I friggin’ know Fox viewers love this kind of shit and lap it up like their mother’s milk, but for God’s sake this crap is being broadcast into airport waiting areas, motel lobbies, Jiffy Lubes and other public areas and when, oh when, are people gonna get fed up with the lies and slanders issuing forth from overflowing sewage holes that pass for the mouths of these evil SOBs?


Jebus, I am righteously sick of it.

I can’t Tom. I can’t imagine my life coming to that.

Working on it.

Some do. Most don’t but love that he says it.

Just a bit and a paycheck for him.



Vance, Kari Lake, Oz – they are all flogging for base voters they should already have tied up. Internals must be horrendous.



Makes you want to update your passport.


Like I told Tom, I can’t.


Are we at least approaching bottom?

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    • I read Vance’s nasty little “memoir “ a couple of years back. He gave hillbilly a bad rap. My family is real hillbilly, from down around Sgt. York homeland. They moved to Indiana in 1941, got jobs, raised kids, and never whined that the government let them or their state down, nor did they turn hostile to their old home after leaving, and hold the poor responsible for their own poverty because of laziness and lack of ambition. I hate him and all he says he stands for. Tim Ryan is working hard right now and will continue to work.

  1. As hunter S Thompson said about Nixon, but fill in the name…if there were any true justice in the world tucker, ‘frozen dinner’ Carlson would be in the belly of a hammerhead shark headed south of Easter Island. God hunter…I do miss you.


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