Donald Trump has become increasingly malevolent as he continues to do whatever he can to try to gain the GOP nomination for president. He’s taken a decidedly dangerous extreme right turn and hopes to rule the country with an autocratic fist. As he continues to harangue anyone involved in criminal trials it’s becoming very clear that Trump wants to make his demands the law of the land.

If you’re not afraid of this, why aren’t you? The man quotes Hitler whenever it suits him and he obviously looks up to him as an authority figure. He set the National Guard on demonstrators who were peacefully protesting the death of George Floyd.

This means there’s one person in particular who knows Trump better than anyone and knows why we should be concerned: His former fixer Michael Cohen, and he’s deeply worried about the former president being reelected in 2024. He’s so worried in fact, that during an appearance on a British TV show, he said he plans to seek political asylum in another country if Trump manages to defeat Biden in the general election.

During his appearance on ITV’s U.K.-themed show Good Morning Britain, Trump’s former attorney said “This could be a real problem, not only again for us, but also for America’s democracy and the future of this country… I will leave the country.”

Cohen has every good reason to be worried. Trump delivered a terrifying speech on Saturday, November 11 while campaigning in New Hampshire where he promised to “root out the communists, Marxists, fascists and the radical-left thugs that live like vermin within the confines of our country, that lie and steal and cheat on elections.” This has led to critics comparing the former president’s rhetoric to statements made by Benito “Il Duce” Mussolini in Italy during the 1920s and 1930s, according to AlterNet.

Trump is completely serious about this, Cohen added, and he needs to be taken seriously.

Cohen has gone from being an ardent Trump supporter to one of his sharpest critics, and he told his hosts “He will exact revenge on anyone who has done him wrong. There’s a lot of people on that list.”

“It’s not just me. it’s judges, it’s lawyers, it’s citizens. it’s prosecutors. it’s congress member. he will exact revenge on anyone and everyone that he’s capable of.”

One ITV host asked Cohen if he plans to seek political asylum outside of the U.S. if Trump does become president again, and he responded that he “absolutely” would.

“i fear for my safety. i fear for my life. again, you don’t know donald trump. i do. and don’t listen to my words — listen to his words.”

Cohen isn’t the only person who’s said Trump may be really dangerous. Consider Trump’s former Secretary of Defense, Gen. James Mattis, who described him as a threat to the Constitution in June 2020.

“Donald Trump is the first president in my lifetime who does not try to unite the american people—does not even pretend to try. instead he tries to divide us. we are witnessing the consequences of three years without mature leadership.”

We got here because Trump gave voice to every fascist. He brought out the very worst people who had long been hidden.

That’s how we got here.

His presidency was a waking nightmare. One that we must never allow to happen again.

Here’s what Cohen said in the video below.

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  1. Remember when Trump all but demanded General Mark Milley be executed for talking about how the general assured the Chinese government that Trump wouldn’t attempt to nuke China?

  2. How did we get here? A corrupt s.c. and republican party took us much of the way. It cannot be ignored however the democratic party ignored the warning signs. Back when the republican party was taking over most of the state legislatures and Mitch was stacking and packing the courts, the democrats were sitting on their thumbs. Had they fought to keep legislatures, governors’ offices, etc. in democratic hands as much as possible we might not be where we are in 2023. By the time the democratic party noticed they were outside looking in, we had an s.c. that gave it all away to religious nutjobs and wealthy individuals and craporations. What the s.c. did not accomplish the republican party took it the rest of the way.

    In the seventies the public was, across the board, in favor of public schooling, keeping religion out of government, and would have demanded criminals be removed from public office and kept out-and that is a partial list. Had the democrats fought the ‘pubes trying to change that, we would not be in this predicament.

    • Boy, spike, why not put the blame on the REAL culprits: The voters who couldn’t be bothered to vote for Democrats.

      Pretty much every single presidential election from 2004 to 2016, people who paid attention to politics kept warning “Vote Democrats; the Supreme Court is on the line.” But, nope. “Oh, the Supreme Court’s not a problem. They won’t take away anyone’s rights.” That was the line of thought. Even though the right-wing contingent was CONSTANTLY waiting for the “right” case to put an end to Roe, far too many people just couldn’t be bothered to get out and vote to protect the Court.

      As far as state legislatures go and governors’ races go, what more was the PARTY supposed to do? Round up people sitting at home and force them into voting booths? Again. In 2010, Democrats were begging people to pay attention and get out and vote because reapportionment and redistricting were going to be taking place in the next year or so. But, again, there are just too many people (mostly Democratic-leaning) who don’t vote in every election; they’re waiting for the “Cinderella election” (i.e., the Presidential race). We saw such a surge in voting in 2018 mainly because people who normally sat out the off-year elections finally saw what would (or could) happen if they didn’t get out and vote. And 2022 could’ve been a disaster for Democrats if NORMAL practices had happened but the right-wing extremists on the Supreme Court decided to gut abortion rights and that motivated the usually apathetic voters.

      But, damn it all, stop blaming the Democratic Party for the troubles which lie with the VOTERS. The right-wing spent decades building a motivated voting populace (mostly through scare tactics about POCs and “the gays” and abortion rights) and that’s why we keep seeing right-wing extremists sitting in Congress and on the Supreme Court and in state legislatures and Governor’s mansions. But Democrats have always believed that OUR side shouldn’t vote because they’re afraid and, more importantly, that people should WANT to vote, not feel that it’s some imposition. (It would probably be more helpful if the US would make Election Day a national holiday so people can go vote without feeling pressure. Even though it’s federal law that employers cannot penalize workers who vote–and, if you’re in line when the polls officially close, you’re still entitled to vote–the act of voting, especially in presidential election years, can feel incredibly oppressive. Also, allowing people to vote by mail–thereby reducing lines on election day–should be a no-brainer but the GOP has done its damnedest to make it seem to be “wrong,” even though it’s much better for the GOP’s usually reliable base of elderly voters.)

      • what good would a national holiday do? have you noticed how many workers DON’T get national holidays off?
        Universal vote-by-mail is the answer we need

    • And I continue to wonder how all of those “leaders” continue to function with their heads that far up their asses. It truly is a wonder. And the only things more reprehensible than them are the people that vote for them. And I believe I recall some place in the Bible that says that cranial-rectal inversion is the beginning of the end times and the rest of us are well and truly fucked.


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