Somebody is cranky and acting like a 2-year-old. Either that, or he’s hung over or maybe he’s Jonesing for a fix and the deposition he’s at has gone on for too long. No, I’m not talking about Donald Trump but rather one of his most sycophantic fluffers — Mike Lindell. Lindell is being deposed by Dominion Voting Systems and when you see this the first idea to come screaming into your head will be, “Where the hell is his lawyer and why doesn’t he get his client under control?” This is one for the books, folks. Believe me when I tell you I have read many hundreds of depo transcripts and listened to audio tape of same and this is not the norm. Not even in the same ballpark.

If you’ve been here a while you know about the feud that Mike Lindell and I have had going for a while now. Maybe that feud is about to escalate now, because I’m here to say that this guy is one sick puppy. This is not how a businessman acts, this is not how an adult acts. But the way Lindell is behaving here explains perfectly his devotion to Donald Trump. This is how Trump acts.

And this is the norm for Lindell. The clip below shows the beginning of the deposition. Lindell is cocky and argumentative when all the attorney is doing is laying down the groundwork for the deposition. I can tell you exactly where the plaintiff’s counsel was going from memory. First, he tries to tell Lindell that he will go slowly because the court reporter is taking it all down. This is standard operating procedure, like reading Miranda rights.

But Lindell snaps. Just even at that. Then, where the lawyer would go next, if he could get a word in edgewise, would be to tell the deponent to always say “yes” and “no” because head nodding or grunting isn’t a sufficient response. But Lindell wants to kill the man already and all the poor man’s doing is attempting to set the stage — according to code, I might add. The lawyer is going by the book, it’s the deponent that is out of line. If you can call being a candidate for a strait jacket being out of line.

the rest of the tweet above says “combative, vulgar, disrespectful, non-responsive, evasive, and consistently loud” during depositions. That’s an accurate description. I’ll stipulate to it in a heartbeat.

And if you’re wondering if I’m going to recite my mantra right now, yes I am. Recite it with me… altogether now….1, 2, 3… “IT GETS WORSE!” Thank you. Let us proceed.

Now the part I loved is how Lindell is playing the victim. It’s Eric Coomer’s fault that MyPillow is having grave financial problems, not the CEO of the company’s. No, Lindell is doing everything right but Coomer is making life hard. Again, the only person who thinks exactly like this is Trump. No wonder Lindell loves him. He is him.

And here he sounds like Trump II. He’s playing the victim card. I wish the lawyer would ask him, “Do you have a part in this, Mr. Lindell? What is your part in this?”

Here he gets combative and abusive and repetitious. You’d think he’d get worn out already. He’s wearing me out, I’ll tell you that.

Now he attacks the lawyer personally. But the part I love is, “you’re being paid on consignment.” I think he means contingency and no, he’s not. Defamation cases are not done on contingency. They’re very hard to win, nobody takes them on contingency.

Now Lindell breaks new ground. He’s threatening to sue the lawyer deposing him. Never saw this one before, either.

This is getting repetitive. You see where this is going. There is an amusing moment here where he accuses the two plaintiff’s counsel in the room of being part of a “criminal crime family.” They sound for all the world like two psychologists talking with a certified lunatic, “Is the crime family in the room now?”

Lindell sticks up for his employees a lot. His employees used to contact me. I don’t know if you remember the time Lindell put my email address on the chyron at Frankspeech and told everybody to contact me and tell me how awful I was. So I got a few emails and hate tweets and the employees all said that “Mr. Lindell is a good boss and employs people of different races.” That was never my issue with Lindell. My issue was the Big Lie, first, last, and always.

The man is seriously ill. I hope they sanction the hell out of him. Not that it will do any good. He’ll just take it as more evil coming his way from “horrible reporters” (the category he put me in) and “ambulance chasers” and members of “criminal crime families.”

After seeing this display I am certain of one thing: Lindell will end up living in a cardboard box under a bridge. He is too far gone to pull himself out of the nosedive he’s in. The man has a monomania and he’s going to follow it to the gates of insanity and death. I’ve seen this show before, unfortunately. Some people just can’t get help.

Lindell managed to kick crack, I give him kudos for that. But I don’t think he’ll ever be able to kick Trump. The poor son of a bitch.


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  1. If he were to shave the cheesey mustache off to the sides of his nose he would be a doppelgΓ€nger for a slovenly and poorly dressed Adolf Hitler.

  2. Ursula, hi I’m Steve
    He was once worth South of 30 million
    making pillows.
    just me, i shut up
    retire to the Bahamas

    but no.
    I have no words, for this
    I worked construction,
    Ursa 1 million,,
    the most un political person on
    it’s unbelievable,, it really is

    just asking, I looked being honest , I have 23.dollars change, but I can sleep tonight.

  3. No lawyer? What on earth? This is not a bright guy. Does he think this will sell more pillows or is he just plain dumb? Granted, these Big Lie supporters are sheep so maybe this is a clever marketing strategy. Of course, after he loses his company because Dominion wins, well, that actually is not a very clever strategy.

    • He must not have had a lawyer or the lawyer would have stopped it. That’s the only thing I can imagine. And he’s nuts to go to a deposition without a lawyer. Even if he was a lawyer himself, I would say he needed a lawyer, just not to get tripped up.

  4. He is espousing the ruling mythology of America. The employees are beholden to their capitalist employers and by that reasoning their employers are doing them a big favor. Even black slaves should have been grateful for the on the job training they received. Mike makes me want to puke.

    I don’t see him lasting much longer. Also, he, Trump and most Republicans don’t need big words to adequately describe them. They are stupid and evil. If Lindell and his crappy rip-off company do go belly-up I hope he ends up on his cousin’s sofa and not the street. The public doesn’t need to be exposed to him anymore.

    • Lindell really screwed up on this one. This story is all over the internet, not just here. He looks like mud here. He sounds like an abusive lunatic — which is what he is.

  5. Ursula, I was sued, along with the supervising MD, and the hospital, because we didn’t commit an adult woman brought in by her mother demanding she be taken into custody. I was in my office in the middle of the night, when I heard shouting in the lobby. I went out to find the mother, her new bf, and her 22 year old daughter in a shouting match. I separated them and told them they had to calm themselves. Once you walked through double locked doors of a psychiatric hospital, you might be committed from there, if we determine you are a safety risk to yourself or others. The mother had signed her daughter into treatment when she was a minor, which can be done. However, her daughter was now a legal adult and if she didn’t want to voluntarily sign in herself for some kind of treatment, she would have to meet the criteria I previously noted. After talking with her daughter, it was clear she was not suicidal or homicidal or under a delusional or psychotic episode. She did not want to stay although her only option was to return home to her mother’s house. She did suffer from anxiety and depression but was on meds prescribed by her doctor. I offered her a bed, but she refused. Her mother, after I informed her, that the MD and I did not have grounds to commit her, stormed out after screaming at her daughter. I gave the daughter a place to lie down for the remainder of the night, and a free cab ride to any address she wanted in the city. She had reiterated having a terrible history with her mother and the men brought to their home. She decided to go home. Two days later she died of a heroin overdose at her mother’s house. Her mother blamed us although her use of heroin was unknown to us and not part of her record. Toxicology reported that was the cause of death. Nothing related to suicide was found. She sued us. I had attorneys the hospital provided, and sat through a six hour deposition with a court reporter taking down every word. I followed EVERYTHING my attorneys advised. It went to the state Supreme Court, ruling in my favor, noting that people cannot be locked up for the reasons her mother wanted, and adults would have to meet the standard of suicidal ideation/behavior, or be a credible threat to others. It cost the other side 22,000 dollars. Watching this crazy man act like HE’S immune to legal rules and judgements is beyond anything I can imagine. I know you didn’t provide video of his lawyers trying to control him, but I know they must be the real ambulance chasers because they have to know he is tanking his case by attacking the other attorney and the judge. The sheer stupidity is mind boggling. Once again, the combination of Ignorance and Arrogance produces a self destructive moron. FACT.

  6. Well, damn. I used to feel sorry for Mike Lindell, believing him to be a true believer AND former addict – almost a victim of his Kool-Aid drinking impulses and needs. Now I see he’s just another belligerent nutjob. Too bad, so sad.


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