The GOP has now officially lost control, and the imaging and branding is going to kill them as a party. Minutes ago Rachel Maddow expanded on a story that she pretty much exclusively broke last Monday. In that original report, she talked about a story out of New Mexico of a series of shootings aimed at Democratic officials in Albuquerque. There were a total of six shootings. Nobody was killed or injured, but multiple rounds were fired into homes and offices of sitting Democratic state officials.

Rachel’s breaking news tonight was that New Mexico authorities had made the first of a series of arrests in the case. The scumbag they arrested was a Trombie former GOP general election candidate for a state House of Delegates seat. He lost handily, and of course denied the loss, and claimed that the election was rigged against him. This shitheels is charged with personally pulling the trigger firing into one home, and hiring four other men to carry out the other assaults, one of which included three shots being fired into a 10 year old girls bedroom. More arrests are expected. And Rachel just broke this minute that there is a 2nd NM SWAT raid is being conducted at a 2nd location. Apparently the police are moving fast to snare up the gang.

This is just getting ridiculous. I don’t have the name of the NM miscreant, but it really doesn’t matter. Because this ass gasket is just another one of the burgeoning number of homicidal shitwits that are irrevocably rebranding the HOP as a domestic terrorist group. Here’s just a brief recap of some of the atrocities that have been laid at the feet of far right MAHA extremists;

  • Fra right MAGAt’s in body armor and carrying AR-15’s literally stormed the Michigan state house, taking over the Senate gallery, and glaring down on terrified Senators trying to do the people’s work
  • A deranged band of MAGAt’s descended on the home of Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel, toting AR-15’s and shouting insults through the windows as she and her son were busy decorating their Christmas tree
  • Drooling Trombies wearing face masks to avoid being identified, wearing body armor and toting AR-15’s started showing up at legally authorized voting drop boxes in Maricopa county, claiming to be legally authorized monitors. A quickly filed court case sent them scurrying back to their holes
  • Neo Nazi’s in uniform marched in a community holiday parade attended by the despicable PA gubernatorial candidate Doug Mastriano, waving Mastriano signs and shouting slogans
  • The DOJ and FBI are stepping up arrests of MAGAt’s leaving explicitly threatening phone messages in the inboxed of Democratic officials, ranging from election workers to election officials, from state legislative members to members of the US Congress

Look, I was very careful in my title for the article. There is no chance that any official US government law enforcement department is going to designate the Republican Party as a domestic terrorist organization. But in reality that really doesn’t matter.

Because this battle will be waged in the court of public opinion. And in the court of public opinion, You never get a second chance to make a first impression. And these atrocities are garnering national media attention. Which leads to my 2nd adage, Once is an accident, twice is a habit, and three times is a fetish.

And at this point, we’ve extended to the realm of a fucking obsession. And the single connection point is undeniable. To the Proud Boys, Stand Back, and Stand By. With single, stupid statement, Traitor Tot basically recruited the Loud Toys as a ragtag personal militia ready to do his bidding. And he laid the predicate for that atrocity in the aftermath of the Charlottesville tragedy, when he flatly stated that there were good people on both sides. 

And with the exception of a couple of Jewish Trump White House advisors who resigned from the administration, not one single GOP incumbent raised a voice in objection to Trump’s racist dogma. And you know what? In doing so, the entire GOP structure signed on to Trump’s nihilist vision that political and racial violence was totally acceptable, as long as it brought the desired political result.

Here’s the point. I wrote earlier tonight that the people of the United States are sick and fucking fed up with Donald Trump. And that includes Trumpism. And the craven cowards of the GOP have plighted their troth to Trump and Trumpism. And every goddamned time another far right domestic terrorist attack takes place, it gains national media attention. And for the vast majority of American voters, such a report immediately brings to mind only two words, Trump and the GOP. The Democrats can’t even dream of buying this kind of advertising.

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  1. And this kind of advertising is exactly what the Democrats should be running as attack ads, every time one of these atrocities occurs. I’m not convinced that the mainstream media is paying attention, nor broadcasting these things. Certainly the likes of FUX and Newsmax won’t be showing any of it, unless the Democrats can buy air time on those despicable networks to run some truthful ads.

  2. You may recall that I said these kind of morons are to today’s GOP what the Weather Underground and Manson family were for liberals in the 1970s. Well, here’s the proof. Nor did this sort of thing start with Trump. Recall what happened to Gabby Giffords at the top of the 2010s, nearly becoming the second Congressperson to die in the line of duty as a result (the first, you may remember, was Leo Ryan of California, killed by Jim Jones’ thugs for trying to airlift out some of the cultists trying to escape).

    I heard that old adage another that fits: Once is happenstance, twice a coincidence, three times a pattern of intent.



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