I wrote a tongue in cheek piece here earlier today, with a flying saucer topping the story of Justin Trudeau ordering the shooting down of a UFO or UAP, take your pick. Not quite sure why this topic has been rebranded by the government, but it has. My best guess is that UAP reportings will mark the new era, of the government acknowledging that strange things actually are flying around in the sky, whereas UFO is now an archaic term and will refer to the pre-UAP era.

In all events, I chose to do a comical spin on today’s incident. Now, I find that CNN’s national security reporter went on the air and discussed that the object didn’t seem to have any form of propulsion and that there were differing opinions as to what it was.

So….are we talking about what now? Another surveillance balloon? A craft from another world?

I must say I am stunned. I wasn’t expecting this story to go in this direction.

This next tape is submitted by a guy with 93 Twitter followers, host of something called The Deplorable Show. I post it here just to illustrate that after CNN getting the ball rolling, now we are off and running.

Twitter’s not buying it.

Now everybody’s going nuts. This from a tweeter with 145 followers.

Full disclosure: I saw a UFO when I was 19 years old. The year was 1972. The place was Boulder, Colorado where I was attending college.

It was about 9:30 p.m. and the night was very clear. What I saw was your classic oval disc, lit with a fiery orange gold light. To give you an impression of size, take off your wedding ring and hold it at arm’s length. That’s how big it was, relatively speaking. How big it was actually, how high up, any of that, I haven’t a clue.

It hung there for a second or two and wobbled. Then it made a right angle turn, made another right angle turn, and then a third right angle turn and then it vanished.

It looked like nothing else I had ever seen before or since and it certainly moved like nothing I had ever seen. Not even close.

It changed my worldview, I have to tell you. These things are real and lots of people have seen them. The night I saw mine, it was not that late, I had just finished dinner with some friends who lived a little outside of town, so the ambient lighting wasn’t quite as intense as it was where I lived, which was near campus. I wasn’t under the influence of any medication, illegal substances, nor intoxicated.

At that time in our history if you had seen a UFO you were told that no, you had not seen anything unusual, you had seen an airplane, atmospheric disturbance, etc. and you were just so stupid that you thought it was a UFO. I stopped talking about it when the third person in a row that I mentioned this incident to shut me down. To this day, 51 years later, I only bring up the topic if I’m talking to people I feel safe in confiding in. I feel safe here. I’m happy to entertain debate, certainly, I just don’t want to be told I saw swamp gas.

The cultural acceptance level today is much different than it was in 1972. Then, it was all denial and now the government has come out and said that UFOs, or UAPs, are real, and that they’re studying them.

I have no opinion on whether UAPs are extraterrestrial in origin and yes I know all the science about the speed of light and the vastness of space. I have no idea where these things could come from. Maybe there’s a UAP dealership on one of Jupiter’s moons that was established half a trillion years ago by citizens of the planet Tralfamador and they still take their models out for a spin around the solar system. I sincerely do not know.

But here’s the next step in this bullshit.

Here’s my point.

  1. I don’t know what CNN is doing. I frankly think it’s irresponsible to infer that the object we saw shot down was any different from the previous two this past week. I wouldn’t be surprised if Mediaite nails CNN with its Media Loser award of the week.
  2. I can bloody well guarantee you that there is zero resemblance between whatever you see in CNN’s video (or other news videos of what was shot down over Alaska/the Yukon) and what I saw 51 years ago in the night sky over Boulder.
  3. There’s no way a missile from an airplane would have taken out the object that I saw, at least not with its ability to maneuver so suavely with those right angle turns.
  4. The lunatic fringe gets ginned up by one of these flaps each and every time.
  5. Nobody would love to know the truth more than me, having seen one of these things with my own eyes.

We’ll see where the story goes from here.

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  1. I agree completely Ur sula – a lot of things were hushed up

    Back in the early 60s I was in the RAF working on maintenance of the Early Warning radar and I saw a trace on the workshop console that covered a 500 mile distance (edge to edge) in ONE MINUTE.

    It was a solid echo – and showed no signs of ablation that would be expected from a meteorite as it burned up in the armosphere. We couldn’t get a height on it as the height finders just couldn’t track fast enough. I heard some of the operators talking to the standby squadron of English Electric Lightnings that had scrambled but they had absolutely no chance of intercepting it. There was a photographic record (hey – old tech but this was 60 years ago) and the reel was sent to the Air Ministry. We were told that “It never happened”.

    Several years later, while I was working in Dublin, one of the other engineers was eating lunch with myself and a couple of others when the subject of UFOs came up. I related what I had seen and the other engineer (also ex-RAF) looked at me and said “Did your station see that too?” He was maintenance on the next station in the chain and was also told that “it never happened”.

    The tower at the left (type 54 low level radar) is 200 foot hight to give a scale for the type 80 search head (the thing that loks like an old electric fire) between the two type 14 height finders.

  2. People lie. Math does not. The speed of light is 186,000 miles per second. It will go around the earth 7x in one second. Wrap your mind around that FACT. It still takes 8 minutes at that speed for the sun’s light to reach us. We know now that there are more stars in the universe than grains of sand on EVERY beach on planet earth. We measure the distance between those grains by the speed of light. The sheer volume of stars and planets in the universe says the odds are in favor of other civilizations somewhere out there. Say they successfully evolved much further down the road than us. Say they worked in unison on their planet, not wasting resources or each other in their effort to deal with the forces around us. There really is no telling what they would figure out. How could a planet full of suicidal cretins, like ours, have any clue about these potential beings? We wouldn’t.

  3. I was wondering when this nonsense would start. It’s not exactly a slow news cycle what with more and more evidence point to trump as a seller of classified information so I don’t know why this is showing up-there are many, many more pertinent things to report.

  4. I think you saw a missile being launched from White Sands. When missiles go through the atmosphere it can appear that it’s zigzagging back and forth but it’s really distortion from our atmosphere. Another issue, There’s no possible way to travel through space in a timely fashion and get anywhere alive. Whatever level intelligence ‘aliens’ have, they still are bound by the laws of physics. The speed with which you’d need to travel to get anywhere is so fast that if you hit a tiny microscopic piece of space dust it would cause your craft to explode. You’d kill the occupants by hitting the brakes or making turns that fast. The faster something goes, the more mass it has so you’d need an earth sized glob of uranium to power nuclear reactors just to get out of our solar system. I’m not saying there aren’t aliens here, and I’m not saying they haven’t figured out better fuel. I’m just saying they didn’t get here on a craft. They came some other way. A worm hole or something. Despite the universe being INFINITE and infinite being large enough to account the statistical likelihood of another earth-like planet, that planet would have taken its own evolutionary path. So any creatures with faces or walking on long extremities are all things from earth. It’s either a known animal or a figment of the human brain. All the flying tictacs certainly belong to someone’s military or a defense contractor.


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