Ya’ll probably remember reading about the Florida Circuit Judge who denied a 17 year old girl her right to obtain an abortion ruling that “she failed to demonstrate the maturity and intelligence to make that decision.”

Well, thankfully he was turned out of office in August of this year, but, not so thankfully, kicked up to a higher court by Governor DeSantis shortly thereafter.

Way to respect the will of the voters, Ron:

Another Ron, my favorite Ron Filipowski noted Mark’s tweet and submitted it for comment to his followers…


In both cases only one vote counts.





🙏 🙏 🙏




Further down the thread Republicans are crowing about DeSantis “big” electoral win last month.

But this commenter knows what’s up.

Turns out arresting voters of color who vote was a very effective voter suppression move.

We need to protect the vote to turn out all of these fascist clowns.

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  1. What’s the fuss? He is the law in Florida. The Law. Think about that. Of course he has violated some laws but the law doesn’t police itself. So on it goes. Equal treatment under the law. Sure. Curious how our culture has allowed the institutions of church and state to be run by liars, killers, and hypocrites. Good times all around. No worries. We have 300 million guns on the streets put there by lawmakers to protect us from the commies, the black and gay folks. Let us pray.

  2. Well, fascism remains alive and well in Florida. With the national crisis still hanging in the balance, and Florida voters validating so much of the issue with their stupidity at the voting booths, we can only pray that the worst of what happens in Florida STAYS in Florida.

    • It doesn’t and it won’t. Oh and the fascist is all bluster until mother nature kicks his ass then he sucks dick for cash. Another gop whore. My apology to the oldest profession in the world other than killing. There are good people on both sides.


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