This will be old home week for anybody who ever raised children.  What do you want for lunch sweetie?  I dunno.  want a PBJ?  No..  Want a ham sammie?  Want some soup?  No.  Want Spaghetti-os?  No..  Want a grilled cheese?  No.  Well, you have 30 seconds to tell me what you want, or I’m putting something together, and you and it will sit at the table until it’s gone.

There is actually a purpose for that drivel. Because a new poll released today shows that the national mood of the voting population is no different than that fussy 6 yo kid sitting in the living room on a Saturday afternoon.

Look, everybody already knows that nobody in the country not named Biden or Trump actually wants to see a Biden-Trump rematch next November. So my good buddy James Carville can just zip it and go tailgate at the LSU game this weekend. Democrats are already well aware that there’s a Biden enthusiasm gap out there.

But here’s the McGuffin. The poll was taken from a good sized sample of registered voters of both parties. They went the extra step of expanding the list to include most legitimate contenders in the primaries. The question was simple, Will you be upset if ??? is elected in 2024?

It was about what you’d expect. If Biden gets reelected, 56% of voters are going to cop a mope. But if Trump were to goosestep back into 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, 63% of the voters are going to be pissed. The rest fared no better. The one deemed most acceptable still had a healthy 46% who would want their money back, and the Best in Show, jellyfish Mike Pence would have 72% of the populace in the streets with pitchforks and torches if he pulled off a 1969 New York Mets and won the World Series.

Actually, this poll kind of settles me down some. Because it’s not just Biden, or even just Trump. Right now the voters are so pissed off at the whole goddamned thing that their general attitude is A pox on all their houses. And don’t underestimate the power of the mental midgets in the Freedom Caucus under House Sqeaker Cave-In McCarthy to make voters want to turn the oven on and stick their heads in. Even if it’s an electric oven. They’re fed up with the whole blessed thing.

But there’s another reason that this poll makes me feel better, and you will too when you take a deep breath and just think about it. This poll is terrible news for the charlatan, dark money fueled No Labels movement. Here’s why. If voters are so sour on the current political options that they can’t find a single nominee out of 10 that can garner more than 54% tolerance, what makes these idjits think that 68% of voters are going to shed tears of joy and start doing the bunny hop at the thought of a Manchin-Hogan ticket?! They’re a part of the problem, not the solution.

Let’s just stick with current reality here. I’ll believe No Labels is a threat when they show me something. They proudly announced that they had registered some 15,000 voters in Arizona, allegedly enough to affect the turnout in 2024. Says Who? They don’t even list how many of those weren’t even registered voters before they got to them in the Walmart parking lot, much less how many of which parties they had converted to the dark side. They’ve got $70 million in seed money, but they’re running out of time. Registering voters don’t mean sh*t, they have to get a helluva lot more on signature petitions to get on the ballot, and they’re running out of time. And whether the SoS is democratic or republican, you can bet your ass they’ll go over those signature petitions with a fine tooth comb to try to disqualify No Labels from the ballot.

Barring a Trump imprisonment or 14th Amendment upset, it’s going to be a Biden-Trump rematch in 2024. And bitch about it as they may, it is what it is. Those are their choices. And right now, while Biden may not be as inspirational as the Democrats might like, he’s a decent, honorable man, and competent chief executive. Trump has spent the last seven years convincing everybody what a total criminal *sshole he is. And don’t forget this. Culture wars has crashed and burned for the GOP, they have no messaging other than mammoth incompetence’s and dysfunction. As I’ve reported recently, the Democrats are blowing the doors off in the special and off year elections, and they have high turnout motivation from things like abortion rights, gun control, and democracy going into next November. Long way to go, just strap in, and we’ll Git ‘R Done! 

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  1. You are giving Biden WAY TOO LITTLE credit. He has been transformational in these few years, and deserves to finish the job with another four, and a House and Senate that will work with him. I don’t know where those jokers found 56% of voters who would be pissed if he was elected.


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