Nobody loves science fiction and fantasy more than me. But I never thought the genre would expand to include alternative universes in the White House, presented as fact, and that’s what’s taken place. Does the name Larry Klayman ring a bell? He used to run Judicial Watch and then he got too weird for them and so he formed his own group, Freedom Watch. Judicial Watch was then taken over by Tom Fitton, who is one of Donald Trump’s besties. Trump posts his thoughts on Truth Social all the time.

Klayman’s “breaking news” stories are too out there for Breitbart, but he sends them out via email in order to fundraise. I cannot imagine anybody so stupid as to send money to some guy who claims Joe Biden has just been tried for crimes in Idaho and is going to jail soon but then I can’t believe people send money to a billionaire with a private jet and a gold toilet. Anyhow, while you think Joe is in Washington doing wonderful things with prescription drugs, au contraire, he’s been in trial in Boise. Betcha didn’t know that. Right Wing Watch:

Far-right activist and legal gadfly Larry Klayman announced this month that a “citizen grand jury” had indicted President Joe Biden and members of his family, and that a “citizens’ judge” has handed down felony convictions after a “trial” in Boise, Idaho.

“BREAKING: The Bidens Convicted!” was the subject line of an August 24 email sent by Klayman’s group Freedom Watch to readers of the right-wing publication Human Events. Klayman has also talked about the Biden “conviction” in online videos, where he has also posted clips of “evidence” being presented to the fake judge in the fake trial.

Klayman said that “sentencing of the corrupt Biden plan” will be held August 29. “We will then commission established law enforcement and the military to take Biden and his son and his brother into custody if they don’t turn themselves in, and frankly, put them in the slammer,” he said in a video posted on YouTube. He has promised future trials of public health official Anthony Fauci and other perceived enemies of the MAGA movement.

Klayman’s cosplay has no legal standing, but could inspire violent behavior from one of former President Donald Trump’s passionate supporters. Klayman denounced the “Marxian Jewish left” he said was persecuting Trump, calling for a “counterrevolution.” He called the judge in the Georgia indictment an “anti-white racist.” He said he believes that someone in Trump’s orbit will be harmed, which would set off Trump’s supporters.

Klayman’s escapades in the past have included a citizen grand jury that “convicted” then-President Barack Obama of fraud, and a failed rally at the White House that was meant to force Obama out of the White House.

Klayman is a busy man, doing an end run around due process, the Department of Justice, the Attorney General, Congress and last but not least common sense and sanity itself. You have to admire his hubris, I guess. He, like Donald Trump, is living proof of P.T. Barnum’s adage, “Nobody ever went broke underestimating the taste of the American public.”

Here’s a link to Media Matters, which has a clip of Klayman telling an OAN “anchor” (I’m sorry, this guy looks like he just walked out of a video class in high school) about the “citizen’s arrest” of Joe and his sons.

We need the Fairness Doctrine back and we need it stat.

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  1. I absolutely agree about bringing back the Fairness Doctrine, unfortunately, even when it was in force, it didn’t apply to cable because the FCC only covered the “public” airwaves. For TV, that meant only the regular broadcast networks (ABC, NBC, CBS, PBS–the Fox network that gave us shows like “The Simpsons” came along in the last days of the Fairness Doctrine but it was still bound by the Fairness Doctrine since its programming was aired over the “public” airwaves). Cable networks were generally exempt (in fairness, most offered very little news or political programming; CNN was pretty much the only cable network that provided full-time news and it was exempt from the Fairness Doctrine but it could voluntarily follow the terms of the Fairness Doctrine and, generally did so); they did have to generally follow guidelines governing language and sex/nudity/violence issues mainly due to sponsor pressures (premium channels like HBO were largely exempt because it was assumed the subscribers knew what they were paying for; it’s like going into an R-rated movie and complaining about the bare boobs and slasher victims spewing blood like geysers–if you weren’t expecting this, you probably shouldn’t have bought the ticket to start with*).

    It’s also worth noting the bigger issue involved radio. There was a fair amount of political talk radio even before the end of the Fairness Doctrine (mostly courtesy of PBS stations) and they were obliged to present both sides of an argument or provide equal time for differing opinions (local news stations had the same thing–when the station’s news editor offered a 2-minute politically-minded opinion, the station was bound to provide 2 minutes to anyone who had an opposing opinion). This is largely why the end of the Fairness Doctrine sped up the spread of right-wing talk radio (not all that surprising since the station owners trended conservative as well).

    *Note this obviously doesn’t apply if you bought tickets for you and your family for “Super Goof Meets Hong Kong Phooey” and the movie that starts playing is “The Texas Chainsaw Massacre” in which case you DEFINITELY have a case to complain.

  2. Ha ha! “Legal gadfly”? You tease. That’s gotta be too, too kind, for such an irritating gnawer of a nudnik of the likes of him – a mind boggling space occupying lesion (⊙.☉)

  3. Didn’t some asshats try the Michigan governor in their imaginary court? If I remember correctly, I don’t think that one worked out for them.

  4. “P.T. Barnum’s adage, ‘Nobody ever went broke underestimating the taste of the American public.'”

    I’m not familiar with this quote from Mr. Barnum, but it’s the sort of thing he might have said then AND now! Your article was good for a few laughs. Lots of material to write about right now! Thanks, Ursula!

  5. ‘trials like this remind me of Brendan Behan’s comment when he was told he’d been sentenced to death in his absence:

    “Well then, they can shoot me in my absence”

  6. “P.T. Barnum’s adage, “Nobody ever went broke underestimating the taste of the American public.” ”

    combines nicely with…

    “You can fool some of the people all of the time”

    • Committed how and where? 30% of the country seems bat-shit crazy , including most Republican politicians, various Christianist denominations , some police forces and a considerable part of the military .

  7. [about the “citizen’s arrest” of Joe and his sons]. Uhhh… somebody needs to explain to this dips**t that Joe only has one living son. WTF?

  8. I keep thinking we’ve reached the bottom of the stupidity barrel. I keep thinking folks would say “no, I really can’t go any lower, can’t be any stupider than the last idiot”. Just when I start thinking this sh*t along comes the latest king of stupid-land wannabe saying “hold my beer”.

    WTF stupie-fucks? Do you EVER feel embarrassment? EVER?

  9. What site is this? I want to say something but– would it be completely inappropriate? Yes, I guess so and I don’t think I’m entitled to post here. BUT I just want to say anyway– because my heart is so full!!!– I’m so used to seeing ghastly policemen who are just ego– blasted men and women who are scornful and ready to shoot everybody they see– just to express their scorn, it seems. But in the past couple of days I’ve seen the BEST young policemen dealing with nutty situations so kindly– these are very young guys, with accents, simple guys who aren’t pretentious– so kind to these hard to understand people who seem to have done bad things but it’s not for sure. It is super-poignant to hear them speak to these crazed people– what a contrast.

    • I’m glad you have found good policemen in your area.
      There are good people everywhere. The problem is that the bad ones make so much noise.
      Do not feel intimidated to comment here, all other than right-wing trolls are welcome.

      The person quoted in the article is almost certainly not clinically mentally ill. He is self-deluded, and making money off of his wacky schtick. Which does open him up to ridicule.


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