There has to be joy in right-wingville from time to time and it looks like tonight is one of those nights. This is what just hit.

Code Monkey Z is or was an administrator on the platform where QAnon used to post. I don’t know anything about source code, but here it sounds like they’re talking about cryptography, like breaking the Japanese code in WWII. Both cryptography and computer programming are way out of my league. I took a class at UCLA Extension many years ago and I learned how to write a program to balance a checkbook. I can’t tell you how many times I sent it into a perpetual loop before I did it right. So now you know the far reaches of my programming expertise. But if they’ve found the “motherload” (I think that’s mother L-O-D-E and it’s definitely “kit and kaboodle”) then I am pleased for them. Sounds like yet another set up for disappointment to me, personally.

What’s being identified as source code here could be publicly available voting records from Pennsylvania, which is what Mike Lindell had at his symposium. Who knows?

I like the drama of this, I must say that. It sounds very important. Now if only we had the likes of Isaac Asimov or Arthur C. Clarke here, people who actually knew about science and knew how to spin a great yarn, we might have something. As it is, it seems like another exercise in the blind leading the blind.

Any of you tech types, please feel free to weigh in.

And not just you tech types, either, you musical types feel free to chime in. I think we should do The Ballad Of The Motherload or The Night They Rode the Source Code Down. C’mon now, there’s plenty here for everybody, creative and tech types alike.

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  1. I think Dominion’s programmers are much better than Code Monkey.
    Speaking as someone who was three classes from a BS in computer science, it’s very, very hard to get real code out of a dumped file of machine language. You have to know what machine language, for a start, and that won’t tell you what language the source code is, or anything else. You’ll see go-tos, and arithmetic, if you’re lucky, but you won’t see stuff like “here’s where we change the vote” – even if that were in there.

  2. Yeah. People who can’t even SPELL correctly have NO business trying to grok something that’s definitely more complicated than spelling.

    It is “mother lode”–at least as “Raven Constantine” intends it to be meant (there’s a video game called “Motherload”; Wiktionary does note that “motherload” exists but it’s a corruption of “mother lode,” largely due to idiots who don’t know how to spell). And it’s “kit and caboodle” (although “kaboodle” is an alternate spelling for parallelism purposes) with “kit” having NOTHING to do with our baby feline friends but rather having to do with soldiers and their gear (aka “kit” which evolved into the sense of a collection–like a “first aid kit”–or the use in British sports where athletic equipment is generally referred to as a “kit”). “Caboodle” (or “kaboodle”) evolved from the word “boodle” meaning basically the same thing; originally the phrase was “whole kit and boodle” but, at some point, someone added the alliterative “ca” (or “ka”).

      • I kept 3 inch floppys for a long time until I realized I did not have a floppy reader anymore. I also had some of those very large zip reader disks from the late 90’s 2000s. Also useless. I guess the blank cd disks will go next if I can find them in my garage.

        • Tell me about it. I purchased a BD-RE (Blu-Ray, dual layer re-writable) drive a few months before thumb drive capacities increased and prices fell.
          I also had a multi-purpose 3.5″ (handled all sizes of floppies and also LS120) but also had aslot for the camera card (the BIIG one)

  3. I’m sure Mike Lindell will publish it alongside his packet captures.
    Hopefully there’s at least a good cookie recipe in there.

  4. I wrote code for most of my life. This is bullshit. Dominion would never leave everything on a machine. Besides, the source code isn’t stored on a voting machine, only the compiled or assembled object deck would be there, and that is not easy to read. Now IF these wannabe gurus could actually turn object code (that would undoubtably be protected) into source code, you would have to find something like, 2 for us, 1 for them on it. And I can tell you if that were the case the s&*t would be hitting the fan. And it is, of course, not.

    • I think the point is that using “tech sounding” words/terms helps them con the goobers in MAGA world. Servers. Routers. Source Code. It’s tech sounding enough that those who WANT to be fooled, or perhaps more accurately don’t WANT to admit (even to themselves) that they’ve been flat-out suckered can go on swimming in a rank cesspool while convincing themselves they are floating along in clouds of air breathed out by their Jeebus.


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