Adding to the general cacophony of racism spilling from the vile mouths of Republican idiots this week, Charlie Kirk spouted off on his radio show yesterday that Joy Reid, Ketanji Brown Jackson, Shiela Jackson Lee, and Michelle Obama ”used affirmative action because they “do not have the brain processing power to otherwise be taken really seriously” so they had to “steal a white person’s slot.”

No, bubblehead, these four magnificent women did not take anyone’s “slot” they were accepted into college because of their academic records, whereas in a time before affirmative action these positions would have been filled by less accomplished white men who would most likely have not gone so far and done so much with the opportunity.

What an idiot you, and anyone who listens to you, are:




That plus any one of them could take him in a fair fight.





It’s a sad comment on America that this kind of drivel has any kind of audience at all.

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    • During the early stages of the Russian invasion of Ukraine, the Ukrainian curse word equivalent for “d**khead” was associated in internet forum posts with Vlad the Impaler – “khuylo”. Looks like we have another ery deserving candidate for the nickname – and as an added bonus, there’s some alliteration there:

      “Khuylo Kirk”

  1. What is wrong with his face? it’s like his eyes, nose, and mouth are smooshed into the middle or his head is too big for his face. Either way, the guy gives off major creepy pervert vibes.


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