Mike Lindell must have a financial death wish. He’s already alienated advertisers to the tune of $65 Million, which even he admits he’ll never get back. Now he’s banking what he has left, apparently, on one last screwball, witless, pyrotechnic roll of the dice, a sequel to “Absolute Proof” — which proved absolutely nothing — which will both rally the right-wing troops to his new website, Frank, and restore Donald Trump to the White House in August. That’s the plan. Right.

Lindell’s newest disinfomercial is called “Scientific Proof” and it purports to take apart the 2020 election apparatus piece by piece, with the aid of one Douglas G. Frank, who describes himself as “a Ph.D. scientist. I’ve been doing science for about 40 years, aggressively.” The chyron says he is a physicist. If you Google him, he’s got something called a “Facebook research page” — if it’s even the same guy. Point being, this “expert” is precisely the sort of loon that you would expect Lindell to have leading his latest excursion to the world of election fantasy, a realm he invented.

“Dr.” Frank goes on to say how he researched “how many registrations and how many ballots you need in every county to control an election.” Then Lindell chimes in with something about “computers that were online, before, during and after. You have to plan the attacks, plan the algorithms, then it has to be online during and then afterwards to (with a wink and nod to Frank) what? Check your work?”

Then the plot thickens when Lindell and Frank look at a voter registration database which shows some people voting for the first time in 2020. Lindell shoots the camera a world weary look as if to say, it’s all over, here’s the smoking gun. Ummm….the 2020 election saw a surge in voter registration and voting? There were more first-time voters in 2020 than ever before, not all of them young people. A 99-year-old Indiana woman voted for the first time in 2020. She explained, “I was always busy with my house and my kids and this time I wanted to see the right man get in there.”

In all events, this is the tenor of Lindell’s alleged bombshell, taking the facts of the election and wildly skewing them, which is going to overturn the 2020 election and restore Donald Trump to the White House by Labor Day, or so Lindell says and so QAnon hopes.

What’s that you say? Where is this bombshell documentary to be viewed, since it is of so much historical import, since it is the mechanism of Trump’s return to power? Well, YouTube isn’t running it, Fox News disowned Lindell a while back, and even Newsmax has cold feet. That’s an indication right there, that you’re on the hairy edge, if Newsmax is looking askance and calling the legal department for advice. The only people who will touch this bomb with a ten foot pole is OAN and that’s only because they desperately need what’s left of Lindell’s money. Media Matters:

On Sunday, One America News aired Scientific Proof, an unanticipated followup to MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell’s Absolute Proof “disinfomercial” — this time talking with a physicist about how “machines, ‘i.e. computers,’” allegedly stole the 2020 election for President Joe Biden. During the April 4 program, Lindell made the same false allegations against Smartmatic and Dominion Voting Systems (which is already suing him for defamation) and baseless claims of election fraud as his earlier film. […]

Last Sunday on OAN, Lindell spread the same lies and encouraged everyone watching to do the same.

OAN, as a self-proclaimed news channel, continues to fan the flames of these deadly lies for two reasons: It needs attention from a deeply misled audience, and Lindell’s money.

Lindell’s first movie was identified as paid programming in a lengthy and arguably useless legal disclaimer OAN ran prior to its first airing, which stated that the MyPillow CEO “has purchased the airtime for the broadcast of this program” and “is solely and exclusively responsible for its content,” but Lindell’s sequel did not carry a similar warning (though the film was abruptly interrupted several times by OAN promos). Lindell’s payment for OAN airtime to spread his unhinged lies was presumably a welcome boon for the network’s finances, which rely on fees from cable subscribers instead of potentially more lucrative ad revenue for most of its income. (OAN claims to be profitable and debt-free, but the family-owned company keeps its finances relatively private.)

OAN is also hungry for viewers who will appreciate its brand of far-right propaganda, and the network is willing to go farther than its competitors — even Fox News and Newsmax — in delivering deluded lies to a far-right audience conditioned for misdirection.

In the world that OAN’s programming regularly claims is real — where Trump is still the rightful president, even if Democrats cheated him out of the White House — what is a patriot to do when the White House itself was stolen, and the rightful president’s works are being undone by an usurper? The answers to that false question are obviously dangerous; we saw a preview of them on January 6.

It’s crazy content for crazy people. The only online site where you can watch “Scientific Proof” is BitChute, which is where the flat earthers, holocaust deniers, climate deniers, gun fetishists and Nazis all hang out and watch videos. That’s where I watched it. I’m not going to link to them here, but if you want to have a drink and listen to a mind numbingly stupid “argument” being cobbled together, it’s got some entertainment value. Plus, it’s actually a valuable tutorial in how a lot of culture war anti-science, pro-paranoia propaganda gets made.

However, as Media Matters points out, it’s also a recipe for disaster. Some people believe this crazy dogma, as we found out exactly ninety days ago today, when the Capitol riot broke out.

Lindell’s new platform launches next week, supposedly, and the good news is that since he is banned from Twitter and YouTube, he can’t disseminate his crazy ideas there, to a mass audience. Instead, he’s forced to try to grow his conspiracy theory like a mushroom farm, down in the dark.

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    • I like it that he’s been “doing science aggressively” for all these years. You need to whack those slide rules, show them who’s boss.

      • You are ignorant liberal mike lindell and hundreds of others working on the election fraud and ballot fraud is there right in front of your eyes but your to brainwashed to want to even acknowledge it but it will all come out and still is so get off your high horse of your bull shit lies

        • You’re too stupid to know how things work. That “documentary” is pure asinine gibberish. Do you think for one nano second that if there was anything legitimate about election fraud that Mitch McConnell wouldn’t have seized on it to the exclusion of all else. Learn how the world works, stupid, and then you’ll see how ridiculous this all is. Or, wait for QAnon’s next proclamation. Jesus. You people are beyond anything.

    • That’s true. The line should be rewritten, “You knew I was a snake oil salesman when you let me in.” There, we fixed it.

  1. Joe Biden, having stolen an election and been installed as America’s first Commander-In-Thief, has useful idiots like those at politizoom to help him with the necessary task of misinformation; disinformation and indoctrinationcum brainwashing that must follow! The essential question remains: Can Democrats fool all of the people all of the time?

  2. Wow incredibly stupid article! Everyone knows there was voter fraud and Trump won that election! SCOTUS is corrupt and balless and would not look at the evidence. It is there and they know but they don’t have the balls to open it up.

    • Isn’t it curious that a supreme court which is conservative and where Trump appointed three of the judges wouldn’t tackle a problem as obvious as what you’re saying it is? Or, could it be, that you’ve been listening to bullshit and there is no case, and that is why the Supreme Court declined to deal with it. Because there is nothing there to deal with. Wake up, stupid.

  3. Blows my mind, to say trump was proven wrong? The courts that heard his cases hes won most of those. The vast majority didnt even hear the cases. To say no fraud? Explain the states that illegally changed the voter laws days & only a couple weeks prior to. Explain more notes than registered voters.Biden got more votes than any other? Give me a break

  4. People step into a lot of trouble and shit talking the way you do. If your name is even on this bullshit article (joke and all lies) it is probably an alias. Be very careful talking that bullshit. Watch your mouth…mind your ps and qs…only write truth drop the bullshit. Its only hurting the left socialist scum. So whatever. Youve been TOLD.

  5. You make fun of Dr. Frank who doesn’t have a Facebook he said in the video so it makes me wonder if you even watched the video. He also explains how he found the algorithm, it was because he was teaching it to his advanced physics class full of gifted students. Then him and that class went through all of the voter data in the election county by county and found out what was fraudulent. Then him and his class went out and knocked on 1600 doors to back up their data and it all checked out. They determined 32% of the people that voted either no longer lived in the state, lived in the house on the registration, or were alive at all. See you say a lot of things but its just opinions, and they are bad opinions. You are the minority by far, if you really thing bumbling biden got 80 million votes when he could barley fill 20 chairs in a yard, you don’t have common sense.

    • “Dr. Frank” has no credentials. The biggest credential I could find was a Facebook page with that name. So If that’s not him, he has absolutely nothing. The gibberish in that video is just that, gibberish. There is NO EFFING WAY that 32% of the people who voted didn’t exist. That is pure insanity. That is the problem with this. There are people like you who take this garbage at face value. The system doesn’t work that way. If you believe for one moment that Bill Barr and Trump’s own cybersecurity expert would have signed off on this election if there was ANY evidence of fraud, let alone at an enormous percentage like that, then you truly have no clue how the world works.

      • You both misrepresented the data. It was not 32% of people but 32% of homes. If a house had on average let’s say 5 real voters and there are 32% of houses with let’s say 1 nonexisting voter then it would not be 32% of the people but only about 6%.


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