I don’t know if the bookies are taking bets yet, but if they are, the bet is not if, it is only when. There is no if. After today’s New York Times revelation that Joel Greenberg has been cooperating in the investigation since last year, there is no question but that Matt Gaetz is gone. He has blustered and preened and said that he wouldn’t resign, but all that pales in the face of a cooperating witness, whose cooperation would not be revealed unless he had made damaging testimony about Gaetz and it was corroborated.

And through it all, you notice that El Caudillo de Mar-a-Lago is silent.

Poll time:

Matt Gaetz will be gone next week because:

  1. Kevin McCarthy will tell him, “look, Chump, I stalled as long as I could. Give it up.”
  2. Mitch McConnell will call him and offer to send him to China on a slow boat if he doesn’t resign and Mitch can do that;
  3. The Pirozollo path leads straight through Mar-a-Lago and the GOP wants to stop that from being discovered;
  4. Something else, see my comment below.


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  1. 4…the constant leak of information to the press, combined with his incredible stupidity, makes me think they’re trying to flip him for a bigger fish…or several. It seems like half of Florida’s political class is involved in this one, including…wait for it…Roger Stone. Gaetz is going to be given a choice, I believe: talk or spend the rest of the century in prison. I’m betting that he’ll go for Door Number Two.

  2. I kinda think he won’t go until police usher him out in cuffs. But I also think that’s an inevitability at this point.

    But I won’t be surprised if there are charges we didn’t see coming. Operating a dog fight? Selling information to MBS for gold bars? Having a stake in a meth lab? Smuggling endangered bears through Tibet? Who knows, but I’m betting there’s something bonkers from left field before this is all over.


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