The issue of Andrew Cuomo resigning from office has come up before. The last time he said he absolutely wouldn’t do it. Now, Letitia James has completed her investigation for the State of New York and a chorus of Democrats have joined together asking Cuomo to resign. Earlier this afternoon Nancy Pelosi called for his resignation and just now so did President Joe Biden.

That is as cut and dried as it gets. The ball is now irrevocably in Cuomo’s court. How he can try to convince people it’s a good idea for him to stay in office after this is beyond imagination. Plus, any further push back from him is only going to tarnish whatever legacy he has.

It isn’t every day that the president of the United States calls for the resignation of the Governor of New York. Let’s hope that Cuomo will do the right thing and show that the moral fiber of this country is intact and that we are on the mend. Or, are we where we were last year with Donald Trump?

Biden and the rest of the democrats are doing the right thing. There has to be a discernable difference between parties in this country. If Cuomo tries to bluster his way out of this he’s really making a mistake and he’s only going to do more damage. Better to step down with dignity.

It’s shortly after 5:00 p.m. in New York. Yes, I am holding my breath this time.


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  1. You might be holding your breath but I’m not. Cuomo isn’t going anywhere unless he’s kicked out. His ego is exceeded only by Trump’s. It’s really not surprising when you think about it. Remember how his dad kept the Democratic Party and so much of the country in suspense with his “deliberations” over whether to run for President over three decades ago? I frankly thought it was just an attention getting show and he wouldn’t run. While the first part is admittedly speculation, he didn’t wind up running but I have always believed he loved having the spotlight on him. His son seems to love the spotlight too, and relished his role as Trump’s foil for a while. Of course, even during that time there were some serious questions about just WTF was going on in his state (the nursing home stuff) but as was the case with the now disgraced Michael Avenatti so many people were so glad to see someone giving Trump a ration of shit Cuomo dodged some stuff. Getting away with it was the Governor’s version of Trump surviving his first impeachment vote in the Senate. I hope I’m wrong (I really do) but I think this guy’s ego is just too fucking big to gracefully step aside. Worse, I fear that he’s exactly the type who won’t just feel “wronged”, but will adopt a strategy of “If I’m going down I’m taking as many people as I can with me. And that means YOU fellow Democrats for not loving me enough to overlook my fucked up nature and actions.”

  2. Why, really, should Cuomo resign? Your talk of “has to be a discernable difference between parties in this country” is a sure-fire way for Democrats to lose. The GOP is NEVER going to change. They put forth a presidential candidate–and then stood solidly behind that candidate after he won the election and dozens of women came forward accusing him of sexual harassment. The GOP didn’t care. (Oh, but when Al Franken got accused by one woman–offering some VERY flimsy evidence–the Dems couldn’t run him out of the Senate fast enough. His replacement, Tina Smith, failed to crack 50% in last year’s election and only outperformed her GOP opponent by 5 percentage points–she actually performed worse than her election in 2018, losing a full 4 percentage points. Two pro-legal marijuana candidates managed to score nearly 7.7% of the vote which certainly came from potential Smith voters.)

    Then, maybe you recall the Kavanaugh affair? And how a man accused of sexual assault managed to slime his way to the Supreme Court? And his accusers never got a fair shot to be heard? (That was more than a quarter century after ANOTHER Supreme Court nominee was accused of sexual harassment but whose accuser wound up getting grilled worse by a virtually all-male confirmation hearing panel and the accused wound up on the Supreme Court.)

    In a perfect world, we could get rid of all the harassers but it’s funny how the GOP and their supporters are going to use the Democrats’ call for Cuomo to resign as pure political fodder against him (and other Democrats when all is said and done) while COMPLETELY ignoring their own harassers. Where are the GOPers calling for Gaetz to resign? You don’t hear any. Calls from GOPers to revisit the accusations against Kavanaugh and possibly impeach him? You won’t hear any. Because the GOP don’t care about their malfeasance–they thrive on it. And when they see a Democrat being attacked by other Democrats, they rub their hands in gleeful expectation of scoring points.

    • Your implied dichotomy that Dems need to act like the GOP or lose is a false one and does nothing to refute Ursula’s perfectly reasonable assertion that there has to be a discernible difference between parties in this country. The American people are sick and tired of the nagging feeling there is no discernible difference between the parties. The nagging feeling is behind the “pox on both your houses” sentiments expressed in forums all over the internet.


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