Deadbeat Trump Weasels Out Of Promise To Give $1Mil To Elizabeth Warren Charity


Donald Trump is just like a drunk, who when in his cups makes all kinds of extravagant promises which he has no intention of keeping and promptly forgets about them. Then, in the awful light of day, when people remind him of what he said and did, he needs to figure out a way to mitigate the damage. On July 5, Trump was at a rally in Great Falls, Montana and he made a promise to Elizabeth Warren to donate $1Million dollars to a charity of her choice if she proved her Native American ancestry. Take a listen.

Sounds like Hitler, doesn’t he, bashing “the man who said he was born in Scotland, but he was really born in Puerto Rico?” There’s no dog whistle there, it’s more like a foghorn.

Be that as it may, Trump said what he said on tape, but today, he recanted and reframed the conditions under which he would pay the $1Mil.

As you can see, Trump has entirely reframed the issue: “if” she gets the nomination, “if” they debate, and “if” he gets to do the test personally — and that’s the clincher. I’m sure Elizabeth Warren wouldn’t let Donald Trump touch her beyond a hand shake. Maybe not even that.

He calls Warren a con in his tweets, but he’s the con.

Fraud, con, not to mention “horseface” was aimed this morning at Stormy Daniels. Trump had quite the twitter tirade. I agree with Warren, I think he’s scared.

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