What you’re about to see if not something out of Our Miss Brooks. What has happened in this country and what is going on in our educational system? And it’s not just this country. The last time I posted a horrific school video, it was a school in the United Kingdom.

I couldn’t work in a place like this, as a teacher, and if I was a student I would be terrified to attend a place like this, to be honest.

This video is from 2017. Why do I share it? Because it’s something that recycles from time to time on social media and because it illustrates how children are taught to hate. This isn’t a one off situation, this is ongoing. The student’s name is Gideon Yapp. Supposedly he was going to join the Army after high school. I pray he did. Somebody needs to socialize this punk and make a man out of him. His parents raised a monster. More about them after the clip.

Here is a post from this kid’s parents and it pretty much spells out where he gets this racist rage from. This was a few months before their kid went bonkers.

There you have it.

Again, I share this with you not because it is breaking news but because this kind of sickness is still very much in our country. We’ve gotten sicker as a country. Or, maybe we were always this sick and we hid it better. I only know that I never witnessed anything like this in school, this is completely beyond me.

And make no mistake, I didn’t live a sheltered life. I grew up in a very dysfunctional family with mental illness, alcoholism, poverty, I have a lot of crazy stories. And I knew people blamed people of other races for all kinds of things and acted out violently. That’s no surprise. One of my great-uncles got into it with the Ku Klux Klan in Alabama, back in the 30’s, because they wanted to pull their shenanigans on his land and he wouldn’t permit it.

I just never saw anybody act this violent or insane in a school setting. Not even close. This kind of behavior stuns me. And I know this neighborhood very well. This happened in Lancaster, California. It’s a sleepy town out in the desert, near where I used to ride horses. Yes, there are racists there but not screaming in meltdown like this.

I hope for Gideon Yapp’s sake that he changed his ways and made peace with the world somehow.

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  1. Lancaster hasn’t been a sleepy town in a long time – but it’s still red. It’s where white people went to get away from minorities, and minorities went to get away from gangs, and then they all discovered that the sheriffs are the biggest gang in the area.

  2. I think back to when I was in school in small town America. A kid who acted like that would have been taken down (not hitting but jacked up and held in an arm lock against the wall while another student went to get the principal) and that would have been the least of his worries. Even a goober, redneck to the core dad would have torn that kid a new asshole. And every kid knew it. A teacher threatening to call a kid’s parents brought INSTANCE obedience. And sucking up to the teacher for having made a too smart-assed comment in the hopes the teacher wouldn’t tell the parents anyway. Parents backed up teachers back then.

    I’d have loved for this kid to have mouthed off like that if not to certain teachers at my high school to have Mr. Spiller (almost as tall as me and a former pro-baseball player who never quite caught on with the Cardinals) or especially Mr. Wittenborn, again almost as tall as me and 265 pounds of solid muscle. P.E. teacher and head football coach, who also happened to have been an All-Pro Guard in the NFL and even played for the Eagles in the championship game in the early 60s. Wound up his career as a kicker for the Oilers. Yeah, they’d have jacked up this little punk and he’d have had the fear of god in his punk ass!

    And our Vice-Principal Mr. Simms would have had to lock the actual Principal up in his office, but Simms who normally was as gentle and good a man as anyone you could hope to meet could also when needed project a demeanor that would have frozen this punk in his tracks.

    This punk wouldn’t last 24 hours in the military. Not even in boot camp in the Air Force. He’d have gotten the shit beat out of him and put on a bus for home.

  3. Was this punk ass bitch expelled from school? If not, why not? Yes, this is learned behavior from growing up with parents who show this same kind of asinine behavior in the home.

    If this is going to be in our military, I hope his punk ass gets gunned down by our troops. P.O.S.

    • Nope. I was a former teacher at this school when this happened, and it was a bad school. Dr. Hsu quit, because of this, and many other incidents like this one. After a student blew up at a teacher, admin would come in, sit the student in their seat, and tell the teacher that the student wasn’t mad at you personally; they were mad at the situation, so we had to “choose our words better.” I couldn’t get out of that school fast enough.

  4. Probably because I’m fascinate by words, I’m particularly fascinate by names. The Brits used to (may still) have asaying “__ by name, __ by nature” (and also the converse, “__ by name but not by nature” Seriousl, doesn’t “Yapp by name and Yapp by nature” sound fitting here?

  5. That kid is seriously mentally ill, needed (maybe still does) inpatient treatment and some strong meds. There’s more than behavior issues and parental dysfunction here. He’s seriously over the edge, and yes, it’s kids like that who become school shooters. That teacher and the kids in the room were endangered by this kid. Someone should have left the room to get whoever was in authority. I’m not sure what this teacher could have done alone, given the aggressiveness of this kid, but he needed backup and better training to deal with the situation. I hope the kid got help somewhere, sometime.


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