The Washington Post is reporting that a lone juror on the 23 person Fulton County Special Grand Jury voted against recommending that Fulton County Prosecutor Fani Willis indict Don Cornholeone and his 18 goombahs on the 41 felony counts brought against them.

The MAGA hold out did not affect the indictment recommendations, as large majorities of the Grand Jurors voted in the affirmative for each charge.

But a unanimous vote will be required for conviction, where that one fly in the soup could spoil what might have been a delicious meal:

“The big news from the newly released Fulton County, Ga., special grand jury report is that the panel recommended charges for many more than the 19 people (including Donald Trump) who were ultimately indicted. Among them: a sitting U.S. senator and two former senators — Sen. Lindsey O. Graham (R-S.C.) and David Perdue (R-Ga.) and Kelly Loeffler (R-Ga.) — as well as prominent conservative lawyer Cleta Mitchell and former Trump national security adviser Michael Flynn.

But perhaps the more practical lesson from the report, regarding the case ahead, is that it reinforces how difficult it might be to obtain convictions, including for Trump.
Indeed, on the vast majority of charges recommended by the Georgia special grand jury, the vote was not unanimous. To win convictions, however, all jurors must vote in favor…

…As with the votes on Trump, the vast majority of the RICO recommendations featured one vote against. And more than 40 percent of the votes overall featured one vote against.

All of which suggests there was one special grand juror who frequently tried to stand in the way of what the vast majority of the other grand jurors sought to recommend — although it’s possible that the single holdout varied with each of the votes.”

Possible, but not likely.

WaPo also reports that of the seven indictments brought against Trump only one juror voted against each charge and between 17 and 21 voted to recommend indictment on each. (Some jurors were absent from each vote).

What are the chances that jurors hearing exactly the same evidence voted overwhelmingly for each recommendation while precisely one of them voting against if not for a pre-disposition to do so?

Grand Jurors in Georgia swear the following oath:

(Parens and italics mine)

“You shall present (an indictment to) no one from envy, hatred, or malice, nor shall you leave anyone unpresented from fear, favor, affection, reward, or the hope thereof, but you shall present all things truly and as they come to your knowledge. So help you God.”

I just hope that the one juror who voted to leave Cornholeone not presented did so out of “affection” though I definitely do not discount the possibility that “fear, reward or the hope thereof” came into play at some point.

Below are some opinions of the article on Twitter.

I happen to agree with this one:

But Trump supporters chimed in also:

Hey, MagHat, your deplorable is showing.

It is my opinion that a single hold out should not prevent a jury doing their duty to the country.

Perhaps a 2/3 majority should be required to trigger conviction, as is required by the Senate for impeachment convictions.

One MagHat in the soup should not be allowed to ruin the meal.

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  1. The Lone Holdout did everything he (gender assumption rooted in the gender disparity in votes for and against Trump) could to help his Messiah Orangutrump.

    His reward? Being doxxed just like all the others. Being punished for doing his best to help El Pendejo Presidente by his fellow MAGAts. His family receiving death threats from other Redhatters. Probably outed at work and being called a ‘leftist’ and a ‘commie’.

    The only person who is rewarded for helping Trump is Trump himself, everyone else is punished eventually.

  2. Less than six months before heading off from my hometown to become a Marine I was called up for jury duty. So instead of going to work one day I instead reported down Main Street to the courthouse (we were the county seat) and found myself in the jury box for Voir Dire. We call got asked some lame, standard questions and before things got specific one was asked if there was anything in our background that either side might feel would call our objectivity into question. Well, I was headed off to the Marines (was still waiting to hear if I’d been accepted into OCS) but I’d also recently been added to the Merit Hiring list to become a County Deputy Sheriff. The defense lawyer (it was a drunk driving trial) rolled his eyes and the Chief Judge (who I knew but that’s a longer story) already excused me from jury duty on the spot and told his clerk to make sure I didn’t receive any more notices to appear.

    But again, I was summoned for Petit (trial) jury duty and not grand jury. I’ve never been called up for that. What I wonder, especially in Georgia (since laws vary state to state) is other than that Oath you cite any actual questioning of grand jurors takes place as happens for trials. The stuff that helps weed out those who can’t or won’t render impartial judgement. I rather doubt much scrutinity went into the Special Grand Jury. They were called up via the usual process and other than that oath that was probably mostly all. If that’s the case it shouldn’t worry us that much that there was a holdout.

    • Make NO mistake about it, the seriousness of these charges, eventually the TRUTH will prevail, just not as fast as we need … The craving for the END of the Trump stupidisms, the total lack of concern for humanity and the painful, outcome of many natural disasters and, “wars”, caused by the power-house dictators, there ARE STILL, some Republicans, out there, fumbling the ball with closing the shades on the Trump fiasco …

      They have NOTHING to offer for OUR COUNTRY, that does not stink of Trump … they are NOT super heroes, just addled brain farts that would STILL kneel down to the creepizoid, even when he stands to lose it ALL, dressed in bright orange attire, behind bars of strong steel and voiceless …

      Stopping communications from Trump to his flock of wasted oxygen users, SHOULD be the very FIRST thing that happens, while all the complacent and promoters of Trump in Congress should be impeached, or if found to have done actual first person actions for Trump sent to prison as well …

      There IS NO halfway stuff in the attacks against our Constitution and country … as an active voice against these sh** heads, I’m sure you would be the first in line with your bucket of rotten tomatoes to pummel Trump, his accomplices, (in the White House, as well as behind closed doors), until the only way to clean up the mess is with the fire trucks, pumping ice water over those cretins … 🙂


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