Capitol Insurrection One Month On: Rep Andy Kim Reflects

Capitol insurrection one month anniversary
Left: Andy Kim with wife, Kimmy Lai and their two sons. Top Right: Andy Kim in 2018. Bottom Right: Andy Kim assists with Capitol cleanup.

The violent Capitol insurrection will go down in history as an event that changed America. Trump republicanism had already bullied the nation off course, sending her lurching down the wrong track in the direction of catastrophe. On January 6, 2021, the Republic reached that dreaded destination. History was derailed as more than two centuries of peaceful transitions of power ended in violence and death.

February 6 was the one-month anniversary of the Capitol insurrection. House Democrats took time to reflect, each in his and her own way. Rep Andy Kim, representing New Jersey’s 3rd district, chose to share his reflections via Twitter. It’s a journey of mourning but also of hope and strengthened resolve as he considers what needs to come next.

There were many heroes that day and there are many more among congressional Democrats who are working their damnedest to get America securely back on track. Andy Kim is one of them.

This sidewalk memorial was brought inside to preserve it.

Capitol insurrection memorial
UNITED STATES – JANUARY 10: Anne Seymour, left, places an American flag at a memorial on the West Front of U.S. Capitol (Photo By Tom Williams/CQ Roll Call)

Thank you, Andy Kim.

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  1. The photo of Andy Kim cleaning up the mess is powerful. I hope his constituents know how lucky they are to have a representative like him. What a decent human being. I was especially moved by the photo of the broken eagle – so profound.

      • I am saddened that he who shall not be named and his followers were able to perpetrate this most heinous crime against our country! I am not mad, I am not angry, I am F’ing PISSED OFF that any of the seditious traitors might escape the punishment that they so justly and richly deserve! Our country cannot heal from its divided state without accountability and acknowledgement of the truth from those who lied about the 2020 election! Those that believed the lies of he who shall not be named and his sycophants need to hear the truth from those who lied, so that they can believe the truth.
        We are lucky to have public servants like Andy Kim and the many other decent Democrats that are fighting for he future of our nation right now!

        • What I find astonishing is that no one counters the “let’s just move on” comments from the GQP with the fact that committed another breach of his oath the very next day after the first impeachment trial!

          He hasn’t learned his lesson and we cannot have him run for office again to continue his illegal actions. The lesson he learned from the first impeachment was that he could continue committing offenses without anything to stop him.

  2. They should put a huge tv screen in the house and senate and every time one of them starts lying it should flash a picture of the dead officer, the broken eagle, and the sign that speaks of oppression, injustice and hatred is a wedge to attack our civilization, and the picture of the broken window. It should keep flashing all of the above until they stop what ever lie they are telling at that time. It would be flashing every time a republican speaks. They don’t know what truth is.

  3. This Twitter thread, while in reaction to a horrible event, is so beautiful & inspiring to me. It gives me a small glimmer of hope, that this umbra of madness that our country has been engulfed by, may soon pass. I wish there were more like Mr. Kim.


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