Even Lindsey Graham couldn’t pull this one off. (With video)


You know, you could almost feel sorry for the guy, if it wasn’t so damn funny, and if he hadn’t brought it all on himself. For a guy who called Trump a “kook.” and a “racist” when he was running for President, and who cut a campaign ad showing himself pureeing his cell phone, and whacking it with a 9 iron after Trump gave the number out, Lindsey Graham has had quite the fall from grace. And a stunning fall it has been. Graham has gone from the man who once sat proudly at the feet of the American hero John McCain, to the one who grovels at the feet of the $1 Store Caligula.

Graham had his turn in the barrel today. He stepped up to the microphones, fielded questions, and tried to defend the indefensible, namely Trump’s latest escalation in his racist war against “The Squad.” One reporter even asked Graham to compare Trump’s racist remarks with his lifelong friend John McCain’s epic 2008 take down of an old simpleton who called Obama a “Kenyan,” which led McCain to pull the mic from her hands, and admonish her for her ignorance. Remember, this ia the man who gave a wrenchingly emotional speech in the Senate after McCain’s death, doing everything but hurl himself over the flag draped casket, and wailing “Take me with you John, take me with you!” His candy ass reply to the reporter today? “Well, nobody ever treated John McCain the way that Donald Trump has been treated.” Oh yeah, and The Imperial Grand Wizard of the GOP isn’t a racist either. Just so ya know.

But what struck me the most in watching Graham’s disgraceful performance in front of the cameras was his body language. Graham took several questions, and he did it the same way every damn time, with his chin tucked into his chest, and his eyes on the floor. When he answered, he was still talking to the floor, when he looked up, he had a 1,000 yard stare. He’d swing his head from side to side, but he was always looking at your lapel, or the ceiling, or your belt buckle. In short, he looked at you everywhere but in your eye.

Lindsey Graham was embarrassed, and he was humiliated. When presented by a reporter with the mantle of the late Senator John McCain, a man of remendous dignity and principles, Graham was reduced to having to defend instead a man with all of the morals of a capo in a third rate crime family. But while that was the task that Graham had set for himself, you could see in his every motion that his heart wasn’t in it.

Take a look at the video yourself. And now that Graham was so obvious about it, I’m going to start looking for similar traits in other GOP sycophants when similarly required to step up to the microphones and defend Glorious Bleater’s latest verbal obscenity. I’ve already noticed that Yertl McTurtle has that same vacant stare when he replies to questions about Trump, but now I’m going to look for it in others as well. You signed onto this voyage on the Trumptanic guys, y’all enjoy the cruise now, y’hear?

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  1. Maybe YOU can feel sorry for him, Murf. Me, some song lyrics of old come to mind: “Bow down before the one that you serve,/You’re gonna get what you deserve.” For Lindsey Graham, what he deserves is not going to be fun.

    • I guess you somehow missed the operative word “almost” in that sentence…lol And I love those lyrics!!!

      • It’s not so much that I missed it, Murf, as there is no “maybe” about my own feelings. Nothing against what you wrote, promise!

        • bareshark my friend, if I worried about what people thought of what I wrote, I’d never post, especially on Kos…lol All is well, I just thought that you have have misunderstood my drift… 🙂

  2. Lindsey chose to be in that spot, and so did the other Rs. For most, their verbal resistance faded shortly after the 2016 election.

    • And when Trump is gone, who shall carry on for them afterwards? From McConnell on down, the entire GOP has devolved into quislings and weaklings who no longer have the leadership structure to successfully manage a lemonade stand.

      • And that is why I have repeatedly said that the GOP dies with Trump as a national force…”Establishment” conservatives have fled the stink, and are unlikely to return anytime soon after he’s gone, and there are no other universally recognized demagogues of Trump’s calibre to fill his shoes…And that’s why its SO critical to “Ditch” McConnell in 2020…If he goes, there is nobody in the GOP who has the ruthless cunning, or the quest to abuse power that Yertl does…

        • I agree, Murf, there is actually a predictable manure storm brewing … the GOP in all it’s monumental mistakes over the years to reach the, “ultimate authority”, has ignored the, “real people”, and migrated into the, “all or nothing”, wealthiest 1% income people’s shepherds … step right up, here is your next reward, 1.6 trillion dollars, happy? We know we are, McConnell, our fearless obstruction guy, continues to sit on his flatulent ass, and do NOTHING for the people in general, just you guys …. oops, there he goes again, gotta say something to protect Trump from reality … and hell, we ARE working on shutting down the House, will probably have to wait until we buy Trump into power in 2020 …

          My-o-my the assholes in the Senate are incredibly stupid if they don’t think WE THE PEOPLE are sick and tired of all the BS and this so-called President acting like the 2 year old he is … this association of buddy with this freak Epstein for 15 years, (before), the 15 years of NOT being a buddy, provides numerous opportunities to play with young girls, and even Epstein enjoyed the ability of Trump to procure young girls with false promises of being a star, just come out to the island, or if it’s easier meet us at Epstein’s house or Mar-a-Lago … Trump had his own plane and could meet down on Epstein’s Island for a long, extended party without the annoying eyes of authorities … or just close up Mar-a-Lago with door locks and security details … When Trump owned the shows of young teenagers, his promises sounded authentic to young girls, what a freaken snake DJT is ….

          The files WILL be found and, just because he IS the ultimate ass,
          leaked through to all of us like the videos from/through NBC actual arm-around pulling-in ass-grabbing … We will be FORCED to prosecute, simply Trump being the ass he is, points to guilty as charged … he must be vibrating with fear as Epstein is cornered … hence, my predicted manure storm …

    • It faded long before that PJ…It pretty much disappeared once they started paddlefooting backwards from their condemnations of his Access Hollywood statements…

  3. What?! “No-one ever treated John McCain the way that Donald Trump has been treated.” You mean the 5 time draft dodger who avoided the Vietnam STD’s here at home,coddled by wealth and privilege,resplendent in arrogant ignorance? Pretty sure Trump treated him worse,before and after death.Lindsey’s morality died with McCain.

    • I’m thinking that just maybe it’s because John McCain never treated this country the way that Traitor Tot has…

      • Well, McCain DID inflict that horrid Sarah Palin on the country, If McCain had become President, he would’ve been best remembered as giving the country the worst–and dumbest–Vice-President in recent memory, if not, all time (and with Dan Quayle’s being Vice-President less than 30 years ago, that’s saying something).

  4. The years of torture McCain endured in Vietnam while Cadet Bonespurs was partying in the NYC club scene (having gotten daddy to get him a bogus letter to get 4-F draft status) is too easy. Let’s consider a different example.

    In 2000 John McCain was still a conservative and frequently something of an asshole towards causes we liberals hold dear but he was also willing to work across the aisle. He was mounting what appeared might be a formidable campaign for the GOP nomination and upsetting the plans of another rich kid who’d been bailed out repeatedly by an overly indulgent daddy he could never measure up to the Bush campaign had to find a way to cut him off at the knees. After Iowa and NH a certain primary was coming up that would be crucial, so the Bush campaign started an ugly assed rumor that McCain had fathered an illegitimate black daughter. Since he and Cindy had adopted a girl from Bangladesh with dark skin their were pictures. In the particular state in question that was more than enough for the rumor to spread like wildfire and that was pretty much the end of McCain’s candidacy.

    The state? Why, that would be Lindsay Graham’s own home state of South Carolina! Given the way he attached himself to McCain like a Morey eel he knew all about the bad blood between McCain & Bush 43 and why it existed. Now, when faced with how McCain handled things and how Trump is, it seems Graham needs to make an emergency appt. at that special GOP clinic for another anti-shame vaccination booster shot. Because he clearly is feeling some right now.

  5. “If you’re a Somali immigrant in a MAGA hat he doesn’t want to send you back…what does that tell me?”

    Honestly…it tells me that not only is he racist, he’s opportunistic, and that he will reserve his worst behavior for his political opponents…which is absolutely immoral…while disingenuously hiding his racism toward his perceived political allies…which is a different type of immoral.

    I mean, this statement is insane. He’s only racist when he disagrees with someone? “Oh, I’m sorry your honor, I know I shouldn’t have punched a random guy on the street, but you don’t get it…I disagreed with him politically, so it’s okay.”

    Lindsey Graham…he was poised to go down in the history books as a politician who tried to bridge the expanding tribalism. Now this disgusting, sycophantic, immoral adherence to Trumpism is all he will be remembered for.

  6. So it’s all about quashing political dissent and requiring worship of Dear Leader. Somali refugees are OK as long as they grovel at Trump’s feet? OMG that is unbelievable. So it’s all about quashing political dissent and requiring worship of Dear Leader. Graham has given up all pretense of being a morally sentient being.


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