I know, I’ve written previously about how I correctly predicted in something like October of 2015 that Trump would win the GOP nomination because the 16 man field was diluting the anti Trump vote. And I was right.

 But as they like to say, Timing is everything. I wrote that article in like October of 2015, and there was still something like 14 GOP candidates in the field when they rolled into Iowa for the caucuses to kick off the primary season. They all stuck around for one simple reason. Donald Trump was an ass clown, and everybody wanted to still be around when he imploded from the field.

By all rights things should be different this year. With Trump’s death grip on his delusional, racist base, anybody with 12 functioning brain cells should be running like hell in the other direction to avoid getting caked in mud from a primary roll in Traitor Tot’s mosh pit. The only logical entry would be a moderate alternative like Haley or Hutchinson, who won’t be paddling in Trump’s raw sewage mosh pit. Preferably Hutchinson, since at least he’s willing to go toe-to-toe with His Lowness.

But instead the field is crowded with rejects from the workbench of misfit toys, and it’s about to get larger. Next week former NJ Governor Krispy Kreme is scheduled to join the fray, as is Vanilla Pudding Mike Pence, the GOP Governor of South Dakota that nobody has ever even heard of, and some rich sh*tpoke venture capitalist from California nobody could identify in a police lineup. And they’re all falling in face first for the same stupid reason.

Because history is rhyming again. In 2015, everybody stayed in the field far too long because they wanted to still be standing when Trump went down in flames. But he never did. And now all of these space oddities are tumbling out of the clown car for the same reason. They all want to still be hanging around when all of El Pendejo Presidente’s legal indictments finally drag him kicking and screaming off of the national stage to try and save his own dumb ass.

But it isn’t going to happen. Because FrankenTrump knows full well that his only prayer of modeling an orange jumpsuit, and becoming Elizabeth Holmes’s pen pal is to get back into the White House in January of 2025. And it’s not like he’ll suffer from those indictments. He’ll make himself a Witch Hunt! political martyr in his rallies, and fund raise like hell off of it. He’s still the prohibitive frontrunner.

And as for the rest of these dimwitted ballot mice? Who cares? What are they doing? By declaring they get to get out of the hose, away from the spouse, spend donor cash, and fluff their egos with campaign rallies. All of which has nothing more to do with Iowa in January than a bowl of piss Jack Daniels.

Trump. Isn’t. Quitting. And when we get into October and November, and The Mango Messiah continues to hold a commanding lead in the polls, then the funding and Super PAC advertising d9llars for the rest of this third rate traveling carnival is going to dry up. And without that, these charlatans are going to start falling off like rose petals in an October frost.

And that’s why I’m not worried about the size of the field right now. 2015 was a wide open field, and Trump was considered to be a freak. This time Trump is pretty much a lock. Donors aren’t about to throw good money after bad for long. The GOP field will winnow much more quickly this time because the basic mechanics are different.

My best guess? By the time the Iowa caucuses roll around, it will be Donald Trump and the Pocket Governor Ron DeSantis, or however he pronounces it vying for the racist insaniac vote. On the sane side will be GOP Senator Tim Scott and Nikki Haley. Scott appears to have the edge in terms of cash-on-hand and fundraising. If Haley falters, then Hutchinson is the only viable long term survivor I can see. But one way or the other, I don’t see the actual current field stumbling into the Iowa caucuses in late January. We shall see.

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  1. Youngkin is being mentioned but he doesn’t stand a chance. I still think the dark horse who might jump out of nowhere and into the race and close to the front is Kemp from Georgia. I really do think he’d have the non-MAGA vote in his pocket and by playing things straight (staying out of the Trump prosecution in his state) he can make a decent case to non-MAGA Republicans and more importantly GOP mega donors he can make inroads with Independent voters for the exact reason Trump and the MAGAs will hate him. He’s not the most down to earth personal guy but compared to Youngkin he’s got plenty of charisma. Enough for a national campaign? I have my doubts but I still think he’s the one to watch.

  2. why are we rooting against trump in the primary. trump is the one guy Biden can beat. Biden is tripping over sand bags, people say he is too old. rump is his same age, and less in shape and less cognizant. Unless dems decide on another candidate, I want trump in the election against biden.

  3. It’s worth noting I read an article on AOL’s news feed that Larry Ellison, the guy who co-founded Oracle Corporation, has been starting to put his money on Tim Scott.

    (Story at https://www.aol.com/news/larry-ellison-billionaire-backing-sen-172203807.html)

    Of course, in 2016 , Ellison was backing Marco Rubio (I wonder what ever happened to THAT guy?) so, with that kind of “political savvy,” Ellison might be better off sticking with cyberstuff and staying out of politics. But, then again, if he wants to flush $60 million down a toilet, I guess it’s his money to waste. Personally, if I had that kind of money just laying around, going to waste, I think I could find better ways to dispose of it–like giving it to local government so they could make infrastructure improvements or hire (and properly train) new police or fund some soup kitchens and food banks and homeless shelters (with not just food and clothing, but maybe help the people get some kind of job training or retraining). Hell, just getting $60 million in singles and tossing all of it into a swimming pool and living out the Scrooge McDuck fantasy of swimming through his money would seem less wasteful than pouring good money into a candidate who has virtually no chance of making through the full primary season, much less getting the nomination and winning the White House.
    Then again, I’m not a sociopath who wants to fund right-wing candidates whose sole bottom line is “cutting taxes for billionaires while getting rid of the social safety net for everyone else.”

  4. I just have to do this:: Oh the outlook wasn’t brilliant for the GOP that day…The score stood 4 to 2 with but one inning left to play… So when Cohen died at first and Bannon did the same…A death like silence hung upon the patrons of the game…Some disgusted MAGAs got up to go, leaving there the rest… With the hope that springs eternal from within the human breast… For the thought if only Trumpy could get a whack at bat, well they’d tell you to kiss their asses with Trumpy at the bat……. But Flynn proceeded Trumpy and so did Willian Barr…. And the former was a F up and the latter wouldn’t spar….. So on that stricken MAGA crowd the death defiant sat… For there seemed but little chance of Trumpy getting to the Bat But Flynn let drive a single to the amazed MAGAs all… And the wouldn’t fight William tore the cover off the ball… And when the dust had lifted and MAGAs saw what had occurred… There was Billy B safe at second, and Flynn a hugging third…….. Then from 5000 MAGAs there arose a mighty roar….Like the beating of a mighty drum, Apron a distant shore …. It rattled off the mountains and rebounded on the flat…. For Trumpy, mighty Trumpy was advancing to the bat…… There was ease in Trumpy manner as he stepped into his place….There was pride in Trumpys bearing and a smile lit Trumpys face…. And when in answer to the MAGA crowd he doffed his MAGA hat…. No stranger in the crowd could doubt, ’twas Trumpy at the bat…. 10 thousand eyes were on hin when he rubbed his hands with dirt….%000 MAGAs applauded when he wiped them on his shirt….. And while the waiting Democrat ground the ball into his hip, defiance gleamed on Truppys face a sneer curled Trumpys lip…. And now the learher covered sphere came hurtling through the air…..But Trunpy stood there watching it tousling his orange hair,,,,Colse by the pudgy batsman the ball unheeded sped….That ain’t my style says Trumpy, strike one the Umpire said… From the benches black with MAGAs there went up a muffled roar…. Like the beating of mighty ocean waves up a rugged shore…. KILL HIM KILL THE UMPIRE shouted someone from the stands….And it’s likely they’d have killed him had not Trumpy raised a hand….With a smile of Christian charity great Trumpys visage shone…..He calmed the rising MAGA crowd, he bade the game on….He signaled to the Dem pitcher, once more duns sphere flew…..But Trumpy still ignored it, and the Umpire said strick two….. FRAUD cried the maddened MAGA crowd, and echo answered FRAUD…..But one scornfull look from Trumpy and the MAGA crowd was awed…. Thet saw Trumpy’s face grow stern and cold, they saw his muscles strain….And they knew that Trumpy wouldn’t let, that ball go past again…. The sneer is gone from Trumpy’s lip his teeth are clenched in hate….with cruel violence he pounds his bat upon the plate…..And now the pitcher holds the ball, and now he lets it go….And now the air is shattered by the force of Trumpy’s blow….. Oh maybe somewhere in MAGA land the sun is shinning bright…. Somewhere bands are playing, and somewhere hearts are light. Somewhere Dems are laughing, and somewhere children shout…. But the is no joy in MAGS land….Mighty Trumpy has struck out!!!!


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