Adam Kinzinger succinctly observed this morning that when you see swastika trending on Twitter, you need to think about where we are as a country. I concur. The big news today is that Kanye West posted an image on Twitter of a swastika inside of a Star of David.

That is beyond vulgar and West is either mentally ill or a sociopath or possibly both, if he thinks that was a cute or clever display. Elon Musk’s Twitter did not get upset by this image — at first. The swastika tweet (below) was up there for 12 hours.

Then this was tweeted and West was permanently banned by Musk.

Indeed we shall. The Last Supper, the Final Tweet.

West can parlay this into martyrdom and I don’t doubt he’ll try. And he doesn’t have his own social media platform anymore. The Parler sale fell through. I guess he’ll have to go hang on Truth Social but since Donald Trump wants nothing to do with him at this point, that may not be feasible. What to do when you’re a man without a plaform?


Musk, who has previously said he’s a “free speech absolutist,” tweeted at West before he was suspended, saying that it was fine for West to tweet unflattering photos of Musk shirtless, something West did as a “last tweet,” but not okay to tweet the swastika.

“I tried my best. Despite that he again violated our rule against incitement to violence. Account will be suspended,” Musk tweeted after West’s suspension.

But it wasn’t just the swastika that apparently upset Musk, since West also shared private texts between the two billionaires.

“Sorry but you have gone too far. This is not love,” Musk texted West according to screenshots posted by the rapper before his account was suspended.

“Who made you the judge,” West responded.

Money made him the judge. Musk shelled out $44 billion to buy the platform, that makes him the God of it.

If swastikas alone are interpreted as an incitement to violence—a valid idea, but one that many modern day conservatives probably wouldn’t agree with—it makes sense that West would be banned for that tweet. But it’s long past time for Musk to be clear about what is and isn’t allowed on Twitter, given his recent decision to welcome back several literal Nazis onto the platform and even verify them. […]

The far-right has often tried to dance around explicitly embracing Nazis in public as a way to win what they call the war of optics with regular Americans. But West set fire to that thin veneer of respectability on Jones’s show Thursday and clearly upset Musk enough to ban him from Twitter overnight.

Twitter’s rules are obviously being selectively enforced right now but there’s one thing that will definitely get you banned: Pissing off Elon Musk.

Musk is the Red Queen of Twitter. You don’t want to run afoul of him. Unfortunately, nobody is quite sure where the lines are drawn.

Meanwhile, this is a good parting shot.

Two different realities in this country, no question there.

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  1. I assumed the incitement to violence bit was due to Kanye trying to sic his fans on some dude he’d accused of schtupping his ex-wife a few tweets prior. I’ve already done nearly sixty seconds of intensive research and I can’t find it now, but it was about as subtle as everything else those chucklefucks have done this week. My gods, what a week this has been.

    • My research indicates that West has two issues with the Jews. 1) He’s upset with a Jewish physician over a medication issue. Not sure of the details. 2) And this is the weird part, West has studied “religion” and he subscribes to some fringe cult beliefs that Black people are “real” Jews and the non-Black Jews are evil; as in running Hollywood, media, etc. The man needs help.

      • Obama,summed it out up: Kanye’s a jackass. He is bipolar,,goes off his meds, tweets insane attacks which can escalate into.physical violence, stalks his ex-wife. He has come close to being g right since his mother died. Smartest this g Kim K. ever did was,divorce him.

  2. Nazis of a feather flock together. God. You’d think musk would get off his flabby ass and use some of that money for a personal trainer. Guess he figures it doesn’t matter since he’s rich and he knows some women seek money like ticks seek blood. Wow that’s a hard picture to look at.

  3. Given the ramping up of all the white supremacy crap on Twitter I have no doubt Musk didn’t care one bit about the Swastika blended with the Star of David. In fact, he probably loved the publicity and the clicks it generated. But realizing people were making fun of him due to that picture got to be too much. The dude has an ego second only to Trump.

    Also, keep in mind Musk’s heritage. He’s not old enough to remember Apartheid but he’s got folks in his family who lived through it and even prospered. Maybe the stories about the “good old days” sank in some, and we are seeing the real Elon Musk for the first time. A guy who believes the color of a person’s skin if white makes them superior to others and that non-whites should STFU and let “their betters” run things.

  4. Musk is in his early 50s, apartheid ended when he was in his early 20s, so he clearly has memories of it. Otherwise, ditto. It was definitely the photo, he’s as thin-skinned as TFG.

  5. Post apartheid, either he or members of his family would have had connections to the AWB (Afrikaner Weerstandsbeweging meaning “Afrikaner Resistance Movement”)or as my Brother who lives there calls them “Afrikaners Without Brains”


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