From the beginning, Special Counsel Jack Smith has been calling for a speedy trial regarding former president Donald Trump’s election interference case, and now that Attorney General Merrick Garland has also expressed support for this MAGAland has brought the crazy. As Newsweek reports, the trial is set for March 4, but it could be delayed because Trump’s lawyers argue that he is immune from prosecution because he carried out his actions while still president. Some also say he’s trying to postpone the election so he can try to dismiss the charges against him. This seems weird to me but then a president has never encouraged insurrection before, so who knows, maybe this will work.

Crazier things have happened. I think.

In an interview with CNN, Garland said that Smith “has said from the beginning that he thinks public interest requires a speedy trial, which I agree with,” Raw Story reports.

“and the matter is now in the hands of the trial judge to determine when a trial will take place,” he added.

As you might expect, once the MAGAtistas heard this, they went nuts.

“election interference! We knew this was all coming from joe Biden himself. merrick garland just made it official,” fumed trump adviser jason miller on X.

Miller’s post spurred plenty of comment from fellow MAGAtistas.

And finally this:

Then there’s Steve Bannon, a former adviser for Trump who went all shouty on Gettr. He declared that Garland’s comments amount to “DIRECT LAWFARE ELECTION INTERFERENCE” to save Biden AND himself.”

In a post to Gettr, former Trump adviser Steve Bannon said Garland’s comments amount to “DIRECT LAWFARE ELECTION INTERFERENCE” to “save Biden AND himself.”

I would post responses to Bannon’s post but I’d have to have an account with Gettr and I’m just not going to slime myself like that. But I’m sure they are garden-variety typical MAGAtista insanity.

And Garland finds it concerning that the criminal cases against the former president are considered by some to be political.


“what we have to do is show by the acts that we take that we’re following the law, that we’re following the facts,” he told CNN.

I’m going to point out that the MAGA crowd is allergic to facts, but they do believe nutball QAnon conspiracy theories — you know, like “Pizzagate” which insanely connects Hillary Clinton and other Democrats who had secreted away child sex slaves in a Washington D.C. pizza parlor. Unfortunately this “theory” has been reawakened online by prominent social media users, including Elon Musk.

These are the people that Smith and Garland are up against. Both men have the facts and the law on their side, while the MAGAtistas have lunacy and obscure YouTube videos.

In Q they trust.


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  1. If you agree with Jack…Merrick, then why did you piss away 20 months, crucial months, until the January 6th committee exposed your timidity???

  2. Wasn’t Trump, at one point, basically demanding a “speedy trial” until he changed his tune and decided that “delay, delay, delay” was preferred? (I think that was when it became obvious he was going to be going to trial.)

  3. Do any of the lawyers here know how to initiate a class action suit agains trump demanding a speedy trial? I know a lot of citizens who are getting downright stressed about all the delays!

    Especially after I got my hair cut yesterday and my cutter said that the young voters are planning to sit it out! I know political memories are short – and even people who were around in 2016 are starting to forget how being mad at Hillary for not being Bernie turned out.

    The longer he’s allowed to spew the utter crap every day, it gets worse. He’s using the Orson Welles model of the alien landing to terrify the population under the guise of “free speech”.
    Last night, my husband was looking for a Youtube video when suddenly a voice, sounding very like DJT, started saying the most terrifying, apocalyptic things – he said it was easy to imagine why people believe it!


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