President Biden put it perfectly a couple of hours ago. The last time that an American President had to address the American people from the Oval Office with two wars going on that both affected US national interests was Franklin Delano Roosevelt, when he had a war raging in Europe against Hitler’s Nazis, and another war raging in the South Pacific by Japan’s Emperor Hirohito.

Today we have the free and sovereign state of Ukraine under attack by the Commie recidivist Vladimir Putin, and the free and sovereign state of Israel at war with the terrorist organization Hamas, backed by Iran. And the consequences of the United States turning their back on their allies would be the worst possible outcome.

President Biden brilliantly pointed out that by the United States providing financial and material support to Ukraine and Israel, we are actually taking the most cost effective method possible. If we provide the aid without putting US boots on the ground, and Ukraine and Israel succeed, then they decisively end the threat. Full stop. But if we let them sink, then both Russia and Iran, through their proxies will expand the conflicts, only making it more expensive.

Then Biden, in a truly Machiavellian move, slid the knife into the House GOP. He told the prime time audience that tomorrow he will go Capitol Hill, to both chambers of congress to offer a $100 billion aid package for Israel and Ukraine, and urged them to take the quickest possible action to provide safety and necessary aid to out allies. And of course the cable news media will cover it wall to wall.

Of course Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer will roll out the red carpet for Biden, and the Senate will almost certainly be receptive to his pitch. But I’m just hoping that the GOP House can take an hour off of endless floor votes spanking Jim Jordan, followed by closed door mosh pits to meet with Biden. I’m pretty sure they’ll work something out.

This is why tonight’s shiv in the back is so deadly for the House GOP. Once again the imbeciles have hoist themselves on their own petards. As the Jordan saga has gone on, and more men=mbers get more disgusted, more moderate House members are starting to rail against the dysfunction by loudly complaining that the GOP House has to return to regular order, so that they can pass critical legislation condemning Hamas, sanctioning Iran, and offering aid to Israel and Ukraine. Which is exactly what Biden is handing them on a silver platter. While they’re busy clawing at each other like a canvas sack full of rabid civet cats on the way to the river.

Biden got what he wante4d in his public proclamation of going to congress with an aid package for Ukraine and Israel. Mainly putting the pressure on the GOP House. Like it needs any more. The media already has the heat on simmer over the feckless uselessness of the GOP’s futile search for leadership. The GOP itself supports aid for Ukraine and Israel, and thanks to Biden’s masterful leadership, aid for both is highly popular by the people. And now with his announcement tonight, Biden turned the temperature up to boil.

Here’s the funny thing. Joe Biden has been in congress longer than mental midgets like Matt Gaetz, Jim Jordan, Lauren Boebert and Machine Gun Marjie have befouled the planet. If any of them think that getting a gavel is going to let them take Biden to the cleaners, they’re even more stupid than I give them credit for. Squeaker Cave-In McCarthy had more practical political skill than the rest of them combined, and Biden shook him down twice for everything the Democrats wanted without giving up a goddamned thing in return. And Biden has public support at his back on this one. Let the games begin.

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  1. The only people who think experience doesn’t matter are those without any. If Biden is senile, as the profoundly stupid proclaim, then pass around some of that to the Guns Over People party. They evidently have flatlined. Dark Brandon strikes again while frump is trying to beat Obama and stop WW2. McCarthy and pedophile Gaetz are Dr. Suess characters, with hearts three sizes too small, and no one in their party is as smart as the Sneetches. Where the phuck did I put that tab of acid? November 2024 seems a long long way off, and God knows, I need an excuse for these hallucinations. I believe my biggest disappointment is growing up to find evil idiots DO run the world after all, or enough of it to hold us all hostage. Thank God there’s an adult in the Oval office.

  2. I’d tend to disagree with calling Putain a ‘commie recidivist’. He’s actually a tsarist who is hell-bent on restoring the Russian Empire of Peter the Great with himself as Tsar Vladimir III (wait for him to claim a few other places including Alaska)

    btw ‘putain’ isn’t a typo – google it

    • Daithi, “putain” is a common French word meaning “whore” but the French are too polite to call the Russian tyrant that in public, so they pronounce his name officially and on TV as “Poo-teen” and even spell it that way: Putine. Unofficially they call him “le putain” meaning “THE whore.”

      • Very interesting. I like the way the British pronounce Putin’s name on newscasts. They put a Pew at the beginning, like something smells bad. PEWTIN

      • I am with you on your opinions and also on your spelling. (LOL)
        Communism and socialism are economic theories, and good ones at that (the only reason Communism doesn’t work is that in order for it to work as intended every human being in the system must be morally perfect, and that ain’t gonna happen no how, nowhere.) Authoritarian is Putain’s blemish, and tsarist fits (so does Stalinist.)

  3. My only problem with offering ANY more aid to Israel is it MUST be tied to ABSOLUTE assurances–from Bibi specifically and directly–that he stops the settlements and continued militarizing of the West Bank (putting so much of the Israeli military there was key to “missing” HAMAS’s build-up and goings on) and work to a GENUINE peace plan with the Palestinians through the Palestinian Authority (another part of the current “troubles”; it was Bibi himself who helped undermine the PA’s power, especially in Gaza, by ignoring the PA’s leadership–but no one in the mainstream media wants to point out that little “inconvenient truth” for fear of being wrongly slurred as “anti-Semitic” rather than actually doing “balanced” reporting). HAMAS absolutely did wrong here but Bibi bears some responsibility for the failed intel and the bad military response.

    • “Bibi bears some responsibility for the failed intel and the bad military response.”

      I’d say a lot more than “some”. Like, a hell of a lot.

  4. This is what ALL those years in Congress and those 4 invaluable years as vice president to Obama has all come to bear. Truly a brilliant statesman. He should be lifted to sainthood…

  5. Yeah everyone keeps saying Joe is to old and he can’t do anything and all that crap. From where I sit. He’s making the gop pull out their lunchboxes and picking through them for the best stuff to eat. And the gop is standing there with their mouths hanging open like they are in shock that Joe just kicked their asses without lifting a finger. You just don’t see that. He hasn’t won yet. But he sure as hell hasn’t lost. It’s what you get with Joe. He just stands there all calm and lucid. Waiting for someone to say something. Put that in your pipe and smoke it!


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