Learn something new every day. Today, ladies and gentlemen, we are going to hear from wit Brent Terhune. Yes, the man that brought you that incredible comic piece, Hunter Biden’s Laptop. Would that the Comer Committee had just left it all at that stage. But they didn’t, because they truly have no sense of humor, along with no sense of proportion or sense at all, basically. Meanwhile, while they’re diddling and trying to find their asses in the dark with both hands, here is another comedy classic.

Indulgences will come next. Along with the revelation that you can’t really talk to God, you need King Donald to talk to him for you.

“Thy kingdom cum, thy will be don, on flat earth as it is in flat heaven.” (Hey, Trump has been neglecting the flat earthers and they’re part of the MAGA flock too, amirite?)

Since you’re here, stroll down memory lane with Terhune’s greatest. This is wonderful. If you haven’t heard it yet, you’re missing something.

Isn’t that classic? Maybe we can send a copy over to James Comer and Jim Jordan. Anybody have their congressional emails handy?

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    • Th only thing I can say is “HUNTER BIDEN’S LAPTOP”, of course…

  1. He better be careful…he may attract a large following of Maga devotees! Funny dude! How’s he do it? Hunter Biden’s laptop of course!

    • I say again, “HUNTER BIDEN’S LAPTOP”, of course…

  2. Brent, Randy Rainbow and the lady doing the MTG/Southern Belle MAGA satire videos are truly inspired geniuses. As we’d say back in the day hangin’ out on Manhattan’s upper east side, “Fan-f***in’-tastic”


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