One good thing about this: Mike Lindell has always been moving the goalposts two weeks. It’s his magic catch phrase, two weeks, two weeks. And then his other catch phrase is 9-0, 9-0. So both of these catch phrases are being used to explain his filing with the Supreme Court tomorrow. What is he filing with the court? Well, um, there is some mystery and ambiguity there, but purportedly his lawyers are going to electronically file something with the Supreme Court.

What’s that you say? Isn’t original jurisdiction of the Supreme Court limited to cases involving suits between two or more states and/or cases involving ambassadors or other public ministers? Why, yes, now that you mention it. So unless Lindell’s filing is in one of those areas just enumerated, or if he’s got some case up on appeal, which I think we would know if it existed, then what oh what is this magical bombshell filing tomorrow? Let’s hear him tell it.

I think we could maybe expect something like that. Does anybody remember back in 2016 when Trump invited the media down to his International Hotel to give a “press conference” about Obama’s birth certificate? And all he did was speak one line, “Barack Obama was born in the United States,” or words to that effect, and he walked away — and then the stage behind him collapsed? That took place. The press was livid, I mean livid.

Most of them turned it into a joke. I remember Dana Milbank of the Washington Post had rented a room, I guess so he could run back upstairs and bang out a scintillating column after the conference, and he brought a photographer with him. There being no conference, Milbank took a bubble bath, had a glass of champagne in there with him, and the photographer took a shot of that. It was sheer madness. Not for the first time, nor for the last, was the media totally furious with Trump. Reporters were bouncing up on beds, eating the mints that were left on the pillows. They awaited word from flabbergasted assignment editors. Trump screwed them, once again.

I anticipate something along those lines tomorrow. I don’t know the nature of Lindell’s suit. If there’s any leaked passages, I have not yet found them. But I know that SCOTUS is not going to vote 9-0 tomorrow. That’s an absolute guarantee.

So the question, finally, becomes the obvious and that is, “Are Lindell’s lawyers so evil that they’re leading a mentally ill man to believe that a valid lawsuit is being filed with the highest court in the land on March 14?” And I don’t have an answer for that. All that we can do is review the record so far, and that is that years older and millions of dollars poorer, Lindell has nothing to show for his demented quixotic quest, except a string of loss and tragedies.

He’s lost credit lines, his TV channel (or at least Brannon Howse went to work elsewhere in right-wing media, maybe the channel is still alive,) he’s had to sell off inventory, you name it, he has far less of it before he became a disciple of Donald Trump, preaching the gospel of the stolen election.

Let’s see what happens tomorrow. If he does get something on file, some reporter assigned to that courthouse will get us a case number and a link and we’ll get some idea. I don’t know what will happen but with the way Lindell’s luck has been running, I would say it’s not going to be a good result.


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    • There is no Lindell case currently in the Federal court pipeline. He explicitly said that he was going to bring his “case” directly to the SCOTUS, bypassing all the subordinate courts.

  1. Here’s why he might be filing whatever frivolous case with the s.c. now: they have already indicated that despite what the constitution says, five of them will do whatever the f*ck they want. It’s as if they are just begging us to off their dumb asses. So if pillow man’s case gets taken up by the s.c., it would not be surprising. In fact, given their behavior lately, it would be more shocking if they didn’t take the case.

    The s.c. needs to be reined in, made to obey ethics rules legislated by congress and signed by the president, and if found in violation of the rules-removed from the bench. For some reason they think they are the supreme power of the land rather than being a co-equal branch of our government. They need to be taught they are only one leg of the tripod. I’d say removing a couple of them immediately, say thomas and alito, and the rest would likely be all set to obey and and all rules put before them.



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