The last week of June Colorado has its primary. We may, if we are very lucky, be seeing the last of Lauren Boebert. We’ll still be stuck with Marge and Matt and so many of the others, but if Boebert can follow Madison Cawthorn into oblivion, the collective IQ of Congress will rise, even as the IQ of Colorado diminishes, with her back there all the time.

Or, maybe she’ll find some new jurisdiction in some new state to run from? It’s clear that the carpetbagger is strong with this one. Bobo has been looking for a break. So far she’s decided to follow Marge Greene on the quest to crucify Mike Johnson. So, like her idol Trump, Bobo shoots off tweets without thinking of what they mean or what happened. Here’s her latest endeavor to dig her own grave.

Here’s what she missed. She is not only the sole elected official in either chamber of Congress to miss this, she’s one of the few Americans to miss it. This does not inspire confidence of sound leadership when something this basic is overlooked.

That is pretty clear, Bobo. I wonder if she realizes how utterly stupid she looks asking for this when this very thing was delivered the previous day and is the subject of much conversation. But a day late and a dollar short pretty much characterizes what we have come to expect from this troll.

So, evidently Bobo decided to go into damage control mode. And this is the best she can come up with. What a farce.

I don’t think this is going to have the effect that she thinks it will. She pretty much destroyed herself as a believable Xian when she did that public scene in the theater.

This is a bad misstep for Bobo. If she was totally on top of the issues in the House, which, after all, is what she is paid to be doing and a handsome salary at that, she would not have missed something this totally basic.

And her campaign team is apparently oblivious as well. I don’t know if she has people review her social media posts before she sends them but this is blatantly incompetent. Boebert had the need to troll Mike Johnson, hoping that it would get her points, and all she’s doing is exposing her incompetence.

Johnson explained himself. He may end up having a bad time from the likes of Tom Massie and Marge Greene for doing so, but they are only two renegade MAGA lunatics and there is the rest of both the GOP and Democratic caucuses.

I believe Johnson will survive. Yes, it will take Democratic votes but he’s got them. I believe that between a continuing suspension of the rules that the members of both parties will continue to work across the aisle and around the MAGA crazies. Speaking of which, the screaming Marge reveals not only her profound stupidity and lack of even the basics of geopolitics on this planet in the tape below. If you can to listen to it.

All I can say at this point is thank God there aren’t more of her. This woman is a menace and yes, she should have an official title as Envoy To Putin behind her name. She is totally gone mentally.


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  1. Since she was spouting scripture why did she not include the part that says:
    “And ye womenfolk shall please their men by dressing up to go forth together to public gatherings of entertainment. And the righteous among you need not heed the warnings of the ushers to cease vaping, and keep your voices down so as not to interfere with the nearby non-righteous folk’s ability to enjoy the performance. Ye shall instead put on your own performance for them, making out as though high school teens in the backseat of the car, offering up thine breasts to be openly groped for anyone nearby (and security cameras to record) to view, and for good measure offer thine consort an over the clothes handjob.”

    On a more serious note I keep thinking back to Johnson’s pilgrimage to Mar A Lago to meet with the Mango Messiah. Johnson got his instructions. The Ukraine aid bill would still be locked up tighter than a drum unless Trump approved bringing it up for a vote which is something Bobo, MTG and others would if they had any sense at all realize. Now, Trump could change his mind at any time and pull the plug so until the aid package is passed and on Biden’s desk to sign (after which it won’t matter if Trump starts railing against it) I won’t breathe easy. But just as I said elsewhere this week everything Johnson is now doing and saying he was given permission from Trump to do so.

  2. Her next job will be waitressing at a truck.stop, turning tricks on her breaks, with truckers who aren’t too choosy.


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