As most everyone knows, Marjorie Taylor-Greene took her inner ass out for a walk yesterday during a hearing with Homeland Security Director. Alejandro Mayorkas. She called the secretary a “liar” and blamed him for fentanyl deaths around the country. Obviously, no one overdosed on anything during the Trump administration.

Her behavior violated the House rule against impugning the character of the witness. The tirade forced Chairman Mark Green, a Republican of Tennessee, to shut down her questioning and bar her from speaking for the rest of the hearing.

But today is the day that the fallout is really setting in. According to CNN:

The outburst took up considerable time during the hearing and threatened to overshadow Mayorkas’s testimony – to the frustration of Republican committee members. A source close to Green said the chairman was furious with the congresswoman’s behavior and planned to privately reprimand her, and also said he would encourage Speaker Kevin McCarthy to remove her from the committee if she ever had an outburst like that again.

Oh, come on! It is not a “reprimand” if it’s done privately! We, the American public, pay taxes. Our taxes should cover the expense of seeing a public reprimand.

GOP lawmakers on the committee, speaking on condition of anonymity, told CNN that Greene’s behavior was an unnecessary distraction and complained they had to waste valuable hearing time over the dust-up. Rep. Tony Gonzales of Texas, who called Greene a “friend” that he has hosted in his district, said the incident was “unfortunate” and supported the chairman’s decision to silence her.

And this is where you see MTG’s power in the party. Indeed, the more she acts like an ass, the more power she accrues because Trump loves it when people act like asses and fight. Plus, Trump calls everyone a liar! If any of them had any power themselves, they wouldn’t have to speak “anonymously.” Bunch of babies.

But MTG doubled down on her rhetoric, accusing her GOP colleagues of “doing the bidding” of Dems.

That’ a girl! If you’re not calling them liars and [basically] drug dealers, you’re just doing the business of the Dems! MGT is in the House to call Dems Mother FFFFFFs and climbing over benches with her gun out, and stop the Dems’ bidding!

Oh, and there’s this:

Oh, that will do a lot of good. She went to McCarthy to blow… to complain that everyone was mean to her. McCarthy is going to have to start telling the Committee people to shut up, lest she put McCarthy’s nuts back in a bottle and hide them again.

Marj? IF a witness is lying, you take your report with the numbers or the factual statements and ask the witness why his or her answer is different. You don’t simply declare them to be a liar.

But I bet that the “lie” was her opinion and couldn’t be backed up by numbers or reports.

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  1. I so hope that the voters in her district have finally had their fill of her embarrassing them with her outbursts and outrages. If they are rational, they will realize she is not doing anything to improve their lives, she is not representing anyone but herself. Probably wishful thinking as her district is the reddest in Georgia.

    • Sadly she’s EXACLTY what the bulk of voters in her district want. Remember, she lost her committee assignments in the last Congress and spent most of her term running around the country hanging out with crazies and KKKrazies and saying far more outrageous stuff than in this hearing. So a sane Republican actually challenged her in the primary and got his own butt handed to him. The general election was a foregone conclusion. So, the voters knew who and what they were voting to send BACK to Congress and the tally in her re-election wasn’t even close. The worst part is unless she winds up convicted of a crime that allows for a certain Constitutional provision to kick in they will send her back AGAIN! Or, perhaps the only slightly less likely thing will happen which is that the GOP will take a cold, hard look at things and decide for their own long-term survival to flush Trump and Trumpism down the toilet. Purge their Party. In which case she’d have NO state or national Party support and someone might actually primary her out of her seat. I for one am not holding by breath on either happening.

  2. Simple solution. She starts bringing in her gun so when she is insulted, she starts shoosting….
    That’s how trailer park rats roll…

  3. Her GQP committee members let her get away with yelling at Swalwell about sleeping with a Chinese “spy”. At least they had the good sense to shut her up after her second outburst. The woman needs to take a cold shower.

  4. Democrats should start making democracy even messier than it already is. This is a country that has been dominated by fascists/racists from day one. This is the age of Aquarius and the people need to be riled up to the max. First, administration witnesses should just start standing up and state they refuse to be harassed by insurrectionist that have no legitimate place in Congress. Then declare them liars with no facts, just propaganda and then storm out and hold a press conference. Then Dark Biden should come out onto the rear balcony with the lawn filled with the good guys and fully support his people.

    Then every Republican that gave any cover to the big lie should be indicted in DC now. Not next year, but now. Too, they should go all the way down to hick town mayors and city councilmen. Every clown on social media that has made threats should be thrown into the mix. And fuck the SC, declare them insurrectionist, too and have them thrown in jail. This is worse than WWII. The fascist are in the house and need to be eradicated once and for all.

    I am sure all of this will happen as soon as I grow hair on the top of my head.

    • I agree , our country is losing respect . We are putting uneducated and unqualified people in office and it’s embarrassing. What the hell are we doing ? no one should be elected into any office without at least a college degree .

  5. The pic for the article reminds me of… Georgia Championship Wrestling. Instead of acting she seems… disturbed imho. Her behavior would lend one to that conclusion. However like wrassling, one must act the part. She does a good job of a howling baboon.

  6. My family goes back at least 6 generations in that district, most of them still there. Thankfully I escaped many years ago. But trust me, she is ABSOLUTELY the 14th district in the flesh. They will keep sending her back.



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