You know, the more I follow Trump into his dotage, the more amazed I become that he doesn’t wear penny loafers or Kilties every damn day. Simply because the idiot is too damn stupid to tie his own shoes! Oh well, I guess that’s what butlers are for.

Apparently, Merrick Garland’s new Special Counsel has gotten under Traitor Tot’s skin. Maybe it was that scathing Thanksgiving Day filing Jack Smith filed with the 11th Circuit Appellate Court in Atlanta, in which Smith eviscerated Trump’s lawyers with simple logic, pointing out that Trump’s legal mice weren’t just comparing apples with oranges, they were actually comparing apples with asparagus. Legal analysts tend to think that filing is the final nail in the coffin of the Special Master.

Whatever it was, it most definitely got under Trumpenstein’s tan bed skin. Whatever it was, His Lowness took to his penny ante social media platform, Truth Social, to call Smith a “fully weaponized monster!” And then he held his nose and jumped off the 10 meter board.

“When will you invade the other Presidents’ homes in search of documents, which are voluminous, which they took with them, but not nearly so openly and transparently as I did?”

Oh, Sweet Jesus. You know, if a one-armed gunman with a limp, and wearing a mask comes running out of the bank, and drives away, and then gets caught, he can still pull the time honored SODDI defense, SODDI meaning Some Other Dude Did It! But when you come flying out the doors with your one arm and your limp, and a bare head, with your orange hair flying in the wind, the game is pretty much over.

Actually, there are at least two different problems for Trump letting his big mouth get away from him. The first one is his assertion on taking the documents that that Nobody was more open or transparent than me. There isn’t a cornfield in Iowa big enough for this load of bullshit. Trump was as transparent as a brick wall. He put the boxes of documents into anonymous packing boxes, and put them on the truck to Mar-A-Lago. And when the National Archives called him out, he told them to fuck off, he only took personal documents. And then, when the FBI and DOJ got involved, he started playing kiddie games, teasing about what he did and didn’t have, and whether they were personal records.

Which leads to the logical extension. In the early days, Hair Twitler claimed that he had declassified all of the documents, making them his personal property. More bullshit. The Presidential Records Act draws no lines between secured or unsecured documents. Basically, any records generated or touched by the President become US government property. But here’s what binds the cheese. While Trump and his many soulless minions have pushed the false narrative of Trump declassifying the documents, not once in court has an actual Trump lawyer ever even hinted in any of Trump’s endless court hearing that The Mango Messiah had declassified anything! Because they want to keep their ticket to practice law.

But here’s the second reason Trump fornicated the canine. I like to call it the Mother’s Argument. Come on, you all had mothers, you all know the drill. You do something stupid. Your mother takes you to the woodshed. In desperation you blame the actions on a friend. And your mother retorts, And if Stevie Johnson jumped off of the Brooklyn bridge, would you jump off of the Brooklyn bridge too?! That’s exactly what The Trumpster Fire is trying to do when he refers to former Presidents. That’s like a thug telling the cops, Butch Swinn robbed a bank last month, and you didn’t get him, so why are you all of a sudden all over my ass?! News Flash, Numbnuts! Illegal is illegal! If you get caught, it doesn’t really matter who else gets caught. YOU got caught, so welcome to the judicial system.

Welcome to the official Trump Indictment Watch Clock. Personally, I am strongly in favor of Jack Smith as a Special Counsel for one simple reason. Before the appointment, Garland was juggling the J6 probe and the Mar-A-Lago documents case along with civil rights, voting rights, and other daily chores. He was splitting his time, and so was Lisa Monaco. Jack Smith’s full, undivided attention is on the 2 Trump criminal probes, and with his Thanksgiving filing to the court, he proved that he is a much more aggressive legal shark than Garland. Tick-tock. Tick-tock.

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  1. It’s hard to believe that there’s a bunch of people who think that this barely literate and corrupt fascist moron is the best person to run your country.

    • Oh Jacky that’s not the case. He’s not our boy. Trump is your boy. Libtards think for some idiotic reason that danald is going to get the nomination. This is incredulous. Couldn’t get farther from the truth. Donald’s in the rear view. Yet! You ! People still dog him. Give the dude a break he lost. We can’t get Danald into the Whitehouse again. He is the most hated man in America. Why would we pin our hopes on a looser. Mike Pence for president! Now Mike is a stand up guy that works across isles. But as a person who would rather give up a limb than have Biden for another four years I would you for furthering my agenda of trolling Trump!!! You are paving the way foe 2024.

      • no “libtards” are scared of trump anymore. “Libtards” are thrilled he’s running and getting busted, finally. Everyone knows the Republicans are doomed either way with trump running. if he gets nominated he loses. If he doesn’t he trashes the guy who beat him and his cult won’t vote republican. It’s a win win for “libtards” that trump is running. “Libtards” are thrilled you foolish child!

      • Wow Johnny! Suddenly all the MAGA lib haters who screamed that the election was stolen are disavowing any tie to Don The Con…” Hey, he ain’t our guy!” What happened to your devotion? Maybe voters should actually nominate moderate candidates with a brain rather that a geriatric old fool like Biden and a draft dodging, adulterous megalomaniacal moron like Trump.

  2. The keystone cops would have had this moron locked up by now. what in the hell could possibly take so long for any of these cases to result in his jailing? Georgia is open and shut as it gets. The documents case couldn’t be any simpler. I’m half expecting to see a slow speed chase like we saw with OJ. hopefully we won’t see the same outcome at trial. Come on prosecutors. let’s go!! My popcorn is getting cold.

    • Well, the Keystone Kops were fictional characters so you might as well be asking why the “Law & Order” folks haven’t arrested, tried and convicted Trump in a single hour.

      What you need to remember is that it’s easy for a prosecutor to take a case to court but, if you expect a prosecutor to present a case that is (proverbially) bulletproof and won’t be likely to be overturned by a higher court, then you need to make sure EVERYTHING (even an “open and shut case”) has been vetted, double-vetted and then absolutely unimpeachable with witnesses who can’t be tripped up on cross-examination by the defense.

      Additionally, the ONLY places where a case is TRULY “open and shut” are found in dictatorships and other authoritarian regimes because the state makes the case to a judge who’s been directed by the state to rule for the state. Not sure about you, but I like a country where 1000 bad men go free to avoid just 1 innocent man gets locked up (or, worse, executed). (That said, I won’t be crying if/when Donald Trump does get locked up. Considering the way I barely got any sleep on Election Night 2016, purely from worry that the voters would eff us all, I’m hoping to fall asleep the night of Trump’s sentence and sleep for a solid 24 hours.)

      • I believe John Adams would agree. I just want number 1000 I prefer the SC take a bit more time and nail.his fat are to.The wall(considering the size of the rump, it might cover several.walls). Slow and better. The biggest problem for getting a conviction is some Trump ie lying his ass off to get on the jury and hanging it. Voir Dire is gonna be amusing.

  3. Donald J Trump: “I did it! It was me! I confess! I am guilty as sin!”

    The DOJ: “Now hold on, let’s not be too hasty. I don’t know if this is enough evidence to hold up in court. Let’s keep looking.”




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