Welcome to GOP Primary 2024, starring the twice impeached, six-times bankrupted, insurrectionist sexual assaulter, and the Pathetic White Hope, who is currently the governor of Florida. Ron DeSantis wants you to know what he stands for, besides Make America Florida, which is declaring war on the leftists. Whatever happened to being a president for all the people? I guess that’s a concept destined for the ashbin of history, which is where DeSantis promises to deposit woke ideology after he’s done destroying it.

We don’t need any more divisiveness in this country. We need unity and sanity. This is not the man to provide any of that. Here’s his war declaration, from where else? Fox News, in the wee hours of Memorial Day, no less.

This is exactly correct. A POTUS is a president of the UNITED states, not the ruler of whatever tribe can bully its way into office. He’s not talking about democracy. He is talking about autocracy.

A couple of thoughts:

  1. Whatever DeSantis is raving about, he is not putting forth a new and revitalized GOP. Nor is he doing much to revive any old or traditional conservative values. He’s talking fascism.
  2. We did see loony tunes Trump get elected, but 2016 was different for a few reasons. Hillary was not an ideal candidate because of misogyny and also because of the 20-plus years of what she called the “vast right-wing conspiracy” against herself and Bill. More importantly, Trump was a unique commodity, something never before seen, back in the day. He was, believably to most folks, a billionaire and a lot of people wanted to give him a shot to do all these amazing things he said he could and would do. We all saw what in fact he could do and did; particularly the half million Americans who died from COVID on his watch. They, and their families and friends, saw it with great clarity. Someone died of COVID once every 26 seconds.
  3. The question becomes, do Americans want to vote in fascism? Because if DeSantis gets the nomination, that is what’s on the ballot: a continuation of life under a democratic system or a conversion to fascism.

Meanwhile, an oblivious or disinterested Trump is out playing golf.

Let’s see what the big money GOP donors do. Rick Wilson said a while back that when push comes to shove they’ll start writing checks to Trump. Let’s see what happens.

Or, maybe something completely bizarre will happen. Maybe the GOP will decide to rally around an old school Republican and elevate Asa Hutchinson. At least the man is not insane, nor a fascist. I think it’s a long shot but in this unstable political climate anything at all is possible. Rule out nothing.

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  1. I hope to electorate is wide awake when listening to Ronnie D. I don’t think Trump will make it through the primary, so what Ron is saying is really scary. Regardless of what happens between now and Nov 2024, we can’t sit home on our asses like we did in 2016. We need to get out and vote Democratic.

    • Getting out the vote is what is crucial. That never changes, it just gets more important as the years go by. If we get complacent or fall asleep, we will wake up with a fascist in the White House. We already did, once.

      • We all also need to write to our elected officials to get off their duffs and start campaigning NOW. Start the comparisons between the Democrats and the gqp and show the country what they will be getting. Give proof. Make some loud noise and some good trouble. But the Democrats serving and running need to start the rebuttals NOW and keep it up until the election. Write to them. I plan to. Each and every one of them, when they are on the same page, can become one loud united voice. They need to speak up and speak out. This cannot be all on us. They need to help for a change. I haven’t seen it in all my years on this old planet. Maybe this is the year the Democrats grow a spine and start talking and fighting!

  2. Hey America…if you voters don’t get off your asses and vote democratic, you will find your selves and your children in a living hell. Fact dumbasses. I suggest you look at documentaries on how the democratic, Christian, Germans morphed into the most evil country on earth. Oh, and their country was turned into a pile of rubble with 10year olds getting shot as soliders. We are at a crossroads. Also a fact. Decide. Either be a victim or a warrior. The time is now. Vote. And whatever else the circumstances dictate. The Germans learned. The question is did we?

    • WE would call it a living hell,but right-wing evangelical Christians would call it heaven. And that is terrifying.

      Old joke that sums it up.
      John dies and since he was a kind and decent man,goes to.heaven. He is being shown around. Catholics are drinking g wine and singing everything from opera to Irish rebel.ballads, and eating great (Italian,Frebch,etc.)food. Next area is,Lutherans drinking good beer. The Methodists are having lovely covered dish suppers. The Episcopalians are cultured ,eating high class dinners and enjoying opera. Muslims are drinking wine in Paradise and enjoying the foods from their cultures, and some angels are belly dancing. Hindus are awaiting their next life.Jews are having a great time,the Orthodox are studying the Talmud while the more liberal factions are just enjoying the afterlife.
      And then they come to a,wall ten stories high.
      “Who’s that?” the man asks.
      “Oh,those are all the varieties of Baptists except for American Baptists who hang out with the Methodists. We put the walk up.because heaven would be ruined for them if they knew all those other people they hated and attacked on earth were here,,so we built the wall. That way they aren’t making everyone else miserable.”

  3. To have two terms Ronnie “Stripper Boots’ DeSantis needs to win a first term. I for one don’t see that happening. Not that someone else that’s more bland but has the same goals won’t emerge (think Glenn Youngkin or Brian Kemp) but DeSantis is I predict going to wind up being the 2024 version of Scott Walker eight years ago? Scott Walker you ask? Who’s that? Which is my point. By this time next year there will be jokes, even among Republicans about his flameout along with a desire to erase him from their minds and their Party’s history.

  4. No candidate since pat buchanan has run such a far right campaign from the get go. No democratic candidate ran a leftward candidacy since Mondale. They have all run as centrists, including Bush the younger. Even trump ran as a populist, promising to punish the minorities. but no real policy. desantis is worse than trump, but not by much

  5. He cannot run for governor again until a different governor serves,a term. FL law requires it. I suspect he knows that if/when he loses,his presidential bid,he will subside into well-deserved obscurity and his reign of terror will be over. He’ll get a job with a lobbying group or a Republican con group–er, law firm. His wife the Jackie wannabe will pout and sulk, but it will be “Goodbye,,Columbus” time.

    The only way disaster wins the GOP primary is if Fat Donnie Donuts succumbs to a fatal heart attack. And while he and others whine about Biden’s age, Joe is in much better physical shape,doesn’t live on a,diet of KFC and Big Macs,and can not only walk,but ride a bike. Donnie isn’t that much younger and looks like death warmed over and cannot even walk down ramp and requires a golf cart to play 18 holes. And DeSaster has the personality of a shotty kleenex and offends most women other than evangelical wives,_who barely made it through Christian “school,” got married at 18-19,pumped out amid 10 months later,and read at (at best)a 4th grade level like the idiot bookbanners .


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