I have had an epiphany and I will share it with you now, friends. Are you ready? This is it: It doesn’t matter if you know the least little thing about a subject, you can declaim endlessly upon it, as long as the people you’re talking to don’t know anything either. The stumbling block comes when those pesky people who actually know how things work in the real world show up and that’s Mike Lindell’s problem.

Lindell is becoming like a character in a Buck Rogers-esque serial. Every week he’s hanging off a cliff, with a new catastrophe in his life, but by the following week he’s figured out an angle and he’s not only back in the game, he’s got a strategy to win it, bigly.

You recall last week’s episode when Lindell proclaimed that he would get the election fraud matter before the Supreme Court by Thanksgiving. That was resoundingly laughed at, so he augmented it by telling Steve Bannon that he had eight attorneys general (which he keeps misspeaking, “attorney generals” which is a new kind of military leader, we guess, generals with JDs) and was looking to line up as many as thirty.

That brings us up to today, where not only are all the generals on board, whatever, but Lindell’s got a can’t miss way to get his case before SCOTUS and that is that he’s going to circulate a petition and collect 200 million signatures. That’ll wow SCOTUS, no doubt. Now, do the math: 74 million people voted for Trump, so all of them plus 126 million people (which is all of the people who voted for Joe Biden, plus another 45 million) are going to sign this petition. Is your head throbbing yet?

Now this is an impressive claim. I don’t care if he gets SCOTUS to hear the case or not, I want to see the petition. I can’t wait to see this thing.

Now all this sounds good if you don’t know how any of this works. It sounds most compelling, in fact. Just get enough signatures and the big boys and girls will take you seriously. What Lindell and his pals don’t know is that the vast majority of cases which the Supreme Court hears are cases coming up the ladder from lower courts. The Court does have limited original jurisdiction, to wit: “in all cases affecting ambassadors, other public ministers and consuls, and those in which a state shall be party.”

I suppose that if all of the attorneys general that Lindell has lined up sue somebody — who, Joe Biden? — on behalf of their state, that that could get it before the Court, theoretically, but you may recall Ken Paxton already tried that. Paxon sued battleground states for unconstitutional changes to 2020 election laws and he got laughed at. If Lindell had even one AG really lined up it would be Paxton and you’ve heard squat about that, right?

Not that I should even take the time to dignify this idiocy with any kind of factual commentary, but the point is, if this fantasy bubble of Lindell’s is so easy to burst, why hasn’t anybody close to him told him?

So here we are, watching this for entertainment, because that is totally its breadth and scope. And everybody else on this planet, who is following this at all, knows this except Mike Lindell. The rest of the world is laughing that a housewares manufacturer is going to do an end run around both the constitution and the best legal minds in the country. What’s that old expression, “Fools rush in, where wise men fear to go?”

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  1. How about this: I will sign a petition to have Lindell involuntarily commuted to a mental institution as long as it is specified that he is kept in a padded cell 24/7/365 and is never heard from by anyone but his psychiatrists ever again! I bet that petition would get more signatures than the (non existent) one Lindell is talking about!!

  2. Ta – Da, WTF?

    Another proof of absolute lunacy … It’s probably too late for all those nice people in his ads that actually stuff his pillows to, [Hey Mike, lets grab a cup of coffee in the break room, we need to talk …] — I doubt he has enough cash left to keep the lights on, much less pay these people their payroll …

    As if he could get that many responses to a web-based form, if he announced a go-to address and that many people actually tried to go there, it could break the internet … the massive voting systems used to tally things like the AGT contests, depend on special servers and web loading protocols … all costing a LOT of money and field techs everywhere monitoring flows for a short time … Mike’s a lot like Trump, a puffed up, got all the answers, kind of guy without a clue … 🙂 😉

  3. Also recall TPG proclaiming Biden would resign on August 13 and Trump would be immediately installed as POTUS again. TPG is batting around 0 for 200 in predictions coming to pass. His problem is his alternate reality he wants so badly to be true keeps colliding with the one he actually resides in.

  4. How does he think he’s going to get 200 million people to sign on to a petition when trump couldn’t get 75 million to vote for him. There’s just no end to stupidity.

  5. I’ve ingested psilocybin, Animita muscaria mushrooms, many variations of LSD, including pure LSD from Sandoz labs in Switzerland, coleus leaves, opium, hashish, & Hawaiian sensamellia. Hell, I took STP, a mix of acid & speed that lasted from Friday evening til Sunday am. I was NEVER as ‘out of touch’ as these so called sober people. My conclusion? Sobriety is vastly overrated. Oh, & I ran psychiatric admissions at Duke long after that. What a fucked up culture!!!

  6. You are a bunch of really hateful people who have nothing better to do than tear someone apart just because you disagree with him! You should all be ashamed, but if you voted for Biden….it totally makes sense that you are the way you are! SMH….BTW, being woke is not the same as being awake. Maybe you should try waking up, because if you agree with where our country is heading under the Biden administration, I’m sure they have enough padded rooms for y’all, too!

  7. You people are disgusting ugly and mean. There was voter fraud and Mr Lindell has incredible courage to stand up for what he believes…and the majority of America believes…was a stolen and fraudulent election. Any of you have jobs? Have to support a family? I’m guessing you probably don’t – with no common sense at all. You’re evil, baby killers and disgusting. You wouldn’t know truth and integrity if it came up and introduced itself to you.

    • You say “There was voter fraud.” May we see some evidence of this, please? Over 60 court cases were thrown out because there was no evidence presented. The Arizona audit is OVER. The auditors, the Cyber Ninjas, said there was no fraud. And they spent millions of dollars looking for it.

      You’re a sick puppy, my dear. But keep coming back and hanging out on the website if you want to. People like you do provide entertainment value. What a shame you’re so bone, stick, stone stupid that you can’t absorb facts and reach a sane conclusion. There.Was.No.Fraud.


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