Be careful what you wish for

This discussion has been going on ever since Trump’s first indictment was announced. In a country where No man is above the law, is it possible to try and convict now only a rich man, not only a former President, but a candidate for the 2024 election? Especially when his conduct carries the risk of the supreme judicial sanction, pre-trial detention.

Of course the simple answer is Hell Yes! Federal judges are lifetime appointments, they can’t be removed over their rulings except by impeachment. What’s to stop a strict law and order judge from treating a jerk-off like Trump the same as an armed robber, carjacker, or murderer? And that includes subjecting Trump to the same sanctions as any other scumbag, including clapping his sorry ass in jail?

The judge in New York is already doing that to Trump, which must infuriate him. He has already fined Trump twice, totaling $15,000 for two violations of his gag order. And he has already advised Traitor Tot that the next offense will be more painful than just monetary fines. Maybe home confinement with an ankle bracelet for a pre-defined period? To be followed by incarceration if nothing else does the trick.

But here’s the thing. What if the normal sanctions won’t work? Because that’s what we’re actually looking at here. Trump’s ingrained self superiority will not allow him to subjugate himself to any superior authority, and he’s, for better or worse, in a unique position to not be effected by the normal judicial sanctions.

Let’s look at them one by one, and why they won’t work with Trump. Obviously the most common, and most effective sanction is the verbal warning. For most low level thugs, many of whom have been in the system before, a simple, stern Cut that sh*t out! from the bench, with the handle of the gavel being pointed in their direction is enough. These people know what the judge can do if he so desires. But not Traitor Tot. He wouldn’t even believe in The Virgin Mother Mary, much less obey her, whether she’s in a cheap polyester robe or not.

Which leads to punitive fines. Normally if a slap across the knuckles doesn’t work, a rap in the wallet will. Hell, half of the criminal defendants in this country probably take the bus back and forth from court. A $200 fine for contempt would probably land them in the joint while they tried to scrounge it up. Again, not Trump. Trump has almost certainly already paid the $15,000 in fines he’s piled up. And if it ever got really serious when it comes to a fine, El Pendejo Presidente will just send out another e-mail and text blast mooching for lucre from the sheeple.

Which leaves only The Ultimate sanction, pre-trial detention. Not so surprisingly, a fair share of defendants are normally held in pre trial detention, simply because they can’t manage to scrape their bail money together. But for those lucky enough to be out on bail, the last thing they want is to have their bond revoked and go back into durance vile. That threat almost always works.

Come on gang, Sing along with Murf! NOT! TRUMP! For two reasons. First, Trump still has that delusion of invincibility that no judge would dare to toss his orangutan ass into jail, and so far he’s been right. Bit as they say in brokerage house commercials, Past performance is no guarantee of future results. He’s rolling the dice.

The second reason is even more simple. Trump is tilting at all these legal windmills simply because he’s daring judges to toss him in the clink. Trump’s entire political career has been based on running on victimhood. And what would make El Pendejo Presidente a bigger political martyr than being falsely imprisoned for Standing in their way so that they can’t get to you! Dear Lord, he’d out fundraise the American Cancer society with that one, and they wouldn’t leave him in there for more than a week anyway.

So what do you do with a problem child like Trump? That one’s easy, in fact Judge Tanya Chutkan has already made it a threat in an earlier admonition of Trump. Move up his court date! Every move Traitor Tot and his flying monkeys are making is aimed at one thing, delaying his trial date until it interferes with the 2024 election. Already his faux lawyers are filing bullsh*t motions so that the judge can deny them, giving them the opportunity to try and appeal the decisions. If her original plan is still in force, Chutkan is planning on holding her status hearings and the pre-trial motion hearing early enough for her to rule, and the prosecution request expedited appeals to keep the trial date on track.

For some reason, Hair Twitler has vented his spleen mostly on his New York civil case judge, and Judge Chutkan. That’s understandable. Trump is already at trial in New York in a case that could cost him his business and ego. And I think he’s picking these fights with Chutkan so early because she’s the biggest sheriff in town, and he wants to establish dominance right off the bat. And if Trump pulls any more preemptive sh*t with Judge Chutkan, I look for her to threaten him with a mid February trial date.

And the beauty of it is this tactic isn’t restricted to Judge Chutkan. If memory serves correctly, Trump’s trial date for his Manhattan criminal trial is in late January. Which means that the judge will be starting with the status update and pre-trial motions would be starting soon, and the sooner the better. And if Trump starts his sh*t, this is an option for the judge, same as the Fulton County judge. Watch that one carefully, since a conviction in a state court can’t be thrown out with a Presidential pardon.

I know, it just keeps getting weirder and weirder. I’ve tried to live my life simply by trying to be smart enough to know what I don’t know. But when you’re a very stable genius who doesn’t know the difference between his ass and a hole in the ground, life is full of surprises. Usuallly unpleasant ones. Don’t touch that dial.

As always I thank you for the privilege of your time.

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  1. I believe a judge would, and should, consider putting him in jail and when they issue the decree they should make sure it includes words to the effect “you are no different from any other person in the U.S.” That right there might, only might but still, get people on the trump train to re-think their devotion. When he is being treated like anyone else he will to a portion of the magats be brought down to earth from his current deity status. The punishments so far have done nothing to stop his misbehavior but a stint in jail (not house arrest BTW) will not only sober former guy up but it will also make some people believe that he truly is a slob like them.

    Putting the boob in a cell and taking away his twitter toy would definitely make him realize he’s in deep doo-doo. I expect he’d whimper and scream like a little bitch when he is in that cell which would get out and then his manly image the magats all seem to see would be shattered.

  2. I’m STILL advocating for commitment to a mental institution for evaluation, sans outside communication, but for his lawyers. That would shame Trump and not give him the martyr status he craves, were he to be jailed, even for a couple of hours. There are certainly grounds for just such a sanction.


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