America


Fox News host, Brit Hume, was rebuked on Twitter yesterday after sharing a tweet linking to a post on conservative political bloc, Power Line, entitled, “Why do Democrats Hate America?”

Hume drew sharp backlash on social media and responded with, a post that said, “Hate may be too strong a word but they sure don’t love it.”

Some, like Oliver Darcy, senior media reporter @CNN, responded by questioning if Hume could still claim to deliver news in a “fair & balanced way”.

Veteran group VoteVets also responded to Hume’s post by writing, “Wow.  Many of us are Dems.  We risked our lives for America, many of us were wounded, many of us saw friends and fellow patriots die.  Brit Hume thinks Sen Duckworth, Max Cleland, Bob Kerrey, and other Dems who lost limbs in war don’t love their country? Wow.  Happy 4th, Brit.”

The blog post that inspired the following remarks were the result of a recent Gallup poll, which found that only 32 percent of Democrats say they are “extremely proud” to be American, which is down from the 43 percent who said the same in 2017.

This sort of nonsense from Fox News media which demonstrates that their “news analysts” are not delivering news in a fair and balanced way, doesn’t inspire feelings of pride with what we see in America today.  To have pride, we have to feel there is integrity.  Where is yours, Brit?

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