Food Truck Owned By Jew Ransacked and Destroyed In Hate Crime In Austin


Breaking windows and destroying Jewish businesses is vintage Nazi behavior, and that’s what Scotty Grossbard, owner of a food truck named “Jew Hungry?” came home to find Thursday. Austin Statesman:

His truck, which serves old family Jewish delicacies from outside the South Congress Avenue bar 04 Lounge, had been broken into — windows broken, appliances destroyed and kosher ingredients stolen.

…when he went to review the ruins, he saw something the vandals left that made him cry: an iron cross strewn in the driver’s seat with coins, something he recognized as anti-Semitic hate symbols.

“It was ransacked, glass everywhere. And that’s when I saw the cross and the change on my driver seat,” he said. “I got upset. I started crying. I cried most of the day yesterday.”

“For them to leave that, to me it’s just saying that Jewish people are all about money and that’s all we think about,” Grossbard said.

Since the advent of Donald Trump the cockroaches have felt empowered to come out and dance in the light. Tomorrow the electorate comes with a big can of Raid. This is not the America I know, nor the America I care to live in.


UPDATE: Mr. Grossbard has a GoFundMe page up to get money for repairs. He’s still up and running while he cleans up broken glass and gets his window and appliances replaced/fixed. Here’s the link if you wish to contribute. GoFundMe Scotty Grossbard, Jew Hungry?

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