Yesterday, taking a page from drumpf’s dog eared playbook, the Ron DeSantis campaign “war room” reposted a video produced by on of his fan boys, a Twitter user with the moniker of “ProudElephantUS”, that contrasted Trump’s relatively liberal personal views (views that definitely conflict with his policy choices) on LBTG issues with DeSantis’ all out jihad against the same.

ProudElephant used some images in his production that sought to bolster Runty Ron’s macho image, including some that DeSantis would probably not want to be associated with if his “war room” had the basic American cultural knowledge of an isolated Papuan tribesman, including the fictional serial killer and cannibal Patrick Bateman of “American Phycho”, Incel superhero “GigaChad”, and, perhaps most incongruous, Brad Pitt in his “Achilles” role, a tacit endorsement Pitt would certainly not approve of let alone his character Achilles, the hero of Homer’s “Iliad”, who many believe was colored by Homer as, at the very least, bisexual.

Here is the video if you can stomach it:

The Bulwark’s Tim Miller was not amused:

“The video begins with a sizzle reel of Donald Trump promising to protect LGBT Americans, saying that he doesn’t care what bathroom Caitlyn Jenner uses, telling Barbara Walters that transgender women would be allowed to compete in the Miss Universe contest, and contrasting his views on gays favorably with how the group is viewed by Islamic terrorists.

From there the ad takes a hard turn, with a deep house beat and images that work very hard to depict Ron DeSantis as the country’s most-based, faggot-hating, alpha male. The “pro-”DeSantis portion of the ad compares him to fictional serial killer and cannibal Patrick Bateman, the (purportedly gay) Greek warrior Achilles, and the floating image of the “GigaChad,” a highly photoshopped muscle man…

…But there is one line from this portion of the video that deserves particular notice.

Mike Figueredo of the Humanist Report is quoted, saying DeSantis “just produced some of the harshest, most draconian laws that literally threaten trans existence”.

The thing about this ad is that it is hard to tell whether “ProudElephantUS” is serious about his seeming endorsement of Runty Ron or is sending him up.

Certainly his choices of characters to associate with Gubner, as well as the inclusion of the deadly serious Mike Figueredo quote…

…is evidence of the latter, a thought that the Bulwark’s Tim Miller seems to entertain at the end of his column:

“To be honest, there are so many shirtless men in the ad that if Proud Elephant were actually a gay lib or Log Cabin Trumper with a thing for muscular dudes trolling the DeSantis campaign and they just didn’t realize it because they have such a hard on for punishing trans people I wouldn’t be surprised. On a scale from homophobic to homoerotic this thing is off the charts.”

Are Runty Ron’s war roomers just that stupid, or does his staff hate him as much as Kari Lake’s staff seems to hate her?

Either way, it doesn’t bode well for DeSantis.

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  1. I’m not sure what the hell that ad was except it was about DeSantis. Macho Man? Florida Man? Mucho Farce Man? I’m surprised it didn’t steal some of Tucker Carlson’s stuff – specifically the image of the nekkid dude that seemed to be plugging his junk into an EV vehicle charger.

  2. Hear that sound? It is the sound of the propaganda of our ignorant culture believing education was the answer to solve human misery. Mr. Go Go boots has degrees from Yale and Harvard. Two ivy league degrees and he managed to come through it as a mental midget with the soul of a rat.

    • I’m pretty sure he went into Yale and Harvard with “the soul of a rat” (though, personally, I think you’ve insulted rats with the comparison).

    • A lot of people come out of the great schools. It makes complete sense to me that Adam Schiff and Obama are Harvard law grads. But so is Kayleigh McEnany and Anthony Scaramucci. Go figure. Education is a key, certainly. It’s a wonderful tool. But there are other overriding factors, obviously.

  3. True enough. Rat’s are smart enough to problem solve. My apology to all vermin, except those with degrees from the ivy league, and the nazi,(miller), who went to Duke.

  4. That, surely, must be the first time that any candidate, anywhere, let alone purportedly from the ‘Christian’ right, has ever campaigned with the printed statement that they are evil.

    It must be the only honest thing he’s done.


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