Better late than never is a good adage to apply to many things but politics, alas, is not one of them. Politics is a game of timing. You’re either there with the right line at the right time, cash on the barrelhead, or you’re out in the weeds. Ron DeSantis is a denizen of the latter. He’s so far out in the weeds that he might as well set up shop in an Everglade swamp and be done with it.

The past couple of days have not been kind to the DeSantis cause and he’s desperately trying to regroup. You saw Casey’s desperate last ditch effort to save hubby, which only pushed his trajectory further downward, a feat that many thought was impossible, but by golly, Casey achieved it. So evidently Ron has now decided that if this campaign is going to come off the ocean floor, he’s going to have to make it happen. Here is Ron, raising the Titanic and openly attacking Donald Trump. Don’t blink now or you’ll miss it.

Here’s the clip which inspired this effort, if you missed it. It is choice. It’s one of Trump’s better fabrications.

It probably is Flynn. That would make a great deal of sense. Flynn probably intends to come back in another incarnation in Trump Administration II as the National Security chief that he was, except this time he won’t get fired and it doesn’t matter what he conceals or who he lies to. The days of that kind of silliness are over.

If you missed Trump’s speech to the Young Republicans on Saturday night, here’s a great clip. It’s his fantasy of how Letitia James is single handedly destroying New York.

Maybe he’s thinking of the Exxon move to Irving, Texas in 1989, long before Ms. James was on the scene. Or, maybe he’s thinking of the City of Dallas on the Eastern Cape of South Africa. Who knows? Maybe The Shadow knows.

In all events, let’s see how long this new improved version of Ron DeSantis lasts. Here’s where Trump is at vis a vis DeSantis.

Let’s see what the last few weeks of the DeSantis campaign looks like before it fizzles and goes poof forever.

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  1. Yep. Too little, too late. WAY too late. Had DeSantis done this before he actually declared, when he was polling well against Trump it might have actually done two things. Solidified his candidacy and brought in tons of support AND give him some confidence. The kind that might have made him better on the campaign trail. Talking like this then would have been crossing the point of no return and provided him some of the confidence he’s so clearly lacked all along.

    • I think DeSantis is going to be the fourth Young Gun, along with Paul Ryan, Eric Cantor and Kevin McCarthy. They were all supposed to be DeFuture, and they all washed out, rather spectacularly, in fact.

  2. Gosh, I think I’ll pass on the Trump bobblehead doll and go with the Mr. Hankey bobblehead. What does the Trump bobblehead doll say? Is there a gag order on that too?

  3. Well, for once desantis wasn’t wrong. Low bar I know but if the bar is raised higher than a cockroach’s butt, ‘pubes can’t clear it.


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