I’m serious. After all this pre game hype on both sides, there’s no way that the trial judge is going to make a pre trial summary judgement for either side. But if the main thing that Dominion wanted out of this exercise is accountability, they’ve already got it. And if they wanted revenge, I believe they’re about to get that too.

Ever since 2015, when Trump announced that he was running, it has been a kind of a Which came first, the chicken or the egg? conundrum for most observers. Did Trump bring his rabid followers over to FUX News when he made it his propaganda network of choice, or did FUX News turn their own base on to Traitor Tot by making him their political poodle of choice?

I have long felt it was both. Trump had activated a large swath of the racist right who had long ago tuned out of politics, feeling unloved. They followed Trump to FUX and became regular viewers. And FUX had followers who weren’t even interested in the GOP primaries at that point, but became Trump supporters the more brazenly that FUX News pimped him to their viewers. One hand washed the other.

And it’s not like His Lowness hasn’t already proven to FUX News that loyalty stops at the Mar-A-Lago gates. Following the 2020 FUX News apostasy for declaring Biden the winner of Arizona, El Pendejo Presidente went batshit. Still having his social media privileges then, he slammed FUX on Twitter and Facebook, calling them FAKE NEWS! and boycotting FUX by appearing on NewsMax and OAN instead. I believe this is the time frame Fucker Carlson was referring to in that group host chat that the stock price was tanking, and ratings were down. Rupert Murdoch himself had to step in and smooth over the rift.

FUX is taking the expected chickenshit response to the Dominion lawsuit by refusing to even admit that it exists on the network. This is the equivalent of a kid hiding behind the drapes when the lightening flashes, forgetting the window is right behind him. And it won’t work.

It won’t work for two reasons. First, not every FUX viewer is a brain dead Trombie. There a solid block of conservatives that watch FUX regularly, but also get news from other independent sources as well. And from those independent outlets they’re learning that Rupert Murdoch and his prime time hosts have been treating their viewers like a clutter of kittens with a laser pointer. And just like I talk with you good people about things I see on MSNBC and CNN, I’m betting that moderate conservative friends about what they hear and see. Murdoch is not going to be able to sweep this under the rug.

But no matter what FUX News viewers aren’t seeing or hearing about the Dominion case on FUX, there’s one person I can goddamn guarantee you is hearing every word. Donald John Trump. And his fury is going to be unquenchable. Here FrankenTrump thought that he was playing Murdoch and FUX for fools, and all that time it turns out that they all thought he was the worst thing since the potato famine. And worst of all, not only does Trump know that everybody at FUX thinks he’s a schmuck loser, thanks for the Dominion debacle, so does everybody else on the planet that isn’t mesmerized by FUX.

This is the one thing that could get him off of his pathetic Bullshit Central platform and back on his newly restored Twitter and Facebook privileges. Revenge. And even if he doesn’t, it doesn’t matter. Trump’s campaign arm sends out more e-mail blasts and text mailings than any human alive. And you can bet your ass they’ll be training those guns on a full blown boycott of FUX by all good Trombies. And that boycott will make the FUX News viewership and stock backlash from the 2020 Arizona call look like a weak spit in the ocean.

This is why I said that Dominion has already won the war. Even if FUX News manages to wriggle off of the hook at trial on some cheesedick 1st Amendment defense, the damage is already done. They’re not going to get those viewers, neither the Trombies nor the moderate conservatives who got played like a corporate game of Liars Poker. But if they lose, and there are stiff punitive damages, it’s going to hurt even more when put before the backdrop of lower viewership and ratings, and reduced revenue from having to charge lower advertising rates. And they’ll never attract any viewers back of any kind, as long as their prime time lineup is made of Trump hating bullshit peddlers. FUX may want to try for a spot on that Extreme Makeover show.

Which brings us to the FUX News prime time lineup. As the Judas Ewes who led the flock to slaughter, they’re the ones who will take the brunt of the wrath of the Trumpaholics. The biggest target of the group will be Fucker Carlson. Trump literally made Carlson. Before The Cheeto Prophet, Carlson was on the edge of primetime. He led in for Bill-O the clown, who in turn fed Flat Top Hannity, who fed Cruella de Ingraham. Carlson’s fawning devotion and access to Trump made him a household name. And all the time he hated Trump passionately.

We all know how the FUX News prime time lineup enjoys their fame. Now let’s see how they enjoy their infamy. Carlson is gleefully derisive on air when he describes the frequent death threats that Democrats like AOC, Ilhan Omar, and Nancy Pelosi regularly receive. Now let’s see how much he likes having to look over his own shoulder constantly, and pay out of pocket for private security, thanks to death threats from far right Trump supporters who take this shit very seriously.

FUX can’t win. And here’s the McGuffin. Murdoch and his prime time lineup went through all of this shit just to keep Trump and his viewers sweet. But the way they did it led to a neutron bomb going off over their heads. And they should have learned a very basic work rule a long time ago. When the minions spend their time standing around the water cooler talking shit about the boss, it’s only a matter of time until the Boss hears it! It couldn’t happen to a nicer group of scumbags.

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  1. “You didn’t know it. You didn’t think it could be done, but in the final end, he won the war, after losing every battle.” Bob Dylan, Idiot Wind
    Bob may have been singing about “the lone solider on the cross”, but, maybe after all the battles lost since 2016, maybe WE will win the war. Once the truth is out of the tube, there’s no putting it back, and there’s no going back for faux or tuck. Hey tuck, watch your ass. You know how the wingnuts like guns, hammers, etc. Cult members are only loyal to the cult leader. I hope they don’t find you in some posh resort, with frozen fishsticks where they don’t belong. Just saying.

  2. As I see it, NewsNation is positioning itself as “Fox News, but with integrity.” Chris Cuomo is trying to redeem his career by moving to the right. Will it attract the few remaining “moderate” Fox viewers? We’ll see. Meanwhile, the revelations from the Dominion lawsuit have proven there is no “straight news” reporting on Fox, it’s all propaganda.


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