It says a lot about Florida Governor Ron DeSantis and his campaign that while is barely on speaking terms with either local or nation media, he finds the time to explain to a Jan. 6th rioter and Insurrectionist ( note the Three Percenter on his sleeve, that the “national Regime media” was hoping that hurricane Ian would deviate from its projected path and slam into Tampa where it could cause “maximum damage”.

Would that be the same “National Regime” that is currently sending 15 billion dollars to your state to help it recover, Governor?

Sheesh, what a Bozo.

Of course.


Isn’t it always?





Of course.



When they hit bottom they just start diggin’…


DeSantis professes to be a Christian, if that is the case he should get down on his knees and thank Jesus that a National Regime exists to help Florida and insure that he does not face the worst repercussions for his inaction and neglect.

But he won’t cause he’s as big a phony about his religion as he is about everything else.

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    (21 minutes ago).. OPEC+ to cut oil production by 2 million barrels per day to shore up prices, defying U.S. pressure… Yeah, tuff guy Biden. The world shudders in fear (Ha). Oh wait. that was Trump they feared. The world screws American under the Democrats.

    • With you I’m talking (well, writing) to a brick wall but for other conservatives out there maybe I can provide some context. As someone who’s higher education was in psychology I had to learn about research and in particular statistics. So admittedly I’m going back more than three decades to the time when this stuff played a big role in my life but I’ll lead off with perhaps one of the most tired but true principles of statistics – “Correlation does not equal causation.” What that means in regular people (as in not thinking like a math geek) terms is that when one thing happens AND one or more things happen at the same time or shortly afterwards one both cannot and SHOULD not assume the two are related. Sometimes they are, and sometimes not.

      An easy example I’ve always given is rain. EVERY time it rains the sky is covered in clouds. Therefore, when the sky becomes covered with clouds it rains. And/or clouds CAUSE rain. Right? WRONG! Often the sky gets covered in clouds, even gray clouds but no rain falls. Clouds, even the puffy white ones that are lovely to look at are indeed made up of water. However, what causes it to rain is that relative humidity in the atmosphere exceeds the ability of clouds to hold all that moisture. BUT, as I noted lots of times and in fact in many places most days there are clouds in the sky and sometimes lots of them but it doesn’t rain!

      It’s true that when it rains there are clouds in the sky, but cloudy skies themselves don’t cause it to rain. Statistically speaking there is no validity to the “clouds cause rain” statement. When it comes to clouds, think of it this way. In math/geometry a square is an object with four equal sides. A rectangle is a four sided object with two sides of an equal length and two sides of different but equal length. As I learned in kindergarten arithmetic “a square can be a rectangle but a rectangle can’t be a square.”

      I went through all that to explain for those who might be curious WHY the data in the article doesn’t necessarily mean what the authors claim. And, I might add it’s exactly the misuse of data and the dangerous to so many people results of misusing the data for political purposes that led to trying to keep what is after all public health data private.

      Now let’s get to some of the other stuff. If people missed a day of work or a day of school it might have been due to the vaccine and might not. And, lest we forget many got vaccinated under protest, and I can’t help but wonder if since people lie to pollsters a chunk of those who for work reasons had to get a shot decided to skip some work claiming “reaction” or report it to the tip line. Or both. So there’s that. But like a flu vaccine the ones for Covid don’t prevent a person from getting sick or feeling poorly for some other reason. Again, especially if a person didn’t want to, or was scared into being hesitant to get a covid shot(s) it’s a natural assumption that they had a “reaction” to the shot. And they might be right. They also might be wrong.

      Now let’s look at some of the symptoms reported. Muscle aches. Chills. Soreness (at the injection site or in joints), fatigue. These are common side effects from flu vaccines and other vaccines! The implication that ONLY covid vaccines produce such reactions is at best misleadingly out of context and more likely an attempt to fling bullshit. I got a tetanus shot in high school and within an hour was having a bad reaction. I was sick for several days, enough that I missed taking my college boards with my classmates and had to take them a month later. It happens sometimes, but I’ve never had a problem with that type of shot since and if recommended wouldn’t for a second object. Over the past several decades my worst reaction to a vaccine was the Shingles vaccine which I got via my VA doctor. I wasn’t thinking and let the nurse give me the shot in my left arm (I’m left handed but learned to be fairly ambidextrous) and boy did I wind up regretting that. My left bicep wasn’t just sore, it flat out hurt for a week. All day long but it didn’t affect me that much until I went to bed since I sleep on my left side! Needless to say, six weeks later when I got the second shot I had it in the right bicep and sure enough it was another pretty sucky week but at least I could get comfy when I tried to sleep. Still, that discomfort was NOTHING compared to the pain and misery I suffered when I had a full blow outbreak of shingles over fifteen years ago.

      My point is that side effects are a fact of life and standard medicine with vaccines. Most of them, including with covid are minor and go away with hours or a couple of days. Sometimes it’s necessary to see a doctor. Again, that happens with all kinds of vaccines you covidiots get without a second thought. And if you feel a little crappy for a day or two you just shrug it off.

      BUT, if a person wants to stir up trouble and doesn’t give a fuck that they might cause people to die as a result, or wind up racking up huge hospital bills and even have lifelong effects from a bad case of covid then the article you cite is just the way to do it. Cherry pick information, present it without context and count your fucking BLOOD money! All the while smugly enjoying the ruckus, having gotten your own fucking shots!

    • For someone who’s constantly bitching about how Politizoom is nothing but “propaganda,” you sure do love posting propaganda yourself. Did you NOT notice the source of that “headline?” A site that describes itself as “Conservative Christian News” is hardly going to be an unbiased source of information. No, it’s more in line with “The 700 Club” (a show, by the way, whose hosts routinely prayed that hurricanes would hit “liberal” cities among other unChristian things).

  2. Nazis lie. They also avoid direct questions. Like the ones i’ve asked before, are you PROUD of being a fascist? Did Trump lose the election? Wasn’t there a planned insurrection? Didn’t Trump know the virus was highly contagious & deadly & ADMITTED IT ON TAPE FEB 2020? Now it’s time for conspiracy theories. Cue up the squealing. Why bother? The truth isn’t what they are interested in.


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