As we wait to hear Trump’s favorite judge’s decision on a filing by drumpf’s Junior Varsity legal team asking that his inconvient trial for stealing classified documents be delayed until after the 2024 election, MAGA maniac Judge Aileen Cannon has quietly changed the venue for his trial from bright blue Palm Beach County (where the crime occurred) to fiercely red Fort Pierce in Lee county, some seventy miles away in the very northern reaches of her district.

Guess a leopard doesn’t change its spots…

Raw Story

“Former President Donald Trump is set to get a very favorable jury pool for his upcoming trial for pilfering top-secret government documents.

The Daily Beast’s Jose Pagliery reports that Judge Aileen Canon’s decision to hold Trump’s trial at a satellite courthouse far away from West Palm Beach means that “Trump’s jurors are set to be drawn from the most brightly red corner of a vast court district, plucked from a community that leans heavily Republican—instead of the highly populous and more Democratic urban areas further south.”

Surprise, surprise the trial was relocated from Palm Beach county, which Joe Biden won with 60% of the vote to Fort Pierce’s Lee County which went for the Dotard by nearly the same margin, roughly 60 to 40%.

Nice Judge if you can buy her.

But why truck the whole carnival sideshow which this trial inevitably morph into, to a place that is an hour away from Mar-A-Lago?

“Paul Bernard, a defense attorney in Fort Pierce, tells Pagliery that he doesn’t believe Smith will be able to strike every Trump supporter during the jury selection process.

“With Trump’s trial down this way, he’s going to have a bunch of supporters—and they’re going to make their way onto the jury panel,” he said.“

Noy only will Trump likely get a trial date that is friendlier to his campaign, i.e. one that begins after his campaign to his dismantle what is left of American democracy, his good buddy and appointee Aileen Cannon is hard at work insuring that he will have a favorable jury.

What a country.

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  1. Ursula, editor and lawyer, help me understand why this totally biased, inexperienced and inept judge has not been challenged by Smith for bias?
    Weeks ago, America’s most brilliant scholar, Prof. Lawrence Tribe set out the case for bias and the precedents for her removal that support it. WTF?

  2. Trump will face more indictments in other jurisdictions. If Cannon puts off the trial until after the 2024 elections, that won’t stop other trials and potential convictions. By the time Cannon hears the case if she puts it off, Trump may have already been sentenced to confinement for the rest of his life. Certainly, this will be the case if he is convicted for multiple counts of ‘Seditious Conspiracy’ in Federal court and a ‘RICO’ election conspiracy indictment in Georgia.
    By that point, nothing Alieen Cannon does will help Trump but will only serve to the further detriment of her own standing. So why all this hand-wringing?

  3. I’m not so sure about Palm Beach being bright blue but it IS where the bulk of the crimes listed in the indictment took place so it’s the logical choice. It is also much more accessible for the legions of press and others as the courthouse and public services there are much better suited to handle the influx of interested parties to the whole thing. Not to mention the flaming orange human rectum himself won’t be pleased with having to drive over an hour each way during the trial!

    But as you say, Lee County is true Trump country and it will be much easier for even Trump’s lawyers to engineer a panel (with Cannon’s help of course) that will have at least one person engage in jury nullification. Which means that the whole thing will have to be done again! Sometimes prosecutors don’t bother but if Trump and/or his lawyers are thinking a nullification/hung jury will be the end of the matter Jack Smith will show them otherwise. But there’s another reason, purely personal pettiness for the venue. Judge Cannon herself works out of that tiny, crappy courthouse and courtroom! SHE won’t have to travel. I’m quite sure the federal govt. would provide a big, comfy SUV and driver (and an extra security person, as well as a backup SUV with a couple more security types) to drive HER back and forth over to Palm Beach every day. Who knows? Trump might figure since he only needs ONE juror to refuse to convict he can get that right at home a couple miles away from Mar A Lago. And have his own lawyers join in a motion to move the trial there. It’s not as crazy as it sounds.

    Poor judge Loose Cannon is probably frantically scrambling to find a way to move the trial. To Mar A Lago itself! And Trump being Trump would make sure to hawk his nearby Doral resort to accomodate all the out of towners and make some extra coin with exorbitant rates. Oh, and have the jury pool be ONLY member of Mar A Lago! All the best (and though evil they have some highly capable people) Federalist Society lawyers can’t come up with a way to get that, much as Cannon is surely begging them to do!

    Major news outlets should get their top reporters to Cannon’s daily digs in Lee County and the courthouse in Palm Beach country where the trial SHOULD be held. Do some extensive reporting on how little space there is in the courtroom. The almost complete lack of parking, extending out blocks from her courthouse. The lack of hotel rooms. Hell, the lack of places to eat lunch! Compare all of that to how it would be in Palm Beach county. Air such stuff multiple times a day several days a week. And hand deliver copies of those stories to the clerk of the Chief Judge of that District. That might be enough for him to step in. If Cannon whines to him about having to commute, he could even authorize a nice suite for her over in Palm Beach. Might wind up being cheaper than driving her back and forth every day.

    • Ever notice how slime-covered these Trump bombers look … They simply don’t care, BUT there ARE possibilities that Smith, being a special kind of person that he is, can exert pressure on the system to make your alternate idea work?

      The idea, to move a whole lot of evidence/witnesses without bias to some Podunk closet place for a trial of such an imbecile that his post-a-note cue cards will dominate all the wall space … is, at once, itself imbecilic …

      Maybe, using a reverse attack, claiming the dotard cannot get a fair trial so far from his home and family, and, with failing health, (pretty obvious), it would put an extra ordinary strain on his survival, which of course, might be the closing chord anyway, at the sentencing time … There is WAY too much National importance being stroked here, the idea of a crooked trial for the most guilty non-presidential person ever, may have to be set aside with possible rules and laws, something Trump does not understand, or even care about …

  4. Equal Justice Under Law? Anyone who buys that lie is either a moron or a cult member. The good news? She’s not the only judge he’ll face for the crimes he’s committed IN FRONT OF US ALL!

  5. So, are the prosecutors going to visit the court that spanked her sooooo thoroughly last time? Because it seems she hasn’t learned how to be a federal judge yet and is in need of another spanking. Very much in need of another one.

  6. After all has been said about this subject, are there any other photos of Cannon that can be used? The only one I’ve seen on most of the news outlets is getting old and also it kind of creeps me out after awhile.

    Trump might not like the idea of having the trial in Ft. Pierce since he might not be able to profit from it like he would in W. Palm Beach.

    • ROGER THAT!! – I read the article and started to post that Fort Pierce is in Saint Lucie County not Lee County — that it’s Fort Myers which is in Lee County — but Roger wrote it here FIRST!! SALUD!!

  7. The prosecutor is just playing this judge for awhile. I think he’s looking at the evidence and waiting to see what turns up. As I remember there’s the story where they have video of Walt carrying 61 boxes out of the storage room and only putting 31 back. I’m thinking he’s going to go to another venue where he’s got even better evidence and a real judge. And I seen this morning Trumpet kicked Alina Habba to the curb. He’s going to be down to public defenders with Walt.


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