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I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again. Ron Pissantis is a political imbecile. DeSantis has never run for any national office, US House and Governor. As such he keeps making the mistake that what plays well with the yahoo simpletons in Florida will slay ’em everywhere. And every time you turn around, he’s stepping on his crank. With golf cleats.

Nikki Haley held her first rally today. Mike Pence hasn’t even announced his candidacy yet, but he’s whistle stopping in Iowa and New Hampshire this week. DeSantis just got re-elected, he has all the time and money in the world to be out making noise and branding himself, and what’s he doing? Running around Florida pissing off everybody who’s darker than sour cream.

The funny thing about it is that Pissantis is so stupid that he’s actually stepping all over his entire presidential campaign premise! After all, what is the entire message of Pissantis’s campaign? What is it about him that is supposed to to make DeSantis so attractive to base GOP voters? He’s pimping himself as Trump without the baggage. But what is he doing? He’s packing a steamer trunk to tow around on the campaign trail with him.

DeSantis is really going all in. Ali Velshi on MSNBC showed a split screen showing that deSantis has spent more time studying and aping Trump’s facial expressions and body movements than he did on his SATs. He likes to brag that Florida is where WOKE goes to die! One of Trump’s largest suitcases is his overt racism. And yet DeSantis’s wife just welcomed a notorious far right racist. And what is Pissantis’s current mission in life? Not much. Only erasing any telling of African American history, not only in Florida schools, but in universities nationwide.

Maybe DeSantis doesn’t mind the fact that his administration got caught with its fingers in the educational cookie jar, manipulating the College Board on what parts of black history could be taught in AP African American history classes, but the College Board is on its hind legs, with red faces, denying that they cravenly caved to DeSantis’s pressure to remove any topics that would offend the delicate snowflake fee-fees of his voters.

Three honor students, 2 African American and 1 white in Florida just filed a civil lawsuit challenging the validity of Pissantis’s new curriculum under constitutional grounds. Personally I like their chances. And as Joy Ann Reid just showed on MSNBC from Tallahassee, the buffoon just turned this into a voting issue for black teens who will turn 18 before election day in 2024.

And worst for him, he just turned this issue national, but not in the way he wanted. Today there was a large rally in Tallahassee, led by National Action Network CEO Reverend Al Sharpton. They protested DeSantis’s efforts to whitewash any hints of black suffering or discrimination from the history books. And one thing I know, once Al Sharpton gets involved, nothing stays local. Watch for the right Bishop William Barber to start holding Moral Monday marches in the future, and The Black Attorney General, Ben Crump to find a way to get involved.

Trump without the baggage? Right now DeSantis is accumulating more Samsonites than the bellhops cart at the waldorf Astoria. And he hasn’t even taken his klown kar jalopy on the road for a test drive yet.

Here’s what I’m talking about. One of Traitor Tot’s largest suitcases is his overt racism. In speeches DeSantis has largely tried to stay away from the more obvious dog whistles, to distance himself from Trump. But what has he done, as opposed to said? He under funds school districts to keep them from teaching African American history, he formed a personal uniformed goon squad to hassle Black former felon voters for voting illegally, and he’s trying to erase African American history from state k-12 schools, as well as universities. The only difference between DeSantis and Trump is whether they’re hauling around a Samsonite, or an American Tourister.

Mark my words, this is going to kill Pissantis on the campaign trail, he has the balls to file and run. How about this? Right now former South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley is already in the race. Who’s she?She led a rural southern state with a large African American population. And oh, yeah. After the Mother Emanuel AME massacre, she personally led the charge to get the confederate flag removed from the state capitol. You think she’s licking her chops than the thought of taking a shot at this little runt?

DeSantis can’t win the GOP nomination solely on taking the Florida delegates. He’s going to need delegates from swing states like Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin, all with large African American populations. And since the GOP has almost universal winner take all primaries, who has the better stump speech out there, the Governor who took down the confederate flag, or the governor who wants to erase black history.

And he’s also still going to have to attract black votes in mostly solid blue states like New York, New Jersey and Illinois if he’s going to garner their GOP delegates. And now that DeSantis’s semi cloaked racism is going national in the media, the only burning question left is who will get fewer black votes, Trump or DeSantis.

Because Pissantis hasn’t formally announced yet, we have no way of knowing who his campaign manager or his senior national strategist is yet. But if he already has them, then either they’re as moronic as he is, or like his master, he isn’t listening to them. Because it’s their job to school their mental midget up on what will and won’t play well once he leaves the cloistered borders of Florida. And one thing I know. This shit ain’t it. And having already stepped on this land mine, DeSantis has already violated the cardinal rule of politics, You never get a second chance to make a first impression. Don’t touch that dial.

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  1. Murf, I think you’re conflating the GOP primaries with the national race for electoral votes. I don’t really see any GOP candidate looking to bolster their chances of getting the GOP nomination by being seen as “against racism.” If anything, Haley’s chances of winning the GOP nomination is going to be hurt by her taking down the Confederate flag.

    Yes, South Carolina has a large African-American population (as do some other electoral-rich states) but the percentage of that population that votes in a GOP primary is minuscule at best. (I’m also pretty sure most of them are going to vote in the Democratic primary and most states require voters to declare a party preference to participate in a primary election.)

    • Joseph, I’m not trying to say that they’re looking to WIN those blue states in the general election…But those states will still hold primaries, and they’ll need those delegates to help to get over the top…

  2. Rusty, honey, that’s what Murf said—-or don’t you understand that the words “Black American” and “black”, when used in the same context, mean the same thing???

    There. ALL fixed.


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