Have you ever had an epiphany? That one blinding moment when the clouds part, the sun shines down, Gabriel’s trumpet sounds, and all at once everything is crystal clear? I just had one. And the resulting brilliance of that epiphany? Donald Trump is a moron!

I’m serious. Everybody loves to call Trump a moron whenever he does something stupid, even his Secretary of State, Rex Tillerson called him a fucking moron. But you know what? That’s just descriptive American slang, a derisive epithet.

What I’m saying is that Donald Trump is literally a moron. Even granting his purloined Wharton Business School diploma, bought with his sisters assistance, Donald Trump is a functional moron. He lives in a self protective cocoon of personal brilliance and success. The real world doesn’t make much of an impression. That’s why he so often comes across as totally tone deaf when he talks about things.

Trump by his nature is immature, insecure, and childish. He covets things. Wealth, fame, possessions, that is his nature. And as Hannibal Lecter said in Silence of the Lambs, How do you covet? You start by coveting things that you see every day.

Trump coverts. He covets to the point that he used Trump Charitable Foundation funds to buy a 6′ painting of himself, as well as a Tim Tebow autographed Florida Gators helmet. Which caused the closure of his foundation by New York state. Never having graced the cover of Time magazine as the Man of the Year, Trump dummied one up to put on his club wall.

What does this have to do with today, and current events? Here’s what. When Trump became President, suddenly he had access to the nations most sensitive secrets. What a rush for a doofus who could barely tie his shoes! Trump covets things. And when he had access to top secret documents, like Gollum from The Lord of the Rings, he had to have His precious! And so he horded them. Kept them close. And when he left the White House, he took His Precious with him.

Sweet Jesus! The NSA team couldn’t get Trump to read a daily briefing even if they bribed him with double bacon cheeseburgers! Trump didn’t give a shit about national security, all he cared about was his access to the documents.

And therein lies the saga of the Mar-A-Lago documents. Who cares if Trump shuffled through the documents in the storage locker? Does anybody really believe that Traitor Tot actually read through all of that shit? All Trump wanted to do was to thumb through them, and see those bright red Top Secret stamps at the top of every page. Those were His Preciousssss!

It was never about the secrets. It was about the documents. They were special and important, which meant that Trump had to possess them, whether he knew what was in them or not. And when he gets perp walked, Trump honestly won’t even know why. Trump is a functional moron, which in this instance, makes him the most dangerous man alive.


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  1. Unfortunately, he is a moron with charisma, even his niece admits he has “it”. Fortunately, that doesn’t matter in a court of law.

  2. I don’t know about moron, but from where I sit he’s a dude who MIGHT have been of average, if a bit dull intelligence had he actually put in effort to learn stuff in school. High school. He was never what used to be called (as I’m sure you remember) “college material” but he was rich and his father wanted to maintain appearances so ole Fred disgustedly coughed up the money to buy him a fancy school college diploma to hang on the wall.

    Trump has, or used to at least some savvy and combined with an instinctive set of world-class instincts to dodge at the last second & money to toss to those tasked with cleaning up the wreckage he left in his wake managed to stay out of jail.

    I still say had he not been born rich, he’d have spent his life hawking crappy used cars on some dinky lot way the fuck away from the main drag. Eking out a mediocre existence because one thing he has been able to do is identify suckers who would fall for a shiny used car that proved the adage about beauty only being skin deep. That is what should be his station in life and would have been if his father hadn’t been rich and concerned with keeping up appearances. Within the span of two decades TWO Presidents have been inflicted on this country due to fathers who though deeply offended by and disappointed in their son’s significant shortcomings were more concerned with maintaining the illusion of a family of highly accomplished members. (Don’t forget – Jeb was the one being groomed to become President. Not W. And being the oldest W said fuck that and jumped into the race & Popply Bush and Babs refused to slap his ass down)

  3. Not just to possess. These documents were to show off and to eventually sell when money was tight. He was selling them either now or in future.

      • When I think about all the secret time Don-O’telly spent with Putin in plain sight, taking that giant step into plain Treason, claiming his taking of Putin’s word over our own intelligence system … telling extreme secret info directly to Putin’s agents IN THE OVAL OFFICE …!

        Was there ANY time Trump-the-Wart could have delivered Secrets directly to Putin, without discovery?

        You are right, the sale would have had to occur before his wad of documents was common knowledge in the FBI world … I believe the SS crew was always tight to Trump’s personal safety … a crew of dudes dressed to appear as kitchen deliveries could easily have hauled the boxes right into the, “Donald cave of imagined, wealth and world credits”.

        Trump IS at once, a “fucking Moron”.
        So far, there are more than a million US Citizens that might be alive today if, “Knumb Nuts”, had done the right things, shown by Obama to do, weeks earlier …

  4. Gee, Murf, what took you so long? I had THAT much figured out about three years ago. That was around the time I stopped being afraid of him. Character is destiny.

  5. I’ve heard his sister helped him with his homework and might have taken his ACT or SAT exam for him. She perhaps could have done his homework for him in college. There comes a point however when she cannot do certain things. Did they not have exams in the courses this nimrod took? Whenever I took tests in my classes in college the professor was watching us. Did none of his professors notice dimwit donny turned into a woman?

    He got his credentials from Wharton because his daddy paid for him to get them. Period. He got his degree the same way Jar-jar got into Harvard. Unfortunately, this crap happens WAY too often.

  6. If by the end of “Apprentice: White House” there had been any adults in the room, they could have printed thousands of pages with the “Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet…” text, put a “Top Secret” water mark on them and dipshit would have been just as happy.


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