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During a July 18th meeting in the Oval Office, which was held in secret and is just now being reported out by NBC news, CEOs of some of the biggest airline employers in the states (and other interested parties) met with Trump, Mulvaney and the new PressSec to protest that three middle-east carriers —  Emirates, Etihad Airways and Qatar Airways —  are subsidized by their governments and undercutting their businesses.

Trump responded by ridiculing American Airline’s CEO Doug Parker for his stock prices, fixating on Delta Chief Ed Bastian’s decision to not show and told the Americans to take it up with his Department of Transportation – where it is NBC’s determination that they will lose.

USA Today

“The three CEOs outlined their problems with government subsidies given the airlines — Emirates, Etihad Airways and Qatar Airways — by Qatar and the United Arab Emirates in an op-ed published by USA TODAY on July 15.

“Subsidies allow these carriers to fly money-losing flights in a way no rational commercial airline could afford,” the three CEOs wrote.

They added, “This administration knows a trade violation when it sees one. The United States must act decisively to hold Qatar and the UAE accountable. Failure to do so would reward bad behavior and signal to other countries that they too are free to exploit American workers. That is a dangerous precedent that our airline workers and our country cannot afford.”

Trump, according to NBC News, made fun of Parker for American Airlines’ stock prices and “repeatedly harped on Bastian’s absence.”

NBC News reported in order to get Trump’s attention, the three American CEOs placed ads on Fox News.”

There you have it, folks: America First!

Or maybe second or third… but if you want a hearing make sure you go on Fox News.

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  1. However one feels about CEOs, it’s rarely a good idea to piss them off like Trump just did with this bunch. There seems to be an understated disdain he has for ACTUAL business people coming from this man who only faked being one on TV. As I said, that’s a mistake.

    Fascism only succeeded in Germany because Hitler was able to get all major industries on his side. And yet most major industries here have found it vastly more profitable to cater to Trump’s opposition. Of course, it doesn’t help that DT’s quislings have taken over the RNC and made the latter’s accounts into his newest slush fund. That will give the usual Republican donors pause on contributing their cash.

    • I disagree in that I think MORE CEO’s should piss off the asswipe as much as they can and every chance they get to call him out on being such as complete and utter disaster of a businessman, not to mention a fake politician and a career criminal. What’s he going to do other than throw another hissy fit and call them some more childish playground names?

  2. Emirates advertises a lot about their luxurious service – I’ve seen their ads. I suspect that himself and his buddies love the thought of that kind of service, and wish there were US airlines that were like that.

    • Newlywed daughter and husband just returned from an extensive trip on Emirates. Airfare was $900 RT and taxes $1100 with $900 upgrade to business class. Yes, we love that but how can US carriers possibly compete? America should come first (according to him)

  3. This wasn’t a secret meeting. Doug Parker has taken tens of millions from American Airlines.
    He has violated the trust of passengers, employees, retirees, investors and the US Government.

    Finally Doug Parker is called out for what he is. A whiny , spoiled rat.

    Too bad it took a couple of administrations to figure it out.

  4. These Middle East airlines fly 787s, USA built planes. It’s not clear that sanctioning them in favor of USA airlines is a smart move.


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