Well you don’t see this every day. However, even if you suspect it will be nothing but lies and b.s. it’s still worth the time to check out what GOP outlets have to say and a Fox contributor unloaded big time on Marjorie Taylor Greene. It seems Ms. Peak is not just tired of MTG’s performance jackassery but believes it’s killing the GOP. It sure as hell isn’t helping Republicans accomplish anything useful in the House. Peak is worried about the broader impact for Trump and other Republicans in November and that MTG should be focusing her fire on Democrats instead of Mike Johnson and other Republicans. I’ll get to more about the article but I want to start off with how Ms. Peak concluded hers:

“My message for MTG? Borrowing from Hillary Clinton: Get over yourself. The mission today is to elect Donald Trump.”

Wow. As Chris Farley’s character in the movie Tommy Boy would say “That’s gonna leave a mark.” No doubt if MTG gets wind of this she’ll accuse Peak of being a RINO and other such nonsense. However, part of her (Greene) might stop and think that this appeared under the FOX banner. Uh Oh. In case you’re wondering Liz Peak is what I supposed you could consider an emeritus Fox contributor.  She’s got solid conservative credentials developed over her career, and has appeared on Fox at times with Neil Cavuto and with Fox & Friends. WE might not know who she is but serious Fox viewers will recognize her as one of their own.

As for her article’s scathing takedown of MTG Peak proves her “Fox cred” by slinging bullsh*t and lies about President Biden and more than once. For example complaining that President Biden’s response to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine wasn’t strong enough. WTF? I’m pretty sure if he’d ordered U.S. forces directly into the fight she’d have howled to the moon like damned near everyone else at Fox. But let’s stick with what she actually wrote:

Though the war has taken a terrible toll on the valiant people of Ukraine, it has revealed Russia to be vulnerable. If President Biden had allowed an all-out aggressive war against Moscow, we would not be at a seeming stalemate. Because he dithered, Ukraine is now losing ground and urgently needs weapons and ammunition. This can be remedied; we need to provide the funding and push the White House to outline the path to victory.

Now, I debated with myself about including that utter bullsh*t but decided to do so to make the point both with this and other criticisms she leveled plenty of attacks at President Biden and the Democratic Party. In other words if MTG tries (as it likely) to pass off Peak’s numerous criticism of HER as being from some weak, RINO “Biden apologist” that dog won’t hunt.  Liz Peak is no RINO. Like any experienced Fox “journalist” she can and does sling bullsh*t at outright lies with the best of them.

Peak is rightly concerned about the dysfunction in the House and the impact it will have when voting starts this fall. She traces things back to the problems MTG and others from the craziest of the crazy caucus tossing “popular” (well, they loved how much money he raised!) Kevin McCarthy and the mess that’s ensued. And Peak is sick and tired of MTG focusing all her efforts on the wrong targets. Personally I love to see GOPers fighting with each other but for those who’ve spent entire careers advancing the conservative agenda the effort that goes into stunts is wasted.

Peak is right in that there are serious issues that serious people need to be addressing. I won’t go into all her advocacy here on PZ but she has a list of issues that she thinks MTG (and a few others) are “blowing” and which will cripple the Party’s chances this fall. But her point is that a small band of asshats with MTG out front leading the charge nowdays are more interested in making headlines than good (and her own preference of course conservative) policy. Peak sees MTG as the poster child for all this nowdays and has basically told Marjie to STFU and get to work on things that matter. That saying crazy stuff and engineering crazy stunts is getting in the way of beating Biden and Democrats come election time. That MTG is killing the GOP.

Like I said I’m fine with that. If MTG wants to sit there with her assault weapon and turn the bottom and sides of the GOP boat into swiss cheese I’ll happily sit nearby in my own boat and toss her freshly loaded magazines! Still, the takeaway here is that while Fox is continuing to hedge it’s bets, an article this forceful about the person hogging the GOP spotlight, or trying to horn in to the center with Trump is yet another sign they are preparing for a pivot if and when Trump’s candidacy craters. Or he goes down to defeat in November.

If MTG had any sense she’d want to hedge her own bets. I’m sure she gets polling that shows Trump might well lose and lose bigly this fall. And, more importantly know that Fox will still want to curry favor with MAGA. So they will want some GOP sacrificial lambs to hold up as scapegoats. GOPers who got so ‘caught up in their celebrity’ that they RUINED Trump’s chances. Make a note. Fox is setting MTG up to take some major blame, and perhaps be the poster child for the “blame campaign” once the votes are counted!

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