This is a pattern of Donald Trump’s. He’s mentioned people “who don’t like their children” in the past. And he’s mentioned it in the very recent past, to wit, when he was in Iowa and also today on Truth Social.

What could be up with that? Maybe he’s thinking about Truth Social being accused of being a money laundering racket and you know that Donald Trump, Jr. is the kingpin over at Truth Social. Could that be it?

Or, maybe Trump isn’t too thrilled with Ivanka these days. She’s distanced herself from Daddy’s interests since January 6. She recently told authorities in New York that “other people” made decisions in the Trump Organization, not her. At the time that was considered throwing the rest of the family under the bus. In any event, something caused this.

Either they did something he didn’t want them to do, or they refused to do something he asked them to do. That pretty much covers the field.

Personally, I think Ivanka is ready to leave whatever of the Trump “fortune” that might be left behind. I’m sure she was instrumental in Jared negotiating that $2 billion deal with the Saudis. She might legitimately become a billionaire, Daddy didn’t.

Do not forget, New York State has asked for a financial penalty of $250 million, if the Trump Organization is found to have committed fraud. They also want Trump, and his three oldest children to be banned from ever running a business in New York again, among other things.

Back to Ivanka, she is clearly looking out for number one. You know what they say about apples and trees. Vanity Fair:

The “other individuals” accused in the case are her father and brothers, so this comes off…rather awkwardly, and the takeaway from The Independent was that the former first daughter threw her siblings and dad “under the bus.” Setting all that aside, it’s also pretty odd that her lawyers are arguing that the lawsuit does not include a single allegation in which “Ms. Trump directly or indirectly created, prepared, reviewed, or certified any of her father’s financial statements,” when the AG’s office has flatly accused her of being in on the alleged scam.

To wit, James’s office claims in the suit that all three Trump kids “knowingly participated” in the scheme. Of Ivanka specifically, the lawsuit notes her involvement in securing loans to buy Florida and Chicago properties in 2012, loans that were issued in part due to false financial statements. “On each of those transactions with Deutsche Bank, Ms. Trump was aware that the transactions included a personal guaranty from Mr. Trump that required him to provide annual Statements of Financial Condition and certifications,” the lawsuit reads. (Elsewhere, the suit points to the Trump Organization’s deal obtaining a ground lease for its Washington hotel, noting that project was “captained by Ivanka Trump, and Mr. Trump’s statements were central to their effort to win the bid.“)

Anyway, it’s not clear at this time if the judge overseeing the case will be convinced to delay the trial. In a letter made public on Friday, he wrote: “The core of this case is very simple: plaintiff claims that defendants submitted false financial statements to third-parties…. It is their own alleged documents and acts that are at issue…. October 2, 2023 is more than seven months away.” He added, “And with all that has already been accomplished, I see no reason to alter my determination to start the trial on that day.”

The trial is set for October, 2023. That’s just a few months before Trump goes into combat with DeSantis at the Iowa and New Hampshire caucuses.

All I know about this clip above, is that Trump’s broadcasting in almost total darkness and he looks like he wants to cry. And he’s been broadcasting allll day. Go over to Truth Social. One clip after the next. Maybe his thumbs got sore and so now he’ll talk himself hoarse. Then I guess he’ll communicate by Sharpie. Or draw pictures with broken glass and ketchup. This situation is degenerating and fast.

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    • Wrong. Don Jr. is the oldest. Then Donald and Ivana begat Ivanka and Eric. Then Trump married Marla Maples and they begat Tiffany. Then Trump married Melania and they begat Barron. And so it is written to the Cult.

    • Ivana’s death was truly strange. She just gave up. She didn’t want to have a hip operation for some reason. That is so stupid. I had one, I know many other people who have had them and they are no big deal.

      I don’t know if Ivana was too vain to have the scar or what her deal was. The simple fact of the matter is that you can walk without pain and that’s a blessing.

      I think she couldn’t deal with being old. I think she was one of the youth/beauty cultists and if you can’t be 25 and gorgeous your whole life, time to pack it in. Ridiculous but if that’s how it is for somebody then that is how it is.

  1. Ivanka had issues of her own. She set up a couple deals of her own. One in Canada and one in Chicago. Then the whole thing went south. Feeling daddy left her holding the bag. Then it went back and we decided that locking up the president’s daughter wasn’t a good look. Let’s get it straight. Trump is a cretin and wouldn’t hesitate a second to drop a dime on any of the older children. Baron is different for some reason there’s a connection between the two. Who knows. But it’s looking to me like there’s more going on than what’s getting out.


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